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Trailblazing [Mount travel/East to West]

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#1Hitomi Minamoto † 

Trailblazing [Mount travel/East to West] Empty Thu Feb 17, 2022 5:31 am

Hitomi Minamoto †
While Hosenka was always a nice place to visit she had gotten more out of the trip than she thought she would ever get. No longer being a part of the Rune Knights she gave the reason of being overworked with the intention to retire. Of course, they wouldn't know that she was returning to her original guild until she did something that would tip them off. Grabbing her small pack and untying the mount she could never remember to name, Hitomi hopped on top of its back, grabbed its reigns, and pulled back to let it know it was time to go. Her next destination was the West as she knew Eternal Nightmare's guild home was located there. With this trip, it would be known that she was in fact a member of Eternal Nightmare and would no longer be hiding that fact, so the Rune Knights would know sooner rather than later of her " betrayal " to the crown.

Soaring through the skies past different towns and cities, Hitomi could only look forward. One might say she was returning to her old life but that wasn't true. A new chapter was starting and this time she was in full control of what would play out next. The first thing she needed to do was get settled in Oak and then find all the members of her guild to introduce herself. This was of course if they didn't already know who she was. Thinking about it she didn't really speak to many of the members in the guild besides Odin and one other person. Memories began to resurface as she thought about it. The warm sun-protecting her from the winter's biting chill as she flew closer and closer to her destination. The only other person she could remember in the guild was Zane and none of those memories were particularly good. Eventually, she made it to the west and quickly swooped down into the territory.

-20%- wc due to mount-

Trailblazing [Mount travel/East to West] AV4nNet
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