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Where the tombstone lays. (Solo quest D-Rank)

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Where the tombstone lays. (Solo quest D-Rank) Empty Thu Dec 16, 2021 8:23 pm

Emil is lacking a bit of excitement after the last time when they just sent him into a rigged set of fights. This time they greet him a bit more grimly as they know he is not gonna stand for another bullshit quest. They hand him a pile of papers showing a group of grave robbers.

He looks at them confused and wonders what they want him to do. The say they want him to take care of them how ever he sees fit kill them or give them a good beating. Emil smirks cause this is something he would like to do, because Illumin would frown upon grave robbing so he is gonna teach them a lesson.

Emil asks for more info like if they have a hint to where they might strike next and they give him a map of places they have hit with a grave yard circled for him. He thinks he is gonna enjoy this one. Emil follows the map to a grave yard with a nice sized family tomb in it.

He enters and he can hear people near the tomb and he gets there in time to see them getting into it so he follows them in and when the realize he is behind them they try to attack him and he toys with them giving them love taps as he knows they are probably to weak to do much damage themselves even if they hit him. He takes note that there are six heavy stone resting places and three grave robbers he thinks he knows what he is gonna do with them since they like to steal from the dead why not have them join them in their rest all nice and sealed in.

Emil throws the first real solid punch he has thrown the whole time knocking one out flat the other two swing their shove and pry bar at Emil who takes the blow and returns their hits in kind knowing them over dazing them Emil opens three of the stone resting places that are far enough apart the three would be apart but at least one site.

He tosses them all into their respective stone box then pulls it shut tight and places a big stone on all three so they have no chance of getting out and their screams are so muffled, he knows no one will hear them. He knows they will be almost out of air before the dawn breaks and passed out as they slip away. Emil prays to Illumin for their souls to be saved when they leave their bodies for the after life to his embrace.

He leaves closing the tombs door correctly and respectfully, then makes his way back to the office where he fills them in on his night and that even if they get out he doubts they will be ever bothering a grave yard again till they are the ones being laid to rest. They look a little disturbed by they pay him glad he dealt with them before they were able to strike again.

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