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Varis's Monster Hunter [Solo / Neutral Quest]

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Varis's Monster Hunter [Solo / Neutral Quest] Empty Mon Sep 27, 2021 4:32 pm

The day in Crocus began as any other day would start. The streets thrived in activity as the local folk carried on their daily routine. Merchants at the bizarre shopping district shouting out prices with their special items. Anything to make their stall stand out over the encroaching competition. Being a businessman was a different form of battle as it’s a competition of fame and fortune. That much Varis understood as the morning sun bathed the streets with a warm, golden glow. More than a few merchants display harmless magic effects such as dancing orbs of multi-colored lights floating around the customers. Varis couldn’t help except to envy those who can use magic outside of the items.

However, Varis didn’t come here to shop or to go sight-seeing. Normally he wouldn’t mind taking his time when Varis paid a visit to different cities and towns. As Varis tended to view from the architecture to the individual shops and businesses. Essentially a tourist, although Varis liked to believe that he’s a man that appreciates the art of many forms. Alas that would have to wait for later as suddenly a rumbling sound could be heard and felt underneath their feet. He wasn’t sure if that was due to something with a lot of force might be produced, or if something might be causing a small earthquake.

Varis wasn’t sure until in the distance a four legged beast with thick armored plates from head to toe. It’s beady eyes shift from one thing to the next as the beast looked around the district for a moment. Then with a huff the land shark burrows into another tunnel. Leaving a trail of disturbed stone as it burrows under a shop. Causing glass to shatter and wood to splinter before the foundation caves the tunnel in.

It wasn’t an everyday occurrence that there would be a creature in the midst of the capital, let alone being in the center of Fiore considering that it was heavily congested with the population of mages and adventurers alike. However it was because of that line of thinking that most people tend to ignore until the creature starts causing major havoc on the province. Varis however saw this as an opportunity, a beginning of his career as an adventurer. Even if it was just a small task with low pay, Varis still planned on completing it.

Perhaps it was a bad mindset to think that way, and Varis wouldn’t deny how bad it was. However in order to make a career out of this then becoming a reliable adventurer had to come first. Of course there was a matter of minimizing the damage to the buildings that hadn't been touched yet. Meaning that Varis only had maybe one shot to make it go quiet. So Varis followed after the beast as swiftly and accurately as he could manage. Then, Varis followed it into a small plaza of sorts as people screamed and retreated to safety. With a deep breath, the archer grasps his bow string as he holds the bow with the other hand. Mana flew from his hand to the string, before a 1-meter diameter grey magic circle appeared in front of his bow. When Varis pulled the string back like he pulled an invisible arrow back, a grey solid mana arrow materialized.

When the beast rose up again with the sole intention of attacking one of the citizens. Varis released the strongest arrow that Varis could muster, and the arrow sailed faster due to the magic from his quiver. The mana arrow pierces into the armored beast before it fell short in it’s leap and slid across the stone floor.

629/500 WC Completed


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