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Medicare [Quest: Nathaniel]

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#1Nathaniel Hikyuu 

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
He wasn't sure how this all start but apparently a sudden illness had found him and a number of others swept up for medical evaluations in the city of Baska. He had recently dropped off the golden scissors to Fernando when he discovered everyone around him was basically sick. He scratched his head momentarily as he waited in a line full of people for access to a clinic and found himself day dreaming the whole time. Seconds quickly became minutes and minutes escalated into an hour or two before he was snatched by a brown haired doctor and pulled into the examination room.

He was made to undergo a number of curious activities. Cardio-related, tonsils checked and questioned about his most recent activities within the city. The man noticed the guild tattoo on his shoulder during the examination and found himself curiously asking the Nathaniel when he blew into town. He explained he had only recently helped Fernando out, twice, and his only drinking had been juice at a pub to which the doctor let out a relieved breath, he was so happy for once someone who walked into the clinic was not sick with this mysterious ailment.

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#2Nathaniel Hikyuu 

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
The bearded gentleman introduced himself as Gerard, he shook Nat's hand and asked him to follow him as he moved through the clinic, he was shown a number of sick individuals, all the same symptoms. Coughs, congestion and on some lesions began to form on the epidermis in long rashes across the body. Nathaniel was unsure what his current health had to do with anything but if he could say anything he was happy that he did not have to suffer what ever strange disease was spreading through the town.

Gerard sat Nathaniel down as they reached his office and explained to him that he believed the water in the town was poisoned by a group he need not concern himself with yet. He pointed decisively to two white bags that sat in the corner of the room and noted he had been so busy of late he had no time to deliver even the most basic medical services to others in the town and requested Nathaniel deliver those bags since the illness was likely not airborne and he would have no chance of getting sick. With a nod Nathaniel grabbed the bags and scurried out of the gentleman's office.

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#3Nathaniel Hikyuu 

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel had an address and name printed in small font on the corner of each bag and using them he was able to locate the first house with little to no problem. A smaller older lady appeared from the doorway after he knocked and hobbled forward with her cane inspecting the boy who by all means was likely a complete stranger, and being Nathaniel, that made him even stranger. The woman seemed cautious but upon seeing the medical bag she smiled, grabbing Nat by the cheeks and patting his face before turning him away and sending him off with a wave and a gentle smile.

The second house wasn't too far, a young boy was the individual he spoke with next and he hid adorably behind the door as he opened it for Nathaniel. Squatting down he handed the bag to the child as the child shyly reached for the bag and quickly closed the door behind him, the sound of tiny feet scurrying away as he did so. Nathaniel chuckled softly before picking himself up and going off to see what reward the doctor would have in store for him.

The doctor was happy to see the boy return, thanking him deeply he sent him off with another smile as Nathaniel walked his way through the city of Baska once more.

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