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A Communion of Titans [Jove]

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A Communion of Titans [Jove] Empty Wed Jan 12, 2022 9:10 am

Odin was enjoyed the new city that Hildegard was bringing about, as he began walking through the streets of the Bosco capital, watching a mixture of humans, elves, and demi humans go about their business. For many non-humans, this was the first time they had been allowed within the walls of the city, at least without some form of persecution involved, and many of the human residents were more than happy to show their new neighbours around the area. After all, Sachsia was a massive location. Even Odin, who had spent some time here after putting Hildegard on the throne, still wasn't entirely sure where many things could be found. The castle was an easy one, as it could be seen as a landmark basically anywhere, but if anyone were to ask him where the market was, he'd be at a complete loss.

That was actually what he was looking for today. He had tried to approach people to help him find his destination, but unfortunately people hadn't become that accommodating yet. Sure, they'd be happy to assist elves, demi-humans, the more 'normal' races found in the world. But helping a Lich was still too much to ask of them. Perhaps they knew who Odin was in Fiore, or they'd seen or heard of his brutal slaughter of Brunhild and her minions when they had attacked. Either way, he was probably going to be wandering for most of the day if someone didn't help him soon.

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