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This time I aim for the top. (Solo C-Rank Quest)

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This time I aim for the top. (Solo C-Rank Quest) Empty Mon Dec 20, 2021 1:13 pm


Emil walks up to the same building as always this time he is greeted by two bigger fellows, dressed to the nines and looks like they are ready for business. Emil sit figuring this one has to be good, for these two tougher looking ones giving him the mission. The start telling Emil how they want him to enter and win a tournament, no strings no looking into anything just Emil earning his keep, and stopping another up and coming underground fighter looking to his make his name known, and disgrace his family in beating him.

Emil was set on this quest from the second the words fight left this mans mouth. Dishonoring a crime family is just a cherry shaped bonus on the top for Emil, he excitely agrees to do this job he just needs to know where to start and they tell him he has to win one fight to make it in.

Emil gets the location from them where the qualifier fight is gonna be, and he goes there not looking to relive the fixed fights he won the last time, but this time it seemed more real and not a set up. Emil was hungry for a good fight after what happened with the masked weirdo.

He gets to the place and gets in line for his fight as it is a best of three or a clean knock out vs one of their past champions. Emil gets up to the place you pick who you will fight to see if you are worth it. Emil picks the biggest man on the paper. The seven foot man walks out and looks down at Emil and laughs at him.

The bell rings and Emil uppercuts the giant sending him backwards on his ass, the man has trouble getting up but not wanting to look like a weak baby man tries to throw a punch at Emil which was gonna miss. Emil grabs the mans arm and pulls him in and punches the man in the chin again, the man doesn't stand back up being completely knocked out and the crowd is stunned now.

Emil is lead to the side and handed the number 17. He looks at it and figures it is probably a good sign that man had no jaw or that one could have used up to much stamina. The winners are lead to the main event, Emil sees the man he is to not let win, he looks at the board and sees they will be the main event of the night.

Emil is excited for this fight, the man he is to beat walks into the ring and raises his hand and tells everyone he is gonna win this to prove he is the rightful heir to his family and should be running it. Emil laughs under his breath.

The man makes super short work of his opponent and Emil is amazed at how fast and how hard the man hits. Emil goes to the training room and trains a little thinking this is gonna be rough. Emil comes back out when his number is called and he too makes his punches count during the match hitting his opponent so hard he slid out of the fighting area ringing them out for leaving the fighting arena.

(W/C 554)


This time I aim for the top. (Solo C-Rank Quest) Empty Mon Dec 20, 2021 1:14 pm

The man seems to have taken notice of Emil and walks up to him after his match and complements Emil of his fighting style and can tell he is of good blood, and offers to pay him to take a dive at the end, Emil refuses the bribe he wants a fair down the middle fight from this man. Emil walks off out of the mans view to go get seen by medical like they tell all the fighters in case of any deeper injuries cause they don't want any deaths on the fighting field unless the match is donned a death match.

The man looks displeased but understands this man like him craves power and wants to see who is truly stronger between them, He also starts getting excited for how their fight will go for himself putting the money away and going to his room to wait for his next match while Emil gets his body looked at for damage and given some water. His next two fights are a little rough but in the end he over comes them with his fist held high and his fighting spirit shining like a beacon in the night.

The other mans fights go much the same as Emil's rough but he has to prove himself, and take his rightful seat at the top of his family. The match is up next and the two men meet before the match and shake hands and swap words of how this will be a great and honest fight between to titans of the underground fighting arena, they go to their respective sides and walk on their path in to the square fighting field, they tap hands and they start at it, then man and Emil swapping blows and grunts of taking hits and very near misses. Both men are starting to reach their limits and know they both have to finish it with their next blow they can't afford to miss or land softly.

The man and Emil both throw a punch and they both connect flush with the others chin, the man collapses to the floor knocked out and Emil is knocked out on his feet but since he is the last one standing he is awarded the winner. Emil wakes in the medical tent with a woman that looks like a slave next to him, seems in him winning the title he also got a slave girl. He gets up and he takes her with him and she follows obediently not fighting or resisting at all. He takes her inside the building with him and he takes his payment and he takes the woman to a safe place and he frees her, he has no interest in a slave.

(W/C 458) (Total word count:1012)

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