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You get what's coming(Under the Surface)

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#1Aeris Umata 

You get what's coming(Under the Surface)  Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 9:55 pm

Aeris Umata
Aeris visibly sighed as the moonlight washed over her, it felt embracing more so than the sun although it didn't hurt her much. However tonight wasn't going to be a night she enjoyed, following Ferdinand ugly tactics, his better associate Awali, known as the underground queen, sent her a letter with a meeting spot to talk to her, the very spot she stood at now.

Listening, she would eventually hear foot steps approach her, Aeris opening her blue eyes that shone bright in the night as she looked the way of a shadowy figure, "Awali, I'm assuming." Aeris said as the figure became clear, a women with long purple hair and a face tattoo. "In the flesh darling, but time is short so lets get down to business shall we?" The women said stepping beside Aeris as she looked out towards the moon as well.

"I need you to track someone down for me." Awali said simply, "Who?" Aeris replied simply back. "A man by the name Wugeth Skyline", "Why?" Aeris asked to further understand what she was about to be asked to do, "Ah, that is the question my darling~ This man, has betrayed the black market code and sold information about are processes." Aeris laughed, "Ah, so in a way he betrayed you, the underground queen." Aeris humored, "But why go after him now?" Aeris tried to figure out more.


#2Aeris Umata 

You get what's coming(Under the Surface)  Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 10:08 pm

Aeris Umata
'Im not." Awali replied back, Aeris eyebrow raising in suspicion. "I mean I am, but not to kill him, I shall bring him before the ones that uphold the laws of my world." Okay, Aeris liked that idea a bit more, "How do you plan to do that?" Aeris kept stressing, "Word of mouth is, he is receiving regular payments for his information sell. I want evidence of him getting some type of money suitcase or the likes so I can bring it before the tribunal as evidence. but be careful he is well guarded by three man. " Alright, Aeris thought to herself, although it could be argued she was helping the black market, it was only to find a traitor in the act of what he has betrayed, it was a different type of justice but at least to Aeris, it was justice nonetheless.

"Very well Queen, Ill do this favor for you, however in return next time I need a favor, you help me."Awali smiled, "Deal."


#3Aeris Umata 

You get what's coming(Under the Surface)  Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 10:15 pm

Aeris Umata
And so, Aeris left to find Mr. Wugeth and it was easy enough to spot a man drinking at a bar surrounded by three guarded man, Aeris watched him from a table alone while hooded, he was talking to someone but no transaction yet. Once he moved from the bar she moved, his next visit was a meat shop purchasing some fresh meats, again, no transaction she could see looking from the outside of the opposite side of the street.

Ah, but finally she caught him. He had been in a spot for seven mintues up an alley way, finally a car pulled up from the other side that blocked off her view for a minute but right after he had a suitcase he didn't have the whole entire night she been watching, that must be the money.

So Aeris hid herself fast as the man and Wugeth left, slinking back to Awali to confirm her suspicions and so Wugeth, could get what was coming to him.



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