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A New Mine [Quest]

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#1Khalfani † 

A New Mine [Quest] Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 2:57 pm

Khalfani †
There was literally nothing to do today. After Khalfani had met with a certain someone and had obtained powers far stronger than they could have imagined, they took some time for themselves. With a sigh the young vampire strolled the city of Baska. It was getting warmer which was always a good thing. Spring was slowly approaching. The city was full and bustling with life. Younger kids were just coming home from school so the streets and sidewalks were filled with carriages and families going about their business. The Desiertan had none at this moment. That was until a letter had randomly appeared above them and found itself in their hands. Khal immediately assumed that it was their father until glancing down and seeing Mattaro on the envelope. When they opened it to read it, it turned out to be an opportunity to make some quick cash. How could they refuse? The letter told Khalfani where to meet him and so with nothing else to do, the Eternal Nightmare mage made their way.


#2Khalfani † 

A New Mine [Quest] Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 3:17 pm

Khalfani †
The location to meet was a shabby shack somewhere in the city of Baska. It didn't take the young one too long to get there. When they approached they could see Mattaro standing directly outside of it. The job details didn't go into depth, all the letter explained was that it had something to do with the mines. It seemed easy enough from the feel of things. When Khalfani finally reached the quest giver they introduced themselves. Mattaro also introduced himself telling Khal that he had heard about who he was. Rumors spread fast around these parts- that was dangerous in itself. Regardless, he then told the Savannan about the quest before handing them the tools A fake miners soon, bombs and a trigger button. Easy enough. All Khal had to do was enter the mines, plant bombs and pull the trigger. Killing the workers was entirely off limits- not that Khalfani wanted to anyway. Now that their bloodlust was under control killing anyone wasn't as necessary.


#3Khalfani † 

A New Mine [Quest] Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 3:36 pm

Khalfani †
With all the tools ready and in their possession to do the the task at hand, the chaos mage was ready. They began making their way to the mines in Baska city. The mines were something this place was well known for so they wondered why Mattaro wanted them destroyed. Nonetheless, they didn't care enough to ask. They probably looked silly dressed up as a mine but it would likely do the trick so that they could get the job done easily. Khalfani quickly approached the mines. It took no longer than twenty minutes by foot and they were hardly in a rush. Miners were everywhere. Some working, others just seemingly hanging out. None, however, batted an eye as Khal strolled up to the mines. Easy peasy, they thought. The four explosives sat in their bag waiting to be activated around the mines. If anybody would be hurt who would care? Not Khalfani, perhaps not even the Lord of this city. Either way, they were close to finishing the task.


#4Khalfani † 

A New Mine [Quest] Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 4:01 pm

Khalfani †
Khalfani slipped past all of the mine workers with easy. Now all they had to do was plant the explosives. Everyone was working and minding their business so it was simple. Just make sure nobody was murdered. The young mage darted around the minds, finding perfect spots to place the mines at. Two in the fa back to minimize worker casualties and two of them in the middle. The explosions would cause the back to crumble first in the case that people needed some time to get out, or so they thought. Once they planted the bombs they began running out of the mine, screaming so that everyone else would follow their lead. Humans did that often. They saw one person screaming and running and didn't bother to figure out why. Instead, they would run too. The miners did just that. Once Khalfani was out they didn't stop running. Instead they pressed the detonate button and the mines boomed, crumbling. When the task was done they made their way to mattaro to collect their reward.


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