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From Central to East

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From Central to East Empty Tue Sep 28, 2021 6:08 am

If the streets out in the heart of Crocus was busy, then the station was jam packed full of people. Hundreds of people looking to board the next train, and honestly it appeared as if the same amount of people was departing from the trains as well. In short this station was heavily congested with activity. Everyone had a purpose, a drive to get from one destination to the next. Some whisper with anxiety about being late for work. Others grew excited in visiting some other regions and exploring the cities that resided there.

A hint of a smile played on Varis's lips as he found the spectacle to be a welcoming sight. Considering how grim things were a few years back, Varis would take this anytime. A sigh escapes from him as he patiently waited in line before the young adventurer arrived at the counter. The receptionist was a young lady with a brilliant smile that was a bit influential than he expected.

"Good Afternoon! Where do you wish to go?" She had this bubbly personality with a cheerful attitude.

"Good afternoon. I like to get a ticket to Magnolia. When is the earliest train I can board?" The receptionist responds by looking through the ledger as she silently counts to herself.

"Let's see here... The 10 o'clock train will be full to put you in there. But the next train will be at 11 if you wish to ride that one." That would put him roughly at lunch time or so by the time he would get to Magnolia, but Varis nods his head with a smile.

"That will be fine with me." There was a bit of exchange of name and jewels for the transportation between the two. Then the receptionist hands out the ticket for Varis to take.

"Have a safe trip and a fun journey!" She says, and as Varis bid his farewell and started to walk away. The receptionist turned to the next customer with the same attitude and approach.

Varis waited for a couple of hours before his train arrived, and with a stamped ticket Varis boarded the train. The trip itself was uneventful as the train left the station and headed towards Magnolia.

--Exit to Magnolia, East Fiore region--

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