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No Place Like Home [Hitomi]

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Odin hated Hosenka. He couldn't help it, always had and likely always would. Some people thought it was because of his complicated relationship with Empyrean Divine's guildmaster, well those that knew there was a complicated relationship anyway, but honestly it was nothing like that. Kurisa was a powerful mage in her own right, but Odin hadn't heard her name uttered in a while and, if he was being honest, a great weight would be lifted off his shoulders if she were to retire. Or die. Either way she wouldn't get involved in everything Odin had planned so the semantics didn't really matter all that much. But that wasn't even why hated Hosenka. It was probably a mixture of two things: it was a very boring location outside of the Crimson Quarter, and Odin preferred Magnolia and Dahlia a lot more.

The latter, as Odin sipped his glass of wine in a nearby bar in that very quarter he found interesting, wasn't really Hosenka's fault. Magnolia was arguably the prettiest city in Fiore, and Fairy Tail had been good to Odin when he had needed it. Not that they had known who he was at the time, obviously, but useful to the Lich nonetheless. He also got on surprisingly well with its members, both past and current. Zane and Steel had followed him from Fairy Tail after all, and he could say with some certainty that he and Kazimir would be friends if not for Odin's slight terrorism antics.

He sat in the pub in full view of everyone in the area. He wasn't hiding, he just wanted a drink while he found himself in the city. And this was the same bar where he had found Genevieve, or found her again he should say, after having lost her for some time. And then he lost her again after she had joined the Rune Knights. Was Odin the sentimental type? His fourth bottle of wine certainly seemed to suggest so, even as the liquid did nothing to inebriate him or quench his thirst.

God, he had lost so many.

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Hitomi Minamoto
"That wraps up our shift for tonight... Or rather my shift. I've given your new superior orders for the next few months. I'm on vacation now so don't bother me with matters that can be handled by someone else. I won't respond. " Clapping her hands together she thanked the large team of rune knights in front of her. The Hosenka division of the rune knights was much laxer due to the guild that resided here, crime wasn't too rampant but she was still working and that was something she quickly ended. Hitomi was officially burned out and in large part, due to the work, she had gotten from working in Orchidia and Shichiro leaving. The more she thought about his departure the more annoyed she got. He could have at least said fucking goodbye to her, but now he apparently officially quit and vanished into thin air like a god damn ghost. She was hurt especially since she thought they had a deeper connection going on but she could see now that she probably didn't mean much to him.

Now that she was finally free of all duties for a few months she found herself wandering in a familiar part of the Crimson Quarter. For whatever reason Hitomi couldn't put her finger on what made this particular part of town hit her with longing nostalgia. Her thoughts wouldn't linger on though as she passed by a group of young women, in most circumstances she would have ignored them but their words on the wind caused her to turn to them and stop the group. " What was this I hear about a lich?"
She hoped she heard wrong, she hoped that even if she did hear correctly that it wasn't who she was thinking of, she couldn't face him again not after their last interaction, but she wanted to. One of the girls spoke for the rest and explained how there was a lich in a pub three stores down from where they were. For Hitomi that was all she needed to hear and off she went even against that sinking feeling in her stomach, she had to be sure.

To her knowledge, there weren't many liches in Fiore and the ones who chose to show themselves to the public had the power to do so. Was she surprised to see Odin when she walked into the pub? No. But the feeling she felt was indescribably uncomfortable. Walking up to him she couldn't smile, nor cry, nor show any emotion and by the time she was close enough to touch him and she could do was sit down and order two shots of vodka and the strongest beer they had. How long had it been since the last time they were both in the same room? She couldn't remember. " So, when did you get out? "

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There had been four occasions, including today, where Hitomi had appeared in front of Odin without him having expected her and each time it was a completely different expression on her face. The first had been confusion from Asmodeus transporting her from her home town to Oakland Church, back when her bat-like wings were prominent and she knew very little of the Fioran language. She had definitely changed a lot since then, especially given their second meeting was after Genevieve had changed. When she had succumbed to the will of Asmodeus briefly, but had found her way back to Odin.

Their most recent meeting had been a bit more intense, as it had taken place through prison bars after Odin's capture at Shichiro's hands. Hitomi had joined the Rune Knights, hell she was a Captain now from what the Lich had heard, and she was doing well for herself. Thus when she awkwardly sat next to Odin at the bar and placed her order, asking how long he had been out of prison, the surprise in the Wizard Lord's response was obvious, "Oh, uhh, you know. A couple of hours after you said goodbye." Collecting himself for a moment, Odin allowed a small chuckle to escape his mouth, "I imagine it wasn't announced straight away so that the people didn't completely lose faith in their knights. Imagine defeating their greatest threat but only being able to hold him for a couple of days." He took a moment as he realised he was insulting that same organisation that his former ward was now part. "Sorry if it caused you much hassle, but I didn't have a good view." Another chuckle, as he took a sip of his wine.

Goddammit this was more awkward than it needed to be.

"So how is working for the good guys? You're not going to get fired for having a drink with me, are you?"

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Hitomi Minamoto
Watching as the barkeeper set down her drinks she was more than surprised that it only took him that long to get out of his cell. Hitomi was of course curious because she didn't get the report of his disappearance until a week later, causing many of her ranks and below at that time to think he vanished then instead of what he just told her. Taking down two of the shots of vodka as if it was water she could hear Seika's words echo in her that drinking didn't fix anything. The temptation to answer it by shooting down the beer was strong, but she opted to take a sip of that instead and let out a satisfying " ah " sound afterward.

" I'm on vacation. Though I'd suspect even if I wasn't they couldn't fire me. Not after Shichiro left unceremoniously. It's left me to take on most if not all of his work. Though I'd suspect the money I'd make off of taking you in would keep me happy for a long time. "

Looking over at the lich fully for the first time she walked into the bar, a smile crept on her face, a genuine and warm smile, the same smile she used to give him when she was just a puppet to a demon. She missed him but after all she's been through she wasn't sure if she held the exact same love for him. Odin was a source of protection and like a father she wanted to fuck, the fucking part due to Asmodeus, but all those feelings came with not knowing the world around her when she came to him. Now she was a fully capable and respected mage who didn't need her handheld, in fact, she was the one holding the hand that needed help to many. But still, she held something for him, something that no matter how strong she got she would always have for him.

" You know, I never knew the true goal of your guild. When I came to you I was naked and confused and you took me in... I hardly did anything to warrant being a dark mage besides not being in a light guild and of course associating with you. We didn't seem bad at the time, I know from reports what you and the guild were up to during that whole dragon debacle but outside of that, nothing. So what are you trying to do?"

Her question was a valid one and it was something to fill the space between them. She didn't want one moment of silence and besides that, she had questions she wanted answers to that lingered on her mind for far too long. They had plenty of catching up to anyway.

No Place Like Home [Hitomi] NRhlo2C

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