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Bandit Act C Rank[Knux]

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#1Knuckles Shi 

Bandit Act C Rank[Knux] Empty Tue Sep 14, 2021 10:49 pm

Knuckles Shi

A few nights after Knuckles had secured the kills on the wolves for the young Neko male, Knuckles was approached at his fire once more by Zimnur. The young man wore different furs on his body this time, it seemed their deal had rather got the man what he saught. He was now the Cheif of the settlement.  The two shared a drink brought Zimnur, after an hour or so of back and forth conversation the Neko man looked into the fire for a moment. "I must admit, I am more than thankful for what you have done for me, but I have another deal for you. I can pay you more than last time as this will likely be something you're against. " Knuckles took a swing from the bottle brought by Zimnur.   "What do you mean I will dislike it? What do you wish me to kill this time?"

Zimnur took the battle and pressed it to his lips to take a sip before letting out a larger breath. "I want you to kill some guards of mine, but after that I want you to fight me, make a show of it then lose." The Neko man paused and drifted his gaze to Knuckles to read his face.


#2Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles looked up turning his head over to the new Chieftain. Knuckles was not shocked when he heard the man wanted some of his guards dead, but the shocker was when he wanted Knuckles to fight him. That part was odd since he wanted Knuckles to kill wolves for him, and now he wanted to fight? Then the other shoe dropped, he wanted Knuckles to forgo the match. He wanted Knuckles to through the fight and make himself look more powerful and capable.  Knuckles had to think about it, was he willing to throw a fight for money? It would not be like anyone would or could point him out.  It was a small tribe of people, they would likely never make it out of these woods. He was also going to get paid more than before for this? Knuckles would grin as he extended his arm towards the man. Well, I suppose I can do this for you. After you win, what then?"  The Neko smiled a wicked smile, the edges of his lips curling up in vile thought. "I will drag you to a cage where you will await questioning as to why you attacked and who put you up to it. Though I will leave you a way to break out.  Your weapons will be in a chest right outside your cage, be careful not to kill anyone once you are out though. I can only sacrifice those lives of the guards I sent to you in the start."


#3Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles thought it over and understood the assignment well after they would finish their talks, the chieftain walked off back towards the camp, they agreed they would meet here after all was done and can get his payment and move away. After a night of rest Knuckles spent the next day preparing his current campsite to move on from this place and seek out more exciting jobs and tasks to carry out. Knuckles packed up and set his camping gear on his White Wyvern named Fang. Once all his gear had been packed up Knuckles used the dark ash of the flames from his campsite with water to make a black coating over his face, and his gear to hide the shine of his weapons from the moonlight reflecting off the snow at night. Once nightfall came, the Daemon made his move to the settlement. When he reached the camp of the Neko's he gripped the hilt of his hammer and the shield on his back. When he reached the gates a horn alarm would be blown alerting those of the settlement. From the lookout above four Neko guards leaped down, though small and fragile-looking, they were quick.


#4Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

They darted for him, Knuckles lifted his shield blocking one of the attacks. With his Hammer, Knuckles would duck and twirl getting behind two of the Neko guards, he swung the Hammer hitting one of the Nekos in their chest cracking their ribs to the point of shattering. The Neko dropping whining in pain. The rest of the warriors looked to the Warrior, they would hiss out at Knuckles swearing his death. Using their speeds they overtook the Daemon with quick strikes. He used his shield as much as he could to block incoming attacks until the shield would be broken. Knuckles lunged to the side getting away from the three of them. With his spell within his armor Knuckles fed it mana and used it to reach his full speeds instantly, quickly moving to the closest target to him, now with a free hand he palmed their face as he kept running thrusting them into the next closest Neko to him. The two Neko's tumbled into each other and rolled around the ground. With only one left on their feet, Knux slung his hammer in a verticle strike coming down on the Neko slaying them where they stood.

WC: 200
TWC: 862

#5Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

The two Nekos on the ground got to their feet using that great speed of theirs again to attack the back of Knuckles, causing his Armor to be struck in the back feeling the attack cut through his armor in the back, with rage Knuckles turned and swung wildly, the attack missed. One of the Neko's lifted their hand to their mouth licking his blood from their claw-like nails.  Knuckles chuckled as he twirled the hammer within his hand. The last two Neko's crossed as they took off with that same speed again, Knuckles lunged forward at once taking the one who went to his left, taking the Neko by surprise he swung his Hammer allowing the nearly 2-meter long hammer to meet the Neko before they could move away to safety.  Knuckles turned meeting the attack of the Neko with his own, he batted the last Neko guard down with a quick strike but not without taking one himself.   He felt the blood running down his skin, the warm liquid cooling his warm body on the cold winter night. " Enough!" The yell came from above where the Neko guards had been before. Knuckles knew who the voice belonged to. The first Neko he had struck down had made way back into the camp to grab the chief.

WC: 218

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#6Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Zimnur leaped down and drew his weapon pointing it at the wounded Knuckles.  The two charged each other, they painted a good story, though Knuckles had to do much to sell it. The man who hired him was clearly not a warrior, though he did have some skill. After a few minutes of combat Knuckles would fall to the ground slightly tossing his weapon to the side, then pretended to pass out. "Take him away, he appears to be a Bandit, they must have a camp nearby. We will question him when he awakes. " Knuckles was lifted from the ground and tossed roughly into the wooden cage.  Knuckles waited for the night to turn to early morning when most of the camp was back to sleep.  Knuckles slowly rose to his feet and searched the nearby area for the chest where his hammer and helmet would be.  Reaching out with his hand he called for his hammer using a spell within the weapon, the called weapon flew from the chest-bursting through the chest and his cage. Walking over he gripped his hammer and made his way to the edge of camp. Escaping in the shadows of the early morning. With time he would reach his camp patting Fang as he came to it.  Hours later the Neko man came back to his camp clapping his hands. Paying Knuckles they shook hands and spoke for a while before Knuckles climbed up on Fang and flew off as the sun started to rise.


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