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Strange Maiden

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#1Aeris Umata 

Strange Maiden  Empty Wed Mar 09, 2022 2:56 am

Aeris Umata
Strange Maiden  Anime-girl-redhead-wallpaper-thumb

Boat crashing into a wave, then lifted by another Aeris could find some semblance of peace in the crashing waves of the ocean, although strange there was a sense of rhythm to it that soothed her tired mind. Standing close to the edge of the cargo ship she hitched a ride on Aeris turned to the right to see the city they were porting in Astera.

Aeris herself had lived in the land of Sevens not just in her mortal life but as a immortal creature as well, that thought of her..particular new race status causing a frown to spread across her face as she turned back to head to her room, the ship docking soon she needed to retrieve herself to get off.

Returning to her room Aeris didn't have much, she didn't need much anymore for that matter. Preferring to not opening her bag mostly, Aeris had a few vials of animal blood that she collected while hunting, nothing to big, just rabbits and the likes, snapping there necks to make it painless and using the blood to sustain herself, the thought of using human blood scared her beyond belief, even after walking the earth for nearly eighteen years.

Boat docking a few minutes later than scheduled Aeris walked off to go do her own thing as she was, walking onto the pier of Astera wearing her familiar burgundy red jacket, her hands in the pockets as she walked with ginger steps through the pier side, blue eyes flickering to and from as she could hear some of the heartbeats from the people around her despite suppressing her murderous instinct to feed off actual people. Aeris taking deep breaths and even stopping for a minute to strengthen the supression of the base urge calling to her before continuing her walk.

#2Khalfani † 

Strange Maiden  Empty Wed Mar 09, 2022 5:03 am

Khalfani †
It felt good to be free again. Free of the curse that was vampirism, free of the cravings and urges, free of everything that had to do with it all. Where there was a will, there was a way. Khalfani's body felt gloriously different as he strolled along the streets of Astera. It was a good day. The sun brightened up the city as countless citizens moved to and fro. This crowded city was one that never slept, ever. The sounds of voices filled the air alongside the stench of fish and seawater. The panther ran his fingers through his hair, combing it gently to the side. A leather puffer jacket covered his torso with fitted black jeans ripped at the knee with black and red sneakers on the bottom half of his body. There was nowhere in particular he was going. Per usual, the son of Odin scanned the area. He was just so used to being on guard. Then, Khal spotted someone. They seemed to be in distress off first glimpse. Where had he seen this scenario before? He asked himself. Slowly he walked up to them, his own demeanor cold but his tone as genuine as he could be. "Breathe, friend." he said, eyes dancing around the area to see if anybody else wasn't minding their business.

#3Aeris Umata 

Strange Maiden  Empty Wed Mar 09, 2022 5:55 am

Aeris Umata
In the middle of one of her urges to feed that came back continuously over the last two years Aeris struggled to mentally control herself, taking deep breaths and slowing down to do so. It was somewhat working but not until she heard a voice telling her to breathe easy, the voice was cold in deamonor but it held a certain warmth to it that was trustable.

Focusing on just her breathing and letting her mind fade out a bit Aeris released a cold breath of air from her lungs, exhaling some of her mana into the air to make herself colder to quite literally chill herself out. Breathing calmer her vision returned as she glanced at the man that spoke to her, skin dark in color but his eyes a contrast to that, it was something memorizing.

"Thank you Sir..?" Aeris was intending to thank him and walk away after, but listening to the sounds around her she could not hear the sound of this man heartbeat, in matter of fact she couldn't hear anything he did other than talk. "Thank you sir, you really helped me calm down."

#4Khalfani † 

Strange Maiden  Empty Wed Mar 09, 2022 7:05 pm

Khalfani †
"Don't mention it." Khalfani said with a light nod. The person before him was obviously going through something. What that something was remained a mystery for now. When they exhaled, Khalfani could see mana materialize a frosty aura and immediately he assumed she was an ice element mage. Khalfani knew the west like the back of his hand. Sure, he didn't know every single person who lived around these parts, but he was familiar enough with the citizens to spot when someone may have not been from here. The people of Astera carried themselves a certain way. Not to mention with her ruby red hair she stood out like a strawberry in hay basket. The panther was ready to walk away but something told pulled him from doing so. The young Morningstar raised an eyebrow. "You look like you're ready to explode. Everything okay?" The former vampire asked, putting his hands into his pocket an awaiting patiently for her response.

#5Aeris Umata 

Strange Maiden  Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 3:14 am

Aeris Umata
The urge to feed fading for now, Aeris was in control enough to thank the man that provided some attention to her enough for her to regain her senses, his demeaner cold but his actions suggesting he might have not been as cold as he would lead others to belief. Thanking him the man told her to not worry about it and at that moment she actually did hear his heartbeat, she heard vampires had abilities and hers seemed to wane and come back every so often, to hear things normally once to being able to hear the way one's heart is beating and the blood circulating through them gave her the creeps.

Coming down from the urge Aeris released a portion of her mana in a breath of rigid air that would chill her body temperature ever so slightly, an action that the man seemed to not let go unnoticed and showed some concerns about her mentioning her exploding and if she was alright. "Mmmm, I suppose that is hard to answer, One could say that I have ailments that can't be undone or healed by regular means but I am alright somewhat. Releasing some of my mana helps to keep myself from acting on the effects of my said ailment. "

Realizing they have had no introductions Aeris immediately took a step back and began to bow as an old habit from her youth, "Fio, my name is Fio Sir, and yours?" She wasn't lying, it was her name just not all of it.

#6Khalfani † 

Strange Maiden  Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 6:03 am

Khalfani †
"I see. I understand that feeling all too well."

Khalfani responded looking away. He remembered when he first became a vampire how hard it was to control damn near every part of his senses. Everything was off. It was not a good feeling, torture really. This person seemed to be in distress and if they were dealing with that often then it could hinder them in the future. Quickly the six-foot slayer scanned the stranger up and down, trying to read whatever more they could about them. Fio. That was their name. It was interesting to say the least and far too simple for him to piece to any specific ethnic group. With a simple nod of the head, almost bowing, he spoke.

"Fio. I like that. Nice to meet you." He said coldly. Despite the frosty blatantness in his voice, believe it or not this was his genuine tone. Though there was hardly a difference between his tone when he spoke. His eyes mostly relayed his emotions.

"Khalfani." He said. "Where were you headed? I can walk you that way in case you have another...episode." The rogue offered. Look at him being kind.

#7Aeris Umata 

Strange Maiden  Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 4:42 pm

Aeris Umata
Aeris could count how many times a stranger could actually relate to her on a single hand, if not she only needed a few fingers at best because it rarely happened. So when he said he could understand Aeris eyes narrowed ever so slightly in disbelief, the comment well intended but Aeris grief over it was far too strong, yet she did not make a complaint about it simply taking the kindness she was shown

"Do you? What a small world this is then." Aeris said cracking a slight smile as he seemed to look away lost in thought, perhaps he had his own version of what she was going through, too hard to say without knowing the man before her.

Introductions long overdue Aeris introduced her middle name and left her entire name out, she was afterall a drifter and connection to her could cause some there lives. Aeris bowing as she did so to be respectful. "Thank you Khalfani. Your name is quite commendable as well."

This would usually be the part in the conversation Aeris would leave, never to be seen by the person again, but before she could make her escape plan, Khalfani, the stoic yet kind man would offer to walk her to wherever she was headed. "How generous of you Sir Khalfani. But there is no need, you see..I am a drifter so I have no place to go but everywhere to go. My business in Astera will not start until tomorrow thus, I have no plans today but to explore. What about you Sir Khalfani?"

#8Khalfani † 

Strange Maiden  Empty Fri Mar 11, 2022 2:06 am

Khalfani †
The woman's respect brought the slightest smile to his face, barely enough to curve his mouth. How refreshing it was to meet someone who seemed to be so light-hearted and well spoken. Khalfani had been meeting a lot of kinder people these days. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that most people just didn't have the energy to be assholes anymore. A weird cosmic shift perhaps? It could be that the gods. It's always the gods. As red-headed lady called Fio complimented the panthers own name, he bowed just as he did to show his respects. Such courtesy reminded him of the ladies and lords he had been forced to meet in the name of Desiertan politics. He understood the notion was polite, but he nearly shivered out of his skin when he heard the word Sir slip from between the strangers lips.

Fio rejected the Morningstar's offer of company. It was because she was in fact a roamer. She was used to roaming the Earthland alone is what he understood. It was funny, however. If Khalfani hadn't approached her she may have just had a breakdown. Even natural wanderers could benefit from the company of other people. A Lesson to be learned, but one that wasn't his place to speak. Who's to say that she hadn't known that anyway?  

"I get it. I tend to travel alone too." He nodded. "Please, just call me Khalfani." He said as he motioned to Fio with his head, insisting that they walk together since she had time to spare. "I was just on my way to the guild to see my father. Are you a mage, Fio?"

#9Aeris Umata 

Strange Maiden  Empty Sat Mar 12, 2022 7:50 am

Aeris Umata
Neither a invitation nor a rejection upon Khalifani request to walk her to the destination she had in mind Aeris spoke truthfully as she explained she was just a drifter through the earth lands and didn't have a destination as she was just exploring as showing rudeness to a stranger that showed kindness would leave a bad taste in her mouth.

Instantly as he said he traveled alone as well Aeris eyes lit up a bit and her eyebrows raised, her body turning to him and look him in the eye as she now felt a sort of connection between them in that regard. "It seems  today the gods of my home have blessed me with a fated encounter. At least that is what my mother would say Khalfani~" Aeris began softly chuckling catching the motion of his hand, it seemed having good company as opposed to being alone all the time actually felt...nice.

So now a duo of sorts, Aeris walked beside Khalfani through the pier side of Astera, a question popping, "You're father? My, aren't you moving a little to quick? We only just meet." Aeris would shoot him a sly smirk, she was playing of course but one word confused her, that was until she remembered hearing it, "I suppose I am, but in my home land we are called Magoi practioners of Mageia..which now that I hear it sounds and awful lot like Mage doesn't it?"

#10Khalfani † 

Strange Maiden  Empty Sat Mar 12, 2022 7:30 pm

Khalfani †
"It's your lucky day, Fio." He slightly smiled with a nod as he began walking. Fio was interesting to say the least. She was obviously different. From her pointed fangs and awkward mechanisms, to the way she spoke and the hint of accent that appeared to be in her voice? The pale skinned woman joked about moving quick, to which Khalfani simply responded, "Or maybe we aren't moving fast enough." playfully as he turned to face the road. The sorcerer listened as Fio told him more about herself. She was indeed a mage, but in her homeland they called it something else. Magoi, or Mageia practitioners. "Mm." He knew she wasn't from Astera and her accent made it clear that she wasn't Fiorian- or at least just Fiorian- but now he wondered just how long she had been in this country. "So you're a mage in a country you aren't familiar with - an Ice mage I'd assume, and you're a vampire." He turned to face his new acquaintance with an eyebrow raised as if he had already known the answer. "I'd say there's no safer place for you than my guild right now." He'd sigh. "What brings you to this shithole of a country?" he asked as he cut a corner.

#11Aeris Umata 

Strange Maiden  Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 8:04 am

Aeris Umata
"Quite the charmer aren't you Khalfani, your partner must be quite smitten with you." Aeris brimmed as they continued there walk to the destination of his fathers guild, she understood the meaning of the word however such things did not exist in the sevens, or none that she knew of so she was partially interested in seeing this guild, he mentioned his father so perhaps it was a family dwelling or business, finding out was part of the fun of exploring she supposed!

There walk and conversation moving to the topic of mages, a word Aeris herself knew as Magoi. She had already a rising suspicion that Khalfani was reading into her, it was hard not to notice, but it didn't seem too intrusive and he wasn't rude so perhaps she found herself just enjoying the company of another after so long and she let down the social barriers she was used to putting up.

She was almost certain of it quite literally seconds later as he suggested she was a mage from another country, and ice mage as well as the fact she was a vampire, Aeris immediately gasping as she realized her fangs were showing as she forgot about them, "Very perceptive Khalfani, I suppose I been found out." Realizing holding her hand to her mouth was useless at this point Aeris removed her hands from her mouth and scratching her check nervously, "The answer to that question dates back nearly twenty years ago but I suppose the short answer is what I already told you, I'm a drifter. I drift because my home and my family are already long gone from this world, I try to do some good in every country then I move on." Aeris looked away for a moment and refocused her gaze back on him, "And my name is not really Fio, it's part of my name. Aeris Fio, Umata. and I'm part ice mage, part dark mage, a magic that developed from my vampirism it seems. "

#12Khalfani † 

Strange Maiden  Empty Wed Mar 16, 2022 10:35 pm

Khalfani †
The Dragon Slayer chuckled. His partner was quite smitten as far as he could tell. Amir was perfect. So much so though, that Khalfani may have been more into the Minstreli wolf than the wolf was into him. Nonetheless, Khalfani, although polyamorous as hell, was happy with his partner. Amir kept him in line, spoke his mind, and had always remained truthful with the spell sword. Not to mention, the sex? Amazing. The weather had become nicer over the span of minutes that he and Fio had walked along together. In the moments that came, the woman revealed her true name. She was indeed a vampire, so it made sense how anxious she had been earlier. In fact, it became clearer now that she may have needed some help from someone experienced. Who better than Khalfani?

Although the slayer was no longer a vampire, surely he could be of help. We didn't need pretty little redhead over here murdering whole villages. "Oh I see. Seems we have something in common. Vampirism, back when I had it, was the only reason I was able to harness chaos energy." He said before getting an idea. "Well if you're in Fiore ong enough for you to need a welcoming home..." He began. Fio was interesting, and beautiful nonetheless. Khalfani's golden eyes gazed into her own rubies. "Come to the north." he said as he pulled out an invitation of sorts before handing it to Aeris. "It was a pleasure meeting you Aeris. For now though, I've gotta go." he said before gazing forward as light energy surrounded his body, lifting him into the air as he zoomed away.

- EXIT -

#13Aeris Umata 

Strange Maiden  Empty Sat Mar 19, 2022 3:14 pm

Aeris Umata
To Aeris surprise Khalfani spoke of her new way of life as if it was a passing phase in his life, one he spoke almost as if it was natural to him, such a way of words and the hidden experiences of his life intrigued her, furthermore a home filled with people like him? A most promising prospect. "Chaos Energy? Perhaps you can tell me more another day." Aeris said hinting that she would in fact see him again.

Khalfani however could not stay very long, or atleast she assumed so as there conversation had ended with him suggesting that if she needed a home long term for her stay in Fiore, then she was welcome to come to the north. "Then I shall see you in the north in due time Khalfani, I bid you well." Aeris said as he walked away, giving a small wave before looking at the invitation, sliding it into her jacket pocket and kept walking to her inn she would be staying at for the night before her business tomorrow in the morning.


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