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Time in. [East]

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#1Khalfani † 

Time in. [East] Empty Mon Dec 20, 2021 10:29 pm

Khalfani †

Things would never be the same. This version of Earthland was simple, easy, and quieter yet even so, the young vampire felt uneasy. They should have been happy to be back in the universe they were from but all they could feel was guilt. Khal felt guilty knowing that their comrades back on Earthland-9 were struggling to survive in the midst of a war between holy and unholy entities, while they were here in a realm where that war had been prevented. Khalfani was many things but a traitor and a coward was not one of them. Although Zakuren had sent Khalfani back against their will, saving their life in the process, it was their fault that Baalam was after Zakuren and the others. How could anybody be celebrate not knowing if their loved ones were dead or alive. "I'm hungry." Khal said simply as they gazed into the darkness engulfing the outskirts of Baska. They were still getting used to their new form. Since losing their divinity, things have been different- to say the least. All that they wanted to do was eat, eat, eat. It had been a struggle managing to keep the humans alive so they settled for animal blood. It was not enough though. It was just never enough.

While Khal had felt physically weaker, their connection to magic seemed to grow stronger. Whether that was due to the absorption of the Devourer demon or their transformation, was unknown. Either way, the most important thing was picking up where they left off. Now that Khalfani was a vampire, the Rune Knights would likely expel them. Mix that with the fact that they were a Lieutenant & had been missing for months- there was no way they would allow them back. Khal wouldn't be surprised if council found out Odin was their father. When someone goes missing like that, the Council gets suspicious and they start digging. The vampire needed to find Odin. Then, they needed to find their brother. After that, they would fare well meeting and speaking to Daisia. Desierto had been calling them, but Khalfani feared that they would no longer want them once they realized what they were. Khalfani's stomach grumbled. With a sigh, they turned to their loyal steed and hopped onto her back. "I hear Dahlia is a great place for vampires to eat." They said before patting their Gryphon. Suddenly the beast roared, flapping her wings and lifted the two of them into the air before zipping across the sky towards the East.

423/400 [West -> East]

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