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The fist does the talking. (Solo NQ C-rank)

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The fist does the talking. (Solo NQ C-rank) Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 11:14 am

Emil walks up to the familiar building and he walks in holding the request and he looks around expecting they were gonna be here to met him but he is told to wait in a side room and he can hear mumbling about if they think he is really the right choice for this assignment, they argue back and forth for a little longer then they call him in and he walks in and he sits down and he looks at them who look at him still seemingly unsure if he is the right one for it. They start talking to him "Today you will be body guarding a young actress." Emil looks confused to why they thought he couldn't handle simple task like body guarding a young actress, the woman walks in and she has long scarlet hair, purple eyes and stands around five foot six, she looks at Emil and scuffs.


The fist does the talking. (Solo NQ C-rank) Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 11:15 am

"Looks like you picked the ugliest of the ducklings to watch over me while I am here for the day." Emil now realized why they were having second thoughts about him, being the one watching over her cause she is a diva and has a pretty terrible attitude over all. Emil nods that he will take the job and watch over this diva if it end up killing them, Emil does worry about how Holly will handle the woman probably constantly attacking him verbally. They walks out and Holly and Fina are standing there waiting for him and they see the woman and he explains they are to be her body guards for the day and they are to be nice even if she is not being nice to them. Fina tilts her head as they walk wondering why they can't just punch her in the mouth if she starts talking trash to them. Holly nods in agreement not wanting to let Emil down.


The fist does the talking. (Solo NQ C-rank) Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 11:15 am

They walk around the city a little the woman seems fascinated with Holly and keeps sneaking peeks of her. Holly just smiles at her and waves. Emil wonders if this woman is scared of the seven foot demi-human or if she might have a crush on her. They stop to eat and the woman says Holly has to sit next to her and Holly does and Fina is confused why this woman is so caught up on her comrade, she goes to spray water at the woman but Emil stops her and he shakes his head at Fina who puffs her cheeks at Emil who holds in a laugh and keeps a straight face. They have a nice little lunch with the woman speaking only to Holly who kindly speaks back and smiles, Emil hopes this doesn't lead to anything, he plays with his food a little. Holly kicks him in the shin to make him stop doing that, letting him know that Holly is still watching him even if she is busy with the woman.


The fist does the talking. (Solo NQ C-rank) Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 11:15 am

After lunch they go to some of the higher districts, seeing the sights and trying to keep the woman out of trouble even though she keeps picking fights with merchants saying don't they know who she is and that they will hear from her, manager and she will see that they go out of business with her reviews of the area and Emil nods to them so they don't lose their cool toward her. He can see why she really needed people to body guard her so some poor merchant didn't wrap their fingers around her neck and strangle her till she stopped fighting. Emil gently keeps the woman moving as they are getting closer to the theater where she had wanted to go and see one of the shows and he hopes she will not be a monster in here and get them kicked out or worse banned from returning to it.


The fist does the talking. (Solo NQ C-rank) Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 11:15 am

The woman keeps her mouth shut through the whole show and she was pretty much starry eyed enthralled in the show and the music that came with it, she was like a totally different person than they had been walking around with for a better part of the day. Emil guesses she is really like this but puts up the tough front to keep people at a distance from her, maybe as a test to see if they are really her friend or are just friends because she is a little famous and on the rise. The show ends and she is crying and she uses a tissue and she needs to use the bathroom so he has Holly go with her into the bathroom to watch over her and keep her safe. Emil doesn't want to have the woman get caught up in anything and get in trouble or get them in trouble somewhere. So he has to keep a close watch on her.


The fist does the talking. (Solo NQ C-rank) Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 11:16 am

Once they come out he gets them on the track to get them back to the building but the woman wants to go see the sakura park so he takes them there and he lets them go off to walk among the sakura trees and he just stands back and he watches over them from the distance to make sure if he has to intervene he could, then he sees a group of guys start walking up on her and Holly. Fina starts firing water projectiles at them and they just slap them away and Emil runs over and he starts working them like they were a punching bag for him to just let it loose on them and he doesn't hold back and Fina cheers the woman looks surprised that the big oaf could move so gracefully and hit so swiftly and after he finishes with them he walks with them and gets her returned to the building and her staff who start walking away with her and Holly waves and Fina blows razzberries at the woman, the woman hugs Emil before she leaves and Holly is clearly jealous of that. The people pay Emil and they go on their way with Emil having to ask Holly to calm down.

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