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All in a Days Work [Q]

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#1Khalfani † 

All in a Days Work [Q] Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 8:19 am

Khalfani †
Two quests in one day. "Goddamn, I'm on a roll." Khalfani whispered to himself as he made his way towards the coffee shop. Beanstalks and coffee. It was a normal day in Orchidia for sure. It was quiet, the weather was beautiful, sky clear. The slayer really couldn't complain. The only reason he had been able to take quests back to back was because he had finally cleared out everything on his desk. Sometimes he forgot he was only eighteen. Technically even younger if you don't count time chamber years. But hey, who gave a shit? This particular quest was for a man named Dex. Rumor had it that Dex was insane. Apparently he thought he was a detective after some freak accident he had been involved in. The whole city knew who he was and word spread fast around Fiore. Still, money was money and easy money was even fucking better.

#2Khalfani † 

All in a Days Work [Q] Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 8:19 am

Khalfani †
So without another moments notice, the commander quickly made his way towards the coffee shop. He could already taste the coffee that he'd order. Hazelnut creamer, 3 sugars, oat milk on ice. He nearly drooled just thinking about and could you blame him? The last time the spellsword could stomach normal human food was years ago. Now that he was no longer a vampire he planned on trying all different types of foods. He would stuff his face till no end. It didn't matter if he got fat, he deserved it and that was just an indisputable fact. The coffee shop was small...cute, but small. Far too small for his liking. Small spaces made him uncomfortable, he would manage. When he entered the shop he could see a man sitting at a table and so he approached before taking a seat. For a moment it was silence. Dex looked him up and down before taking a sip of his coffee.

#3Khalfani † 

All in a Days Work [Q] Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 8:20 am

Khalfani †
After a long annoying five minutes he told Khalfani the details and the two left the shop in search for this mystery murderer. It became clear after a few minutes that Dex was indeed not n his right mind, but who was Khalfani to shit on his parade? Plus, this was fun. The two strolled through Orchidia searching for clues that didn't exist, Khalfani acting shocked every so often when Dex lifted stones or rocks and saw imaginary finger prints. Dex seemed determined though. In fact, it became a little scary after awhile. At first it was a harmless joke to tag along and amp this whole thing, but the more he hung with Dex the more he actually believed that there was a murderer nobody had been able to catch. Soon Khalfani became invested, going out of his way to ask civilians f they had seen anybody here and there. The townsfolk either shook their heads or laughed at them. Soon the sun began to set and Khalfani came back to his senses. There was no damn killer in this city, at least not right now. Still, Dex rewarded him for coming along and reassured him that the murderer would be captured. Baffled, Khalfanis tood and watched as Dex walked away, sweating and murmuring to himself.


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