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Heist Disguise Baska D Rank Job[Knux Shi]

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#1Knuckles Shi 

Heist Disguise  Baska D Rank Job[Knux Shi] Empty Sun Dec 26, 2021 12:06 pm

Knuckles Shi


Once again finding himself on the bad side of town, the Daemon Known as Knuckles Shi was out having a drink. It was then a man would approach and take the bench seat near the red-haired male. Knuckles would look out the corner of his eye and note the man. He had never truly met this figure but thought he had heard about a man matching his description working in the underworld of Baska. He was known for Heist.  Knuckles too was a bit known for doing almost any type of grunt work if the price was good enough, and had built the reputation of being loyal to the ones who paid him well.  After all, how was one to gain clout without putting in the work? And so Knuckles let a grin slip to his lips as he would set his drink down.

"I assume you know who I am? " Neal asked, speaking in a low tone so that only Knux could hear.  The Daemon did not answer right away, he swirled the red nectar that was cheap wine in his glass before finishing it off and setting the empty glass back onto the bar top pushing it towards the edge of the bar. Tapping his fingers twice to order another.

"Of course." Knux replied.


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#2Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Neal smirked as the bartender came up and refilled the glass for Knuckles, he did not order a drink for himself only waited until the bartender to leave the area and visit customers on the other side making sure it was clear for him to speak once more.

"I hear you are a good sword for higher. " He paused looking at the hammer "Though I guess things change." He found the ax that Knuckles wore to be breathtaking.  Knuckles let out a small chuckle. "Business has been good, thought I would get something uncommon, easier to make a name that way.  Seems to be working" Knuckles replied.  Nate shifted his eyes back to Knuckles' face then looked forward again.  "I guess so, I hear you are efficient and that is exactly what I'm looking for. So let us cut to the chase eh? "Without waiting for Knuckles to even agree he laid the job out plainly.  "Job is simple, too simple for someone like you I am sure, but call it a vetting process. It is pretty easier to pay for your name to get boosted if you can afford that armor and weapon you carry so..." Knuckles would cut him off. "So, you want to see if I am worth the price tag and if rumors are true?" Knuckles asked.  Neal nodded. "As I said simple. I got a plan for something big but I need a few things. "


#3Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

"Like?" Asked Knuckles. Nealed pulled out a pen and reached for a napkin and write down a street. "Meet me here in an hour. I'll have the list ready for you. " Neal slid the napkin towards Knuckles who left it where it was only looking at it. After reading it he took the napkin and put it in his wine allowing the drink to destroy the note. Knuckles got up from his seat and sad in a low roar. "If you are late, the Knights will not have to go looking for you, I will bring you to them myself. " He knew the street, and made it seem like the two of them did not come to an agreement for any who may have been watching. Tossing some cahs onto the counter Knuckles left the bar and headed towards the location Neal had written down. Though, when Knuckles exited the Bar he did not get straight there, he used his strength and speed to jump up buildings and lunge over entire rooftops losing any tail he might have had. The Demon spoke to him like an old friend at this point. "So, what is the play?" Knuckles replied in the usual fashion "Take the job, do the stupid grunt work, and earn a spot in the heist Neal is planning. Once we are done with that take our cut and find some upgrades to the gear. "


#4Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

After a little more back and forth between the two of them, about half an hour or so had passed. Knuckles let a sigh out as he gathered himself for this meeting. Knuckles leaped down from the rooftop and landed onto the ground keeping his balance as he did so. The sound of his gear hitting together as he landed was a bit loud in the night, but he rather the security of having the gear for his protection than the lack of sound it would make. Besides, it was not as if he was on the run or hiding away to keep from being spotted anymore. He had well enough made enough ground to secure himself from anyone who might have been tailing him unless, of course, they were flying or invisible. He did not think the bounty on his head was big enough to worry about such a thing and did not even give it a second thought at this current time. Before making his way to the meeting's spot he scouted the area. He might not have been worried about anyone following him, but he was not one to take the word of a thief about a secure place to meet.

WC: 205

#5Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

He was sure that even the small amount of jewels that was on his head now would be enough for an easy setup for an ambush. Knuckles reached to his side and lifted the ax to his chest just in case he would need it. After a quick scan of the area, he felt relief that it was just in fact a meeting and not Neal trying to get some jewels for his next heist. There were still about 15 minutes lefts before the meeting time, an hour had not yet passed. As Knuckles stood in the alleyway he awaited Neal to show up. The sounds of footsteps approaching alerted Knuckles of someone coming. Standing up straight he rotated the ax in his hands in a circular motion before catching it and pointing the weapon at the person entering the alleyway. Neal lifted his hands up to his head and stopped where he stood. "No need for that, it is just me. Easy now fella."

Hearing the voice of Neal Knuckles lowered the hammer and let it rest back to his side. He let out a groan of annoyance. It would soon be time for them to come to terms with the job.

WC 203

#6Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles walked up to Neal, he offered him nothing such as a handshake or even a proper greeting after the hammer fell. The two men met face to face, Neal took a deep breath before starting. "All I need from you is to gather a few items from the merchants in the shopping area, mostly a bit of clothing. Sure I could pay for them and sure you could too. This is a test and not a supply list, though these items will be used in my costume for the job. To make it simple I have written the list down. " Neal reached into his coat and pulled a list out handing it to Knuckles, Knuckles would then allow the hand to come near him before taking the list and reading it over for himself. The items were pretty simples, a hat, shoes, etc. Typical things anyone would wear. Knuckles was conducted as to why Neal would steal these instead of buying, true he would be on record as having bought them but these items would be reported stolen, and then the Rune Knights would be on the lookout for someone wearing these items of clothing. "This does not make sense, would this not alert the Knights to look out for these items?"

WC: 213

#7Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Neal chuckled, looking at Knuckles as he did so. "Of course, I want them to know what to look for so I can boost the feat of escaping even though they know what to look for. It makes these Knights look even worse when Thye can even catch the guy they are after knowing what he will be wearing beforehand, but then again they will not know it will be me since you are the one that will get gathering the items. Even if they know what to look for they will not know when and where to look. They will also have no way of knowing that all these items will be used for something, much less them being used together. " Knuckles had not thought of that. That was a sound argument, there was nothing linking the stolen attire to Neal because Knuckles would be doing the theft this time around.

#8Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles looked behind him hearing the sounds of a group of people passing the alleyway, once the group passed he looked back to Neal. "Well consider it done, I'll expect payment upon my return. " With that said Knuckles turned away and started to walk off. "Meet back here same time tomorrow. "
WIth that Knuckles walked from the alley down to where the market area was. He would be looking over at the area where the stalls will be set up. He knew the vendors would come early just about sunrise and set the stalls up, but for now, he wanted to get a good route of where he was going and what stalls he would hit first, before breaking away for the fastest way to get out before being caught. After gathering his route and escape plan, Knuckles headed home for the remainder of the night, what was left of it anyway.

#9Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

After getting a couple of hours of rest Knuckles woke up about an hour before the sunrise, he ensured he had all his gear and his Hammer. He would not go anywhere without it especially a job. Heading back to the Market area Knuckles took the list in hand once more going over it, the first item on the list was a mask and hat. When he reached the market area the crowds began to come out in full swing, using this to his advantage he would swiftly grab the hat and stuff it in a sack, he then distracted the salesperson by asking a question about another item and when they turned to get it he snatched the mask. He then waved his hands like he was not interested after seeing the item close bowed and walked away. The next stall would be a lot harder to get something from. A Cloak would be a lot harder to steal from without being noticed.

#10Knuckles Shi 

Heist Disguise  Baska D Rank Job[Knux Shi] Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 3:00 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles ended up just relying on speed and his great talkative powers to get the remaining things on the list, that being the cloak, suit, and shoes. Having gathered everything he started to walk away from the market area assuming everything had been fine and he had got away without any issue, but apparently he had not. A Rune Knight had been alerted about someone fitting Knuckles description stealing after he had taken the cloak. The Knight approached Knuckles with a gentle and calm manner. He made it known that Knuckles fit the description of someone who reported stealing several items in the area and assured Knuckles that everything would be fine if he could on look into the bag and make sure the items in there were not the things that had been reported stolen, however, the Knight was not so new to his job that he did not have his guard down.

Knuckles looked shocked, or try to make it seem like he was shocked as best he could before lifting the bag towards the Rune Knight, as the knight moved to look into the back Knuckles gripped his hammer and with great speed bent down as he spun laying the hammer into the legs of the Knight knocking him down to the ground. As the knight fell Knuckles grabbed the bag and took off running. With a Lunge Knuckles pushed himself far away from the Knight by several meters before the Knight could even get to his feet. By the time he did Knuckles had allowed the demon's power to seep out as wings sprouted from the black demonic energy and the Red-haired male flew off into the sky, making sure he would be well out of reach. After several minutes of flight Knuckles landed in an alleyway and began to move throughout the city as normal until he could meet with Neal once more. Later that day he met with Neal giving over the bag of items and collected his reward.

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