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No Stone Unturned [Quest]

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#1Khalfani † 

No Stone Unturned [Quest] Empty Wed Feb 23, 2022 8:03 pm

Khalfani †

Khalfani was minding their business as they usually did, strolling through Baska with their hands in their pockets and not a care in the world. Someone quickly came up to them and began speaking. So Mattaro needed the young Vampire again. The last time they had done a job for Mattaro was about two years ago. It seemed the mine worker couldn't wait for the Eternal Nightmare mage to return. With a nod, khal told the messenger to lead the way before the two began moving towards their desired location. The sun was up, the clouds were floating peacefully and the breeze was light. Spring was coming. Oh how they couldn't wait for spring to come. The flowers would bloom, and the booties would boom. The Desiertan kept quiet as they trailed behind the messenger until finally they approached Mattaro. Mattaro was happy to see Khalfani, surprised at how big they had gotten considering the last time they had met Khalfani was about fifteen years old. The Morningstar kept a conversation with mat for a little while before he explained the mission. Apparently there was a few people coming to Baska and he wanted Khal to find them and remember their faces. it was then that Khalfani knew that this was about vengeance. Everything else was none of the Vampire's business. So, with a nod the Eternal Nightmare mage of Chaos knew exactly what they had to do.


#2Khalfani † 

No Stone Unturned [Quest] Empty Wed Feb 23, 2022 8:04 pm

Khalfani †

Of course if they did a little searching they would be able to find the men but it was probably easier to wait until they came to Baska and find them all together. Hunting was something that Khalfani was good at, especially considering how often they had to do it. Growing up they had to hunt for their own food, and not too long ago they had to track and kill down everybody apart of a child trafficking ring for their mental sanity. So, walking away Khalfani strolled the town of Baska and waited. Time would pass and they would first handle the minor things. Shopping, eating, you know the basic human things to do. Then when they were done they would handle the real business. Time had passed and finally the three people Mattaro needed info on were coming to the city of Baska. Khalfani made their way towards the square where they had heard they would be meeting, searching around for anyone that smelled different. Finally there the person was. The first person at least, with a yellow hat on besides three people.The Vampire took their time approaching but when they did they simply jus sat and listened. They pretended to ask them a question in which they answered, absorbing information about their physical appearance before returning back to Matt with a vivid description. Mattaro brought out this interesting magic tool, one Khalfani had never seen before, before drawing them I the air. When Khalfani had confirmed that those were who the men were, Matt smiled and paid the Eternal Nightmare mage.


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