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I Am Not Your Enemy [Knux]

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#1Hitomi Minamoto † 

I Am Not Your Enemy [Knux] Empty Sat Feb 19, 2022 9:35 pm

Hitomi Minamoto †
Hitomi sighed as soft snowflakes fell from the sky like powdered sugar. Winter was hitting Baska and other areas heavily and it limited her movement and stopped her from doing the things she wanted to do. Cloaked in a thick, black fur coat that covered the whole of her body, leaving just her head visible as her sakura-tinted tresses bounced and swayed with each step she took. The young woman needed fresh air and even though she could stand on the balcony of her suite hotel room she decided to go for a walk around town to stretch her legs out and see the people.

Having rejoined Eternal Nightmare and leaving the country for two years has made her pretty unknown to the people of Fiore. She was no longer Hitomi of the Rune Knights, no longer a protector of the royal family and its realm. A smile played on her face as she thought about it but it was soon wiped off when she spotted a big burly man harassing a much smaller female. Hitomi was a lot of things but she was never one to agree with the strong picking on the weak unless it was asked for. Strutting over to the man with all the grace of a queen, Hitomi came just in time to stand in front of the woman as the hand of the man came down quickly. The sound that came from the area where she, the man, and the woman stood was loud enough to cause most people in the area to turn their heads in their direction.

You crazy bit-

The man's foul words were stopped as Hitomi shot her left hand out and around his neck and then just as quickly took all the strength in her right hand to slap the man right back. Not once, not twice, but over and over again until his face went from red to blue, to black and swollen. Letting the man's neck go she didn't even bother watching him drop before she turned to make sure the woman was ok. Hitomi didn't see any fresh scars on her but she noted old bruises. The woman seemed to be fine but she was of course in shock over what Hitomi had just done. Once the pink-haired woman made sure the woman would be fine she continued on with her walk hoping to find something else of interests.

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#2Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

There he was, fully suited from head to toe once more. He had gotten himself a new and better helmet over the years. Honestly, it was nowhere near what he wished he had or achieved within two years. But his growth in armor had stopped as his focus had been on training. Not the kind of training that made him stronger or faster, but more lethal and learned a better understanding with more melee weapons. He had taken classes at many schools and learned how to better use the hammer he had learned was called Mjolnir. It apparently was rumored to be god sent, which was ironic for a Daemon like himself to be using such a thing. On top of all the weapons training he had learned, Knuckles had fully taken the steps to learn all control the powers the Demon had given to him. It would have to happen soon now though, he would have to either find a way to roll back time on his age or start seriously taking the steps to become a Famous Adventurer. As it stood he was becoming more Infamous than Famous. Though at this point did he care as long as he got the respect that came with it? As long as he became a Legend? Probably not, in fact, he knew it did not matter. All that mattered was soon everyone would know the name Knuckles Shi.

The armored man was walking enjoying the Baska weather, though it was cold, more so in armor. Still, it was beautiful, and worth walking around in weather he found perfect for young love. When you were at that age of finding your forever and always, which lead to a life of love and passion. This weather was perfect for that stage, the walks around town while snuggling up near each other, the dining out sitting on the same side of the booth to stay warm. His favorite would be the evenings in front of the fireplace having a warm beverage that gave a young man warmth and vigor and a young woman warmth and opening.

He had lost the young love game long ago, he left love behind in the past and this weather only now made him understand how alone he was. His family name would die with him if he did not achieve his goal. After all, he was already middle-aged, most men his age would be near retirement. Not many lived much longer than he did, and if they did they lived for a lot longer. Just how it worked in this world.

The sound of a smack would be heard forcing Knuckles to shift his focus from where he was walking to his left across the way to a pink-haired woman getting his face met with the hand of a tall man. Knuckles lifted a brow as it seemed the woman had taken the hit for the small woman behind her. The pink-haired woman then seemed to show the man what being the weaker person in a domestic abuse situation felt like, this would be a proper punishment. An Eye for an Eye truly, though it often went the other way from what Knuckles would recall. If a woman had shown a man how weak he was he would usually fall deeper into the way of life he was down and take out that embarrassment on another woman down the road, possible for it to spread to kids too.

Knuckles thought long and hard about what he should do, seeing the pair of women starting to walk away, Knuckles figured it would be okay. No one would put together what he would do. But why would he step in? Truly he did not care, though long term he figured there would be some person who would but a low paying job out there to deal with some freak who had been beating kids and women up and the law would not do anything about it so they wanted a thug to do it. So instead of going through all that time, Knuckles just figured why the hell wait? Lifting the hammer up from his back into the air with his right hand, he'd cast Tempest's Revenge, a second later lighting would strike from the sky, hitting the man that had been left a bruised and bloody mess. His body would feel the full effects of S rank Damage in the form of lightning, strike him and likely kill him. Knuckles would slide his hammer back down as those around gasped at the odd occurrence, they were already shocked by the pink-haired woman's actions.

"Lighting striking on a clear day like this, perhaps it was an omen. We best clear the area, everyone, before we are struck next by the gods. " It annoyed him to say those words as if the gods even gave a damn about them.

#3Hitomi Minamoto † 

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Hitomi Minamoto †
Hitomi was feeling quite proud of her actions. It felt good to blow some steam off and she helped a woman who was in trouble. Most people would be mistaken that she was one to always care, but Hitomi hardly cared especially if it wasn't for something that didn't net her a positive gain. Being human though she had a soft spot for certain situations and battered women was one of those soft spots. Even though she helped she knew that woman wouldn't forget her kindness or perhaps the woman wouldn't have thought what she did was kind. The reason for that man to have raised his hand at the woman was of no concern to Hitomi, only the end result was what she cared for. Soaking in her pride she didn't even get far enough away from the scene before a booming noise caused her to turn around to see the body of the man she put down smoking and charred, the voice of another man causing her attention to snap from the body and straight to its source.

Now Hitomi's memory wasn't really something she bragged about. She only really kept what she felt was important at the forefront of her memory and everything else she had to think real hard to dig up. That was not the case when she looked at the man with the shock of crimson hair wielding a hammer. She remembered him almost immediately and found herself smiling in his direction, her body moving to walk to him. Was she surprised to see a familiar face from her days as a Rune Knight? Yes. Hitomi was even more surprised that it was the first person she put down as she helped apprehend a group of criminals. It was an odd feeling to no longer be on opposite sides but she knew he wouldn't know that just yet.

Well, well, well. I thought I killed you the last time we met. I'm glad to see you alive and well.

She smiled a warm smile in his face, keeping a good enough distance between the two that if they were to reach out they wouldn't touch each other, but close enough to hear each other talk and be in each other's presence as if they were old friends.

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#4Knuckles Shi 

I Am Not Your Enemy [Knux] Empty Wed Feb 23, 2022 9:40 pm

Knuckles Shi

It seemed he had messed up, his action did not go unnoticed, or perhaps it was his words that had drawn the woman to him. Whichever it had been it had the wrong effect he was aiming for, but it was too late for that now. As the pink-haired woman approached Knuckles he looked her up and down gaining a picture of what gear she had and what she looked like.  Memories of that long-ago fight when the guild was made came to mind, yes now he could see it. As she spoke to him Knuckles gave a grin that showed his eagerness to get revenge from their last encounter. Her words priming his want to slam his hammer into that pretty face of hers.  

"Kill? Me? The man chuckled at the thought of it, he remembered how it had gone. She had attacked him while he was trying to fight that cat. That cat had gained a spot as a Rival in his books.   "A cheap shot it what it was. I'll admit it is odd to hear you say that you are glad I am alive and well. Perhaps it is so you can take me to jail Miss Knight? "  He lowered his voice to a whisper that mostly only she could hear and motioned his head from side to side as if he was checking to make sure it was clear to say what he was about to say. "Or, perhaps you have had an image of me in your mind ever since, and wish to do a little bad cop routine."

After he spoke he leaned back to his original stance. He was unsure what her intentions would be with him. She did not seem to be wearing that damn pendant that the Rune Knights wore. Perhaps she was off duty, or perhaps she had a change in heart or career. The Daemon would be ready though if she was looking to attack him. Unlike before he would be prepared for Lightning, in fact, he had his own to call upon if he saw her even moving her hand towards her weapon. It is not that he truly wanted to fight her here and now, but he would be lying if he said he did not want revenge on the woman who had knocked him out in a fight. He had tallied that fight to being jumped and that was that. Not an excuse for his loss, but the truth. Not to mention he had learned that the Guild Master at the time was utterly all talk as much as the other founder with himself and Jikan, who was currently the only other member of Sleeping Calamity he had heard about in the past two years. He was not even sure what the others had been up to, or if they were even alive.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"
#5Hitomi Minamoto † 

I Am Not Your Enemy [Knux] Empty Mon Feb 28, 2022 5:11 pm

Hitomi Minamoto †
She almost laughed in his face but she continued to smile instead. This idiot couldn't have been so wrong on both ends, but she would forgive him as he really had no clue who she was now or who she was when she put him down. One, you don't have to worry about little ole me taking you to jail. I'm not really in the Knight business anymore. And two, the only image I've ever had of you was the one where you were lying face down in the mud. Count yourself lucky that you don't have to worry about that sort of humiliation again. The funny thing is I don't even know your name, though I'm surprised you even remember me. Not only has it been a long time, but I also don't even look remotely the same. I guess it's probably me you couldn't get out of your mind huh? Are you still running around with that joke of a guild?

At this point, she was provoking the redhead, not out of malice of course but because she was bored and he was the only interesting thing around. Chilly winds picked up, blowing snow around, and causing Hitomi to gather the fur coat tight around her. She wouldn't be able to stay in this cold for much longer but she also didn't want to leave too quickly and miss making a possible new friend or enemy, whichever the wind blows on that.

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#6Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles ran his hand through his bangs allowing the part of his hair to change sides. She was right, but only in a single sense. Though mostly in his head, Knuckles remembered her voice, and everything as he had the other two and that damn cat. He wanted a rematch that much was for sure. "Oh I am a bit sad you left the Knights, I was looking forward to repaying you for that loss. I guess I will just have to settle for the other two. As for the guild, I am. Sleeping Calamity is doing just fine. Though if you insist to think lightly of us I would advise against it. Any more of it will not be tolerated. His eyes watched as she pulled her coat closer as the wind blew on them, snow getting caught on the cloth of their clothing in areas as it did so. "So how about we find a nice place to have a warm drink and some food to warm us up. Unless..."
Knuckles twirled the hammer between his fingers before catching it in the palm of his hand once more.

#7Hitomi Minamoto † 

I Am Not Your Enemy [Knux] Empty Tue Apr 19, 2022 12:50 pm

Hitomi Minamoto †
This little red-headed firecracker was not the same person she had seen in her Rune Knight days, though if she were being fair she had no idea who he was back then so if he was like this all the time she could see how infuriating it could become even if it was a little cute. Unfortunately, she didn't have time to entertain him or the situation he was trying to create. There would be no fighting nor would there be anything else this little redhead would offer. Unfortunate as it was she spent too much time entertaining the man today but she would find herself in his presence another day. Shaking her head and turning away from the man who she still hadn't gotten a name, Hitomi made her way back to her destination but before she walked off she left the man with a few words.

" That last part sounds nice, just not with you. Maybe a different approach towards a lady will get you a more favorable response next time. " And with those words lingering between them she departed.

- exit -

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