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Raging Bull [Quest: Nathaniel]

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#1Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Raging Bull [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Thu Feb 03, 2022 10:42 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Another day in Baska and another day Nathaniel spent looking for work. Waking up in the inn once more, the sun beat his back as he sat up in his bed, his eyes a bit weary despite waking later than usual, but the boy did just have a busy night with Fernando and his crew. He wasn’t accustomed to this lifestyle and it was slowly taking its toll on the young man, he definitely needed a day off to recollect and refocus. Lifting himself from the bed he got dressed, fixing his room slightly before heading to the front door only to hear someone calling his name. Turning the innkeeper was waving a letter in their hand and Nat could already feel this was likely another call to action.

He hesitated, the innkeeper saw the pause, he knew the pause was visible and the awkward moment lasted for a second before he walked over and took the letter back to his room. Plopping onto his bed he carefully tore open the letter to discover it was from Dr. Gerard. Reading through he understood that the doctor had some suspicions of an ailment and it had begun to infect the wildlife. There was a group of boars he wanted captured and examined and inside he gave a rough estimate on a map of where the boars should be found. Scratching his head, Nathaniel wasn’t sure if he was mentally or physically prepared to hop into a combat quest but ultimately he was a hunter from Enca and he felt as though his pride was on the line.

The boy picked up his sword, pulled out his winter gear and tucked the letter into his jacket pocket. Shortly after he would find himself outside in search of a group of contaminated pigs.

[WC 302]

#2Nathaniel Hikyuu 

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
He was unsure of how long he had walked, but the snow and hunting combined made him feel incredibly nostalgic. He missed his homeland a bit more now and this event was actually beginning to spark some joy in his weary bones. He hadn’t had the opportunity to hunt since he collected some of his new equipment, his accessories inspiring energy and power in him that made him feel much more capable. He should be near the pigs by now, and the hoof prints in the snow were a dead give away on their current destination, he was excited to check out his new moves.

He crept closer as he noticed a few sounds emanating from a clearing just ahead, talking his time however he could despite the crunching snow beneath him. He must have been a short distance from the bush when a snort caught him off guard and he was rushed on his right side by one of the boars. Rolling through the snow momentarily, Nathaniel was much more shocked than he was harmed, shaking his head to clear the confusion as he looked up to see the animal preparing another charge. Without much hesitation Nathaniel drew his blade and slashed at the pig as he jumped to his right. The movement felt swifter and much more crisp than he had expected. Sliding and halting in the snow was all too familiar and the spring he had in his step as he moved forward gave him life.

[WC 250]

#3Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Raging Bull [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Thu Feb 03, 2022 10:43 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
He stepped forward and delivered another blow to the pig as it struggled to build momentum in the snow and with the back of his blade he slammed the pig into the ground, it’s body visibly going limp from the strike. He barely had a chance to warm up when he noticed more grunts behind him, 4 more boars were charging and with little effort the young boy lunged completely out of the way, nearly twice his expected distance. He took a moment to check himself and pull himself together before turning back to the pigs once more.

The next few moments were an elegant dance of steel and tusks. He clashed with one, had two of them run into each other and generally had a blast manipulating the battlefield. Although his enemies were merely pigs, he felt as though the flow of combat was entirely in his direction. From the snow to his improved speed and conditioning he had never felt so competent in a battle before.

[WC 169]

#4Nathaniel Hikyuu 

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
Dragging the pig back, Nathaniel had some time to reflect on the past events, it was good to feel on top of the world again. He wanted to try his luck in the wilderness of Enca once more and though his time here was short he had grown so much in the meantime. A proud and true Encan warrior and hunter, the type of man to make his family proud. However he was noting a fundamental lack of strength on his end, the pig was very heavy and his arms felt like they’d give at any moment and the walk home was so much longer than he wanted but at the end of the day he did it.

Arriving at the hospital, Nathaniel placed the large mammal on the table, panting as he dropped his hands to his knees and let the snow on both him and the beast melt away slowly. Doctor Gerard would appear before long offering his thanks for Nathaniel’s assistance today, but in turn Nathaniel thanked him for allowing him to live for a day like he had in Enca. The boy was now rejuvenated, more awake than he had been before albeit a little sluggish, but as the adrenaline faded so too did the boy’s well of strength. As soon as the boy plopped the animal onto the table he then proceeded to turn around and fall face first onto the hospital floor, snores emanating from his resting body.

He did a good job today and to that, the hospital staff moved him onto a bed and threw a blanket over him to let him rest. Sleeping peacefully, he dreamt of his life back home and how happy they would be when he finished his training in Fiore and returned home as a more competent mage.

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