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#1Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
”Time to go home buddy” Kenzo muttered as he pat his steeds side with his hand. Shadow Runner was a magnificent beast, towering above most horses. Through the year the mercenary had spent travelling around the continent, the Dhuilin had been his faithful companion all along. Distances that appeared to be endless once upon a time meant nothing for the towering horse. Kenzo knacked Shadow Runner’s sides with his heels lightly, grabbing tight to the reins waiting for the now familiar knockback that came from the Dhuilin’ s amazing acceleration. Kenzo had managed to gather the information he needed and more importantly, he had finally cleared his bounty. It was something that he had been postponing for far too long, considering how easy the process to doing so was. Alisa was certainly an influential figure in Fiore after all.

Even more, as the warrior approached the gates facing the road to Southern Fiore in Crocus with a smile in his face. His destination was a surprise and at the same time a lucky coincidence. He was looking for clues that could lead to the culprits of Finn’s death, and that search was taking Kenzo finally back home.

From what he learned by mingling and studying around the grand library of Crocus, Magharade’s Blood Runes had once again descended to Earthland. The people responsible for his friend’s death were looking for them. A year had gone by and Kenzo had been unable to find any concrete information on the so called Circle. However, he now knew that one of them had landed in Hargeon Town, home of Blue Pegasus. With that in mind, the mercenary travelled through the countryside until he could see the beautiful coast of Hargeon. His new adventure was about to begin.


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