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Emils' fine eye for detail. (Solo quest D-Rank)

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Emils' fine eye for detail. (Solo quest D-Rank) Empty Sat Dec 04, 2021 9:29 am

Emil deciding he is gonna start this first steps into the limelight of the public eye on a good step took a mission for the Manager Yua, he wonders up to the meeting spot and she looks him up and down, not so sure he is the right man for a task this fine. It is fine I can see your doubt in an oaf like me knowing a fine fabric from a fake, but I came from a pretty decent family so I will know a fine fabric when I see it.

The woman taps her fan on her chin knowing she really doesn't have a choice cause it is now or never for getting what they need. I will choose to trust you but bring me a fake and I will let you have it young man. Emil is confused why she called him young man she doesn't look that old. She hands him the list of names and shops and Emil goes to the first place and is greeted by an elderly couple who get him his order all out and ready for him to check and he checks them over seeing it is real. He pays them and they thank him and bow to him as he leaves the shop.

Upon entering the next shop their is a rather rotund man behind the counter and is ready to sell sell. Welcome in boy come, come see my wares boys and rejoice in their glory! The man places out the fabric he claims are real but Emil can tell they are fake as hell. These are fake I will not be buying them The rotund man makes a fist and points at Emil.

How dare a punk like you tell me my wares are fake!! The guy takes a swing at Emil who catches the punch and grips the fist in his palm. You really shouldn't attack customers, so you better get the real out fast or you might not be open much longer.   The guy panics and Emil releases the guys fist who promptly gets out his real store of it, Emil looks it over and pays a fair price then heads out of the shop the rotund man telling him he is not welcome back in this shop.

Emil knowing he wouldn't use that shop again doesn't see a big loss and returns to his list and making sure they are real and not fake so he does this quest right and not blunder it to prove to the manager that he is more then just a pretty well build face. Coming to the last shop on the list Emil walks in and up to a blue haired woman who looks him over thinking he is a sucker. Only the finest here at fair prices step on up handsome and lets do business. Emil slightly falling for her flattery of him walks up and looks at the silk and sees it is real but she is charging too much for it.

He looks her in the eyes the flattery wearing off. Your mind games may work on dumb customers who don't know better, but I know better. The woman looks shocked he spoke back to her in such a tone, she kinda liked it, he wasn't just drooling over her. For you I will lower it , just make sure you come back to see me~ Emil shrugs and pays the fair price then makes his way back to the theater and hands over the goods and they are inspected and okayed, so Emil heads to her office and tells her about the shops and getting everything to her liking.

She simply nods and pays him shooing him off while looking at her note book writing ideas down and plans. Emil takes his payment and wonders back out of the area wondering if he should have started with a light quest.

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