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Taint the children. (Solo C-rank Quest)

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Taint the children. (Solo C-rank Quest) Empty Wed Jan 05, 2022 12:36 pm

Emil is summoned to a familiar looking building with staff hurrying around and he wonders what they have for him this time around. He is lead into a farther in chamber and he takes a seat and then a rich looking woman walks in and he feels like he knows her from somewhere, but he can't place her, they walk in and they tell him today he will be, watching over her and not allowing harm to come to her as she does some dealing in the Crimson Quarter, they make him change into a black suit and sunglasses and the woman looks him over and says he looks like a gorilla that was stuffed in a suit. He is not amused by this but he bites his tongue knowing the less he fights with this old hag the less time it takes to get this over with, she doesn't look very thrilled at being stuck with him either.



Taint the children. (Solo C-rank Quest) Empty Wed Jan 05, 2022 12:36 pm

He walks with her wondering what shady shit this woman is into, that someone would want to hurt her, as she seems like a right jerk and probably cocky and rude but nothing seems to make her worth killing. They walk up to the orphanage, the woman goes in Emil following her, the woman walks down the lines of teenage boys and girls and she starts cherry picking ones she finds as good enough then has them go to the front office where she pays the madam of the orphanage for the children, then the children happily go to collect their things and Emil is confused cause he was paid to protect her but it just looks like she was here to be a good person and adopt children to come and live with her from what he had over heard. Emil is starting to get a sinking feeling in his gut.



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The woman smiles sweetly the whole time like she isn't up to anything and she waves Emil to keep following her, and he does she leads him out the front door and the children follow them and into the city and down a back alley and into a shop that has a black cross on the left side of the door, she has the children go in and then they follow them in, and the children are striped of their clothes and of their things and cleaned up and are given a magic slave tattoo so they will listen to her every command. Emil is wondering if she is just strict as a parent or if she up to something. The children scream in pain as the magic tattoos are applied to them, he wonders if that is what his attendants Holly and Fina went through. He had never invoked the power of the tattoo out of his father teaching him how to use it cause their magic tattoos seals were make with his blood not his fathers. He knows he has to have those removed as soon as he goes home cause he is feeling sick from seeing these children being put through it and he had no idea of how painful they are.



Taint the children. (Solo C-rank Quest) Empty Wed Jan 05, 2022 12:37 pm

The children are redressed and she orders them for where their next stop is and that is in a run down house with a dark purple nearly black cross on it and he wonders what is gonna be in this one. The children walk down the stairs into a tunnel system that leads a good distance Emil keeps his eyes opened being on edge and the woman seems calm and cool like this isn't weird to her. They walk out into a huge chamber, she ordered the children to stand and cut their arm and swear to a demon lord. Emil turns toward her then the children do it and demons come from the walls, each moving in and claiming a child tainting their souls making them daemons. Get ready boy cause this will get messy fast. She laughs and the lesser demons didn't get a child come to attack them, Emil flexes his suit rips revealing to the woman his right wheel of black lightening and knows she might be in trouble, cause that is a family crest and a family she doesn't want to mess with.



Taint the children. (Solo C-rank Quest) Empty Wed Jan 05, 2022 12:37 pm

Emil fights the lesser demons not backing down, the children are collapsing to the ground after their contracts are sealed, the woman goes and checks on them and making sure none of her profit will be hurt by some of them passing away. Emil goes to go stop her from touching them but the lesser demons won't stay down. He swears he sees the masked weirdo from Fairy tail off in the corner of this room in the flashes of his own lightening, Emil wonders if maybe he might be a demon lord or a daemon himself. When he looks back after finishing the lesser demons off he doesn't see the masked weirdo anymore, he figures it was the lesser demons trying to invade his mind and was giving him a vision. He starts praying to Illumin hoping he can be forgiven for helping in such an evil deed. Illumin can't save you here, he has long forsaken us and them.



Taint the children. (Solo C-rank Quest) Empty Wed Jan 05, 2022 12:38 pm

Emil is angry at those words and he checks on the children all of them seem to be breathing and alive, she starts loading them onto a track system that followed a different tunnel. They are worth more like this, they are also stronger. Emil has had enough of this. The woman shrugs at him not giving two shits about how his moral compass points she was gonna get richer off of these children and that is easy, no strings attached money. She gets the last of them sent off then she leads him out of the underground cave system and back above ground so she can finish her shopping and he keeps his Illumin symbol in his hand the whole time mad at himself for not being able to stop or do anything about this woman's plan but he knew it was far to late to change anything some he would regret it. He sees her back to the building where they started and he gets paid, he spits that them in disgust and he leaves with his street clothes in hand.

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