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Emil cornering the drug market. (Solo quest)

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Emil cornering the drug market. (Solo quest) Empty Sat Dec 18, 2021 9:27 am

Emil walks up to Akabo in the decided meeting spot, Emil was told about a new drug that was ruining the mobs in take of money so they need Emil to shake down his suppliers and make sure they see fit not to do business with Aavis ever again cause he is a thorn that needs to be handled swiftly and not left to chance that he will be able to find his feet again and drive another spike into the market. Emil hits his fist into his hand then goes to where he was told that Aavis does his dealing at, and sees the man peddling his drugs.

Emil follows him as well as a tall muscular man can sneak about, following him to where he makes it, then waits till the man leaves again then he follows him to where his suppler is then follows him to takes note of this mans suppliers and he takes note of them then later once he has them figured out. Emil comes later that night and knocks on the door of the first of the five suppliers and he waits. A grumpy older gentleman opens the door and as he goes to open his mouth to berate Emil, Emil shoves him in side and cracks his knuckles. You are gonna stop supplying Aavis if you know what is good for you or I will be back. The old man turns pale as a freshly washed sheet and nods, knowing this man is not messing around.

Emil leaves to head for the next supplier, he knocks on their door. A tall slim woman answers the door and looks at Emil I ordered you for later handsome but points for coming earlier. Emil looks confused at this turn of events and he walks in with her and looks around this place is full of herbs. Then he remembers why he is here and he pins her to a wall but she seems to enjoy this. Stop selling to Aavis or I will spook the local male hosts to never return here. The woman agrees and walks off pouting and Emil leaves feeling slightly dirty.

Emil walks up to the next supplier and as he goes to knock he get blasted in the chest by a security guard for the place, Emil gets up pissed off and smashed the guard into the ground like a railroad spike then kicks in the door and a richer looking young man looks like he just laid a log in his pants at seeing Emil get in. Emil walks up to the man who is already on his knees begging for mercy and Emil gives his demands of not selling to Aavis then is on his way.

The next two suppliers are next to each other so he knocks on both doors and the two men walk out and start arguing with each other cause they clearly dislike each other. Emil walks out and to them and tells them they need to stop supplying Aavis or they will both be put into a dark hole together to fight to the death and the other will be cut up and feed to the dogs slowly while they still draw breath they flee back into their shops agreeing to never supply Aavis again. Then he goes to the man that is the main supplier and he tells him he better find a new job before he is missing, the man flees from the city.

Emil goes back to Akabo and he reports the job has been done and that he dealt with the whole line not just the main supplier but also his suppliers. Akabo is surprised he went so far but pays him for his hard word Emil decides he is gonna treat himself tonight and leaves for a night on the town.

(W/C 628)

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