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A Painter's Hallowing Joy.(Social/Open.)

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A Painter's Hallowing Joy.(Social/Open.) Empty Thu Oct 14, 2021 2:24 pm

Any reason to meet people upon the public was good to Miriko, Even Alistair could enjoy seeing Miriko in this manner, Being delight she was, Miriko would enter Samhain with a full intend and spreading the joy of the season as she always seemed to find delightful, Perhaps if she was not too busy with this situation she was setting herself up in, She would find the time to join other upon the activities they have while they where here.

When arriving here Miriko sound a spot where she would be easily seen with Alistair, Only to set up. Two chairs and and a small table to put her painting supplies on. Then she would place by the second chair empty a sign that stated."Free face painting, for all good behaviour gives treats."Surely she would find some children who would be more then delighted by this offer, sometimes young adults and children as well. some who's customs were far too basic with in their means could easily have Miriko improve them.

It was all entirely what was too come when some one would join her. Even read for the season herself Miriko had made one of her normal dressed with various accents of orange in place of the purple, Her umbrella was actually themed of pumpkins rather then normal black, Her purse also a dark purple pumpkin with orange eyes and open mouth orange as well,Even she had painted her face a little as well painting her face to looking like it was completely stone solid and cracking like she was breaking free from a petrifying spell.

But given how this place was, Miriko merely only kept the umbrella open and resting on her shoulder for show, Sitting in her chair waiting, Miriko was interested to see what customers were to come.


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This place was a strange place in a spooky and fun season, and with the few fun festival games Jikan had found herself having fun in. She soon founder herself getting even more into the season jibe and energy. An excuse to cut back, get some relaxation in, and some fun was all good sounds to Jikan's ears.

At first she was not in any type of hallowing costume and the fact that such a thing was needed was only told by her after only playing three games. Well she did not want to spoil the fun of the night! Quickly walking into a store jikan found a series of different possible outfits. A few too riskay for what she needed but there were plenty of good options all the same.

She decided on a simple one combining a few pieces of items. A black catsuit with a deep dark purple V-neckline that came with an attached hood, a red waist sash, black, fingerless arm warmers with red lace-up detailing, red leg wraps, and a black face mask. And the store let her have it for free! Talk about serving the customers needs.

With a stoic face hidden under a mask and cool eyes, Jikan walked back out the store onto the street to continue the fun.


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So far for the moment Miriko would just start talking with Alistair."Did you not want look for the season Alistair?" So Alistair walking over close enough to be heard and sit next to Miriko, in which the cattian would talk to Miriko."It might take a fairly long amount of time, Until I knew what I could be."Alistair mentioned in return to Miriko. It was their normal conversation.

But continuing the conversation at hand."Oh I see,I could have figure out something for you."Even if Alistair felt like it could have happen and understood why just they might have been far too gone for it now. At least they both could continue a different topic of conversation."But in the end, Nothing to worry about."Then Alistair would settle in and sit just behind Miriko and then lay down playing his head on the side away from the Miriko worked up setting up.

Miriko would have a father and his young daughter come to Miriko's set up and after talking it over Miriko started painting on mummy bandages upon her face, Slowly detailing the seems between each wrap, almost green but pale skin for the eyes.

Then Miriko handed the kid a small piece of candy.Then after making sure everything was left at a happy state Miriko waved good bye for the two who had stopped by in this situation, after putting her painting supplies down, She would continue waiting, For who would be next.


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Out once did Jikan enter the mysterious world that was Samhain. The atmosphere being lively and spooky, in a Halloween and creature of the night type of way. Thankfully not in the 'I am going to haaaaaunt you. or I waaaaaant your blooooood, type of way'. The skeltetons cracked with the happy pops of being active, a few howls in the air from werewolfs out and free, feeling their fur in the wind, cackles were heard in the air, as witches flew in their magical brooms as they hovered in the air, using it as transportation to go to parties, game stations, or food locations to grab delicious but....odd looking food options.

She watched all this, being calm on the outside and none expressive, but on the inside, Jikan was experiencing a beautiful experience. The calmness of the wind, and the night was something that made being outside even better. Cool yet warm, not too humid or foggy even though there was a glow of fog around the town. In her walk Jikan soon came upon another stand, one looking somewhat like the game stands but different with its own uniqueness like the rest. It looked simple. Two chairs and a small table with supplies on them, looked like painting items? By the second chair there was a sign, sating free face paintings for all good behavior gives treats.

Now Jikan was not one to really care for face painting....but there was the offer of treats...food...hopefully candy. And she did have a sweet tooth. With her eyes being the only thing really visible, the enchantress blinked at the sign and station as she thought about what to do.


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The lead up towards Jikan's seating would show and see how a line up for Miriko was with this painting matter, Miriko was strong with in her details, the fine marks the details, the shadowing. Nothing would be left untouched with what the person on the chair at the time, A child merely wanted a simple cat painted upon their face? Miriko made one detailed enough that you could swore it blinked at you. It was just what she felt was right for her cause. Sometimes pondering if she was just far to invested in art, Then again she stopped pondering that with in a few minutes, As Miriko handed off fairly large chocolate bars off to the children who sat quietly during her process of painting.

After a few children had pass through the chair, Miriko had some one much older and an adult. It was to be expected, Alistair even did not seem to bother about it as well. However it seem she did not seem to mention anything right away. So Miriko would go over her normal manner of this task."Do you know in which you want painted?"She wanted for an answer, while she would pick up a bottle of water and took a drink from it.

Waiting to hear what she would say, Hopefully she knew what she wanted and she would not waste Miriko's time. After all no doubt Miriko would have a line build up quickly.

While waiting Miriko would quietly refresh her paint supply with all of the normal colours she needed for such a manner, This small space of time did allow a bit more time for Jikan to choose what she wanted if she knew, Hopefully Jikan did not hold up the line, it would be rude to the children after all.


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Candy was candy, a lot of things would get the stotic lady that was Jikan to talk and interact if she could buy or get a hold of something sweet. At first glance it would be an easy thing. Sit down, say what you want, and go. That, however, was what Jikan thought when she was far away. Wihen the lights and fog of the town were heavy on her vision, and time had not passed yet. For you see, in the middle of Jikan's stride towards her designation a huge line appeared! Or at least was there already and Jikan was simply unable to tell until she got there. She was last in line in the long long line, far back so much that one would think it wrapped around the corner. It did, as was pointed out by Jikan as she tried to get in line, only to be told that it continued and that she would have to go even further.

....do it for the candy...do it for the candy. Patience is the victor to the wise.

And so she did, and waited. Time passing with each person and child getting their face painted and each drop of candy gone! Thankfully it seemed the artist had a lot of candy with her, for it looked like there was not even a scratch in the surface to the candy she held. and so Jikan was able to stay calm, and eventually get lost in the mundane trace that was the proccess. One person went forward, one step forward, mumble mumble sounds, a cheer, the rustle of a candy being given then another foot step forward. This continue until Jikan finally came up next, only realizing so as Miriko spoke.

"ah yes, I would like to look like,  a majestic wolf".


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It was a simple thing to to do however, with that Miriko did not even do anything right away mostly because there was something else in the way."You may have to remove your mask for such a matter."She mentioned because however will she work on such things with your were always covering yourself up.

Even the children did not have masks on such such a situation, She was starting to ponder if she needed to add that to her sign now since she now had to consider how many other people could show up with masks on

So with that she would just mention."So when your mask is offer then I will fulfill your request."With that Miriko then waited for something. So Miriko would sit with her arms resting on her lap as she was sitting in her chair.

Then she would quietly motion Alistair over to her and leaned over to his ears, Quietly whispering something into his ear, then the massive cattian just quietly walked away from Miriko seemingly doing to get something for Miriko, Just had whispered it quietly enough that Jikan was not unable to hear. While making sure that Miriko started keeping track of the line that was building up slowly.

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