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Questionable Recruitment Practices [Quest]

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#1Khalfani † 

Questionable Recruitment Practices [Quest] Empty Wed Feb 23, 2022 11:05 pm

Khalfani †

Khalfani was extremely tired. From what? They had no idea, but the fact that the sun had already gone down didn't make it any better. The Vampire strolled throughout the town of Baska thinking about a few things. Firstly, they thought about somebody they had met. Someone who was beautiful, too beautiful to be true honestly. He was like something sent from the gods and although Khalfani had had their fair share of people from both Desierto and Fiore, this person struck something different. Whatever that thing was didn't matter now though as soon enough the thought faded. They couldn't get caught up in things like romance, not when they had so much to do in this country. Politics, money-making, death, violence. Those were just a few ingredients that the Desiertan prince would need to create the legacy they envisioned. For now though, they would settle with making a little chump change on the side. This quest was going to be fairly easy, much like the last quests that they had taken. The last quests were easy and required very little thought, this quest would require just a smidge more. Tonight they had to do something regarding adventurers. Supposedly there was a group of people attempting to recruit people to do a raid somewhere. Something out of a Viking novel really, because would actually be dumb enough to do a raid here in Fiore? Not unless the raid was actually not related to a town and instead some type of dungeon. In that case, stopping their bag seemed more of a dickish thing to do.


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Questionable Recruitment Practices [Quest] Empty Wed Feb 23, 2022 11:06 pm

Khalfani †

Either way, the money that the Vampire would receive was probably worth it in the end anyway. They didn't have time to be feeling bad for a bunch of people they didn't know. That was the thing about being considered someone unimportant in this country. In any country where you didn't have a high enough status really. You needed to get money to be able to speak a certain language. As Khalfani strolled through the town, patrolling it to find anyone who seemed out of the ordinary, they spotted four men. They had swords and helmets, as if they were actually going to do this whole raid thing for real. With a sigh, Khalfani slowly walked up to them, taking their time before approaching them with a nonchalant expression. They really didn't feel like fighting right now, so the first act of business was to handle this diplomatic. With a smile the vampire began to talk asking the men to leave in a kind tone. The group laughed at them before going about their way. So, Khal tried again, this time with a bit more aggression in their tone. It wasn't enough. The men simply pushed them and told them to leave. So the only thing left to do now was beat their stupid adventurer asses. So they did. When the job was done, not only would the Nightmare mage scoff, but they also sucked all of their blood. Every last drop. Then, they received their reward.


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