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The Cat Cried Wolf D Rank[Knux]

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#1Knuckles Shi 

The Cat Cried Wolf D Rank[Knux] Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:17 pm

Knuckles Shi


Fang let out a roar through the cold night sky as he and his master and friend Knuckles Shi traveled through the chilling winds of the sky. Knuckles was getting to the point where he had enough of the cold winds bashing him in the face. "Okay Fang, take us down, and let's find someplace to sleep. " The large beast lowered them down in a clearing of the snowy wooded area.    The large white wyvern fluttered his wings rapidly as he neared the ground pushing snow off the ground and into the air.  Knuckles leaped off the back of his Friend and patted him hard. "Another perfect Landing my friend. I'll chop us some wood and start a fire.  Get comfy fang, when it's the morning we can start moving again as it warms up. "

Knuckles walked into the tree line pulling out his hammer and swing it into the bark of the tree to knock the snow from its branches.   When most of the snow was knocked off the Adventure swung his hammer back further than before and swing with all his might to knock the small tree over, the tree snapping where it met with his hammer.  Knuckles drug the small tree back towards Fang, prepping the area for a fire. In order to do this, he needed to dig the snow out of the way where he'd set the fire.

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#2Knuckles Shi 

The Cat Cried Wolf D Rank[Knux] Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:17 pm

Knuckles Shi

Once the fire was going the two laid against each other allowing the fire to warm them, as Knuckles was letting water boil with some leaves in the water to make a warm drink before bed. While waiting Knuckles heard the crack of a stick coming from his west. Knuckles stood to his feet and drew his hammer, readying it to be used if something was coming to feast on them.  A voice then came from the same direction. "Shit.... Sorry, Sir, I was just returning to my tribe's new settlement. I saw the flames and the fire and wanted to see who was out here and if they were a threat."
The Daemon kept his weapon pointed to the man. "Only to those who seek it done to me, are you such a man I wonder? Sneaking up on me was a failed action and I do not know if your words to be true as I do not know your character. "

The man lifted his hands up to his chest and motioned them back down like to ask Knuckles to lower the weapon.  Knuckles did not. "My name is Zimnur, I truly mean you no harm. Allow me to sit so we may get to know each other?"  Knuckles moved back towards Fang allowing the now noticeable Demi-Human to be seen clearly in the fire's light.


#3Knuckles Shi 

The Cat Cried Wolf D Rank[Knux] Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:18 pm

Knuckles Shi

After some time had passed the two men were trading stories and sharing the drink Knuckles had been making, Knuckles understood the issue of the man before him. It was the same as any businessman would be in, they needed someone to pay the risk for them so they could be rewarded.  Knuckles was no stranger to selling his skills to those who needed them. There was not much to do other than doing it, he agreed to take these wolves out for the Cat Man, in so Knuckles would be paid. The men struck a deal and Knuckles agreed for them to meet back here tomorrow.  In the morning Knuckles made a small hunt for food, finding a rabbit to roast over the fire, after eating Knuckles scouted the area Zimnur had spoken about. Finding the cave Knuckles studied it waiting to see signs of the wolves. Sure enough, he could note tracks of them leaving and coming in for the last hunt of the night.  He'd wait a bit longer allowing the wolves to settle and drift into sleep.  There would be a lot of action sure enough.  Hammer and Shield would be on his back ready to go waiting to be used, he wondered how the Demon he made his deal with felt about this.

He returned to camp and waited for nightfall.

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#4Knuckles Shi 

The Cat Cried Wolf D Rank[Knux] Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:54 pm

Knuckles Shi

His belly was full and his energy was ready to be used, he needed to make way to the cave before nightfall, finding the wolves at their cave before they went out to eat. Soon enough Knuckles found himself coming to the mouth of the cave, howls reached the air alerting all the wolves to his presence. This is when the man drew his hammer and shield as three wolves walked out the cave growling and showing fangs, they were warning him to leave. Knuckles on his part did not care, he ran towards them as they did to him. The three wolves treated him as a hunt, splitting up ad trying to take him on from all sides. Knuckles threw his hammer forward at the first wolf, the one directly in front of him. His hand sent mana into the hilt of the hammer before letting it go allowing him to cast the spell Mjolnir's Throw, allowing the hammer to seek the wolf out until the hammer would slam into the wolf and killing it on impact. At this time the wolf from his right reached out to bite his armored arm, his armor taking the brute of the attack for him. Meanwhile, Knuckles was blocking the assault of the wolves on his left. Mjolnir's Return was then cast allowing his hammer to reach his right hand once more, with his hammer back in hand he thrust his left hand forward shoving the wolve to the ground with his strength, Knuckles would again use the shield to shove the wolf trying to rip his arm off.


#5Knuckles Shi 

The Cat Cried Wolf D Rank[Knux] Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:55 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles was able to shove it free, and in doing so turned the wolf he pushed off the first time. Knux swung his hammer upwards like an uppercut or mimicking his under swing of his katana. The strike shattered bones upon impact and a welp let out. The wolf was done, this left only one. The wolf was swinging around to attack from behind, taking Knuckles off guard as he pounced onto his, Knuckles lifts his shield to guard his face from claws and fangs. Knuckles let his hammer lift above his head before dropping it on the head of the last wolf. Knuckles began to take a deep breath trying to let the panic calm.

When he stood once more, the cave had a new wolf exiting from it, this must of been the alpha according to the fur it wore, it fit what he was told. Knuckle stood to his feet to meet the last wolf he needed to kill as per the deal. Knuckles was still getting used to using mana as he never had to use it before, he felt his tank running below half. He was still learning how to deal with the weakness that came from using mana. The Wolf charge Knuckles with greater speeds than the other three, Knuckles place his right foot behind him, typically in this situation Knuckles would perform a simple thrust over the side or top of his shield as he held it up in front of him. Though with the added weight and size of the hammer, it was not able to perform such a simple act, which was causing him to learn a new way of fighting. Knuckles waited and the wolf made its way to him, it leaped up attempting to leap over the shied, Knuckles lifted his shield and pushed up forcing the over his head blocking the attack, and forcing the wolf to fall behind him, Knuckles turned on his heel that he planted behind him slamming his hammer into the wolf and taking it out as well. Any other wolves in the area would dart off leaving the Daemon the victor. As agreed he brought the wolves to his camp, waiting for the cat boy to get them. Taking his payment Knuckles nodded.

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