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Fortune Tarot: Knux Shi

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#1Knuckles Shi 

Fortune Tarot: Knux Shi Empty Sun Aug 15, 2021 6:54 am

Knuckles Shi

While walking throughout Orchidia, Knuckles found himself through the streets of Orchidia. While walking through them he had been called over by a local street vendor who was offering him a chance to win some money but lose some too. A game of chance as he called it. "Sir you there in the armor, you look like a man of fortune! How's about we play a game and make a wager eh? The game is simple enough!" He courted Knuckles as the armored man approached, he looked down at the man sitting behind a small wooden table. "What is the game?" Knuckles asked as he saw a deck of cards.

The man grinned and moved his hand to the deck of cards. Knuckles took a seat crossing his legs and placed his helmet and sword into his lap as he looked up to the man. "Games simple, all you gotta do is draw a higher card than me, I'll give ya a free round to see how it is done. Face cards are the highest value cards, these are cards with faces on them like the name says. There is a total of 12 of them in total, everything else is the number on the card. " The man grabbed the top card and flipped it over showing an eight card. It had a picture of eight dragons. "This card is worth 8." He then placed the card in front of Knuckles. "Its a higher card but more of middle range."

#2Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles nodded his head showing he was following along and looked up to the man. "So this is a good card to have?" He questioned in a relaxed tone. The dealer smiled back at the armored man. "Yes, but it can either lose or win as I said it is a middle card. " He then moved his hand back to the deck and drew another flipping over a face card, it was a Prince Card showing a young man on a dragon with a P in the corner of the card. "Ah, this is a face card. This is the lowest of the face cards and beats the Eight outright. " Knuckles looked down to the card then back up confused. "So even Face cards have different values?" The man grinned, the hook had been set and it was time to reel him in. "Yes, there are three different face Cards, the Prince as you see here, the Queen, and then the King, ranking in that order. King is the highest." Knuckles leaned back and placed his right hand under his chin, this was starting to make sense. "Okay, I think I understand. Let's play a hand oh what's the wager?"

#3Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Picking up the cards the dealer shuffled the deck around in his hands allowing the cards to slip in between each other and from hand to hand, the act alone was enough to impress Knuckles. "How about a simple amount, let us say 100 jewels? " Knuckles thought it over, it was not a lot but it was a bit more than he would like to bet. Though he could always make more by taking the quest from the city. Knuckles closed his eyes as he weighed the options. The Dealer acted quickly, taking 100 jewels and placing them on the table. "Here's my bet, place your onto the table and we can start." Knuckles opened his eyes and lifted his body slightly to reach for his jewels, grabbing 100 from it and placed it onto the table. "Alright, let us play!" He said with an energetic tone. The dealer nodded his head and placed the cards back onto the table, he had a plan in mind, let the red-haired man win a few games in hopes that he could get him to keep the winning streak alive then make a deal for double or nothing to win it back plus some.

#4Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

The dealer moved his hand gathering a card from the deck and flipped it over to Knuckles' side of the table. It was a ten card. 10 dragons covered the card with a ten stamped into the corner. Knuckles looked tot he card with a smile, he was sure to win unless a face came up. The dealer let an "Ooooh" Come out of his lips as if he was shocked by the card. "My my, you are a lucky man. That's one of the highest cards outside of the three faces. Man, I am not sure how I can win this hand. " Reaching down to the stack of cards the dealer grabbed on off the top and flipped it over showing a nine card, it had nine dragons on it with the number nine stamped in the corner. Knuckles gleamed with a smile as the dealer lowered his head in defeat but hiding the internal smile. "Ah man, lost by a single point, well it can not be helped. What do you say to a double or nothing game? If you win you double the winnings and if I win it is like I never lost, you keep your hundred. "

#5Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles agreed to take his winnings and placed the 200 jewels onto the table, submitting it to the bet. The man took the cards from the table and shuffled once again, after a quick shuffle he placed the deck onto the table and drew the first card, a five. Like the others, there were five dragons and a five stamped into the corner of the table Knuckles felt his heart flutter, this was the lowest card he had seen yet! He felt a panic come over him, was he about to lose? "Oh man, talk about a bad draw, there are only four cards lower than this one, but there is a total of sixteen of them so I guess your odds aren't too bad. " Now was the time to make sure he knew exactly what was coming and what to do. His hand moved to the deck gripping the card and moved the card over slowly, he flipped the card over showing another five-card. Knuckles rocked back letting out an audible aw. "Ah wow, what are the chances of that haha." The Dealer said as laughter came out after his words. "It is a draw too bad."

#6Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knux was confused about what the draw meant, how did this play out? They had not discussed the options of a draw. Knuckles looked at the cards then back up to the dealer. "What does this mean in terms of the bet?" He asked placing a hand back under his chin. The dealer places both hands on his knees and leaned it. "Well it is rare, but when it happens both parties eep their bets, and since it was a double or nothing bet, we would both get our jewels back. So you're back to the 100 you had and so am I. No one wins. I take back my 100 I lost, as it was offered, but in the fairness of things let's add a twist. We can wave the double or nothing bet, you can keep the 100 you won from me earlier and we can raise the bet. How does 500 jewels each sound?" Knuckles thought it over, so far luck had been on his side, and it was not like he had lost the last hand. "So how would this work?" He questioned. The dealer clapped his hands and motioned a hand to the deck. "We each get one more card, we will add the cards up, and whoever has the heights combine number wins. Agreed?" Knuckles gave a single nod.

#7Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

They both reached into their respective pockets drawing out the jewels for the bet. Placing their bet onto the table the man grinned as motioned to the cards. Knuckles felt anxiety settle into his body, he had not felt this way since his first-day training with the sword. The first card would slowly be flipped over and showed a face card, the Queen. A woman with a crown sat upon a Dragon with a Q stamped into the corner of the card. Knuckles grinned. "Haha, lady luck is with me!" The dealer played along with the draw. "Oh no, ah you are almost sure to win mister. I hope I can draw a queen myself or higher otherwise I lose." The dealer had fixed the deck, and if he had done it right then the next card to come out would be a king, he would be the winner and 400 jewels richer. It was all going as he had planned it up to this point. Moving his hand over to the deck he moved his hand to the top card. At this point the dealer hesitated, there was a chance that the deck did not shuffle as he liked.

#8Knuckles Shi 

Fortune Tarot: Knux Shi Empty Sun Aug 15, 2021 8:50 am

Knuckles Shi

The dealer removed his hand from the deck and lowered it under the table, Knuckles looked up to him confused. "What is the matter?" The Dealer smiled as he lifted his left hand up to his head giving it a scratch. "Ah well I'm just nervous is all. It all comes down to this card. " With his right hand, the dealer worked his sleeve to place a king under his palm with a subtle movement. He motioned his hand back towards the deck as they both looked at it. Knuckles watched as the hand touched the deck and the dealer made a different motion than he had before making a pulling motion instead of a lifting motion, he then noticed the stack of cards had not changed. What was going on he wondered. The Dealer then flipped the card over showing a King, a bearded man on top of a dragon wearing a crown with a K stamped into the corner. The man let out a chuckle as he clapped his hands and went to take the jewels on the table. "Well lucky has found me this day! Oh ho, I win!" Knuckles sucked his teeth as a tch sound left his mouth.

#9Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

As the man reached over to grab the Jewels, Knuckles reached over and slammed his head into the table and pressed it there as he pointed to the deck of cards. "That trick might have worked on others, but I was a Swordsmen is trained to watch the suttle of changes in hand motion in order to read and predict sword strikes, that last draw was in a different motion than before. " The Dealer felt his heart drop and then was overcame by anger. "You little shit! Get your hands off me, do not be a sore loser. I told ya I was Nervous. That's all it was nervous man, now let me go before I get pissed off and kick your ass." Knuckles chuckled as his daemon aura would be let out, the fear factor coming out to play, a bit of a glow came to his eyes as they changed to red. "Perhaps, then you would not mind counting out the remaining number of cards in the deck if it as you say then there should be fifty-two in total there with the cards on the table and not fifty-three. Right?" The dealer's eyes widen.

#10Knuckles Shi 

Fortune Tarot: Knux Shi Empty Sun Aug 15, 2021 9:27 am

Knuckles Shi

The dealer began to shake nervously, he was shocked the man had actually noticed but not only that he was going to prove it by counting cards, apparently the man was not as clueless about cards as he had seemed from the impression of the game. "H-how, I thought you were lacking the knowledge. " Knuckles chuckled as he pushed more on the skull of the man sending waves of pressure into the skull. "Easy, you see I am a Noble. Playing cards are something of a pass time for my father and his friends, you can say gambling and the tricks of it are taught and passed down. I was familiar with the deck of cards from my childhood and noticed you did not have different color dragons as the deck should. I have been in and out of Casinos my entire adult life, such a simple stacking of cards is noticeable. I am a gambling man and more so I am a man who does not respect liars or cheats. It takes away from the thrill of the wager much like fighting an opponent on unfair terms takes away from the thrill of dying. " Knuckles reached over and took the card from the top of the deck and flipped it over. It was not a King but a two. The man would have lost, he then flipped the next card showing the king. "Seems you did not stack it properly anyhow. You are a cheat and a bad one. " Knuckles grabbed the jewels from the table and used the man's head as leverage to stand to his feet, once on his feet he placed his money in his pocket and removed the hand from the man's skull. He placed his helmet back onto his head, placed his sword back on his side, and kicked the man in the chest turning him over. "Next time you attempt to cheat a person, think of this time. " Knuckles walked down the street some more finding another man offering to pay a game. This one was three cups and a coin. "What do ya say wanna play, sir?" Knuckles took a seat and again started to gamble.

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