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Rigged disappointment (Solo D-rank)

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Rigged disappointment (Solo D-rank) Empty Thu Dec 09, 2021 1:54 pm

Emil walks up to the office of the handlers for under ground investigation he hopes today is a little more exciting then last time, two new handlers greet him. Today you will competing in a pit tournament, while looking for them fixing the winning fight. Emil damn near stomps a hole in the floor in excitement at hearing today is not gonna be a boring day. Yes finally you got me a good request worthy of my skills. They hand him the invite to the tournament and send him on his way with a smirk hoping he gets beat up good.

Emil makes his way to the pits he knows so well from him fighting and winning. He sees the sign ups and where they need to turn in their invite. He walks over there and turns in the invite and he signs in and gets his number which is sixteen, they pull out a board that shows where their lots ended up, Emil ended up in the second group five fights to win four then the champion.

Emil gets changed into some clothes for fighting that covers his guild mark on his neck. This should be a breeze. When he is finally called out, he walks out and is ready for a good fight, out comes a small weak looking man and Emil wonders if he has been tricked, so he tries to finish this fast and runs at the small weak looking man who sends Emil flying. Emil lands flap jacked on his back winded but he gets to his feet, thinking maybe he was tricked to fight a higher skill class. Emil hits his fists together and enters his rage state and tries to fight the man who is very skilled not trying any free hits from Emil who feels like he, is not gonna win this and was set up to fail here.

Emil feels himself slipping into unconsciousness after taking a pretty square hit to the face that he couldn't block but he pivots his body enough to give a return hit, and the small man drops from the hit on his chin with a knock out. Emil falling out of his rage collapses and they carry him to the back and tend to his wounds and inject him with something that makes him feel better fast. Emil wonders what they just shot him up with and wonders if that is why they had reports of fight fixing.

The next three fights go pretty much the same, him getting beat down and then throwing some good offence to win. He wonders if they are his fights they are fixing here. Emil walks out and sees a huge mountain of a man waiting for him, the champion laughs at how small Emil is compared to him then laughs at him. Emil waits for this time to see if he is gonna one hit before he can do anything, the man comes at him and Emil is getting beat bad then man whispers in Emil's ear when he is close. You have to hit me so I can take the fall you fool. Emil realizing his fights really were being fixed this whole time, takes the next punch and just stays down for the count out for a knock out .

Emil gets up and gets his stuff and heads out disappointed that he was strung along for so long before figuring it out. He walks in and he reports that the fights in the tournament were rigged and takes his payments and walks out disappointed and beat up.

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