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The Pier [Conquest]

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#1Venus Rosé 

The Pier [Conquest] Empty Thu Aug 05, 2021 12:12 am

Venus Rosé

Astera – she hadn’t expected this town to be this beautiful. At most, she thought it was just as gloomy as Dahlia, a home to her back when she was in Daeva Eye, before they transferred their headquarters to Hosenka. Venus had done a lot of moving, travelling, and exploring new towns and regions was no stranger to her. Her guild master had tasked her on seizing the town under their guild’s name, and hence, at her lord’s request, Venus arrived in Astera searching for ways to negotiate with the proprietor of the pier.

Well, one would say that Venus had been too relaxed despite being on a job, seeing how she’s been spending most of her days hanging about the pier in her swimsuit, basking under the glorious summer sun. Of course, the well-renowned rogue wasn’t just there to touch up on her appearance, but as an assassin, she had to hide in plain sight to witness what was wrong with the place. She’d acquainted herself with the frequent ladies that visited the pier often and even the employees; bartenders, cleaners, and the like.

As though they were her eyes and ears, she'd used them for information; anything and everything that happened at the Pier and the latest rumours she received was that the peaceful environment of the Pier has been disrupted by someone mischievous, one who has been laying traps around the area to startle the citizens.

#2Venus Rosé 

The Pier [Conquest] Empty Thu Aug 05, 2021 3:21 am

Venus Rosé

It seemed that the Rune Knights have tried to find the perpetrator behind the tricks and traps, but to no avail. Of course, when given an opportunity, Venus wasn’t going to let the chance slip out of her hands. She had a hunch that the culprit would be laying these traps when no one was around, so Venus waited until sundown. She melted herself within the shadows, hanging above rooftops with the Pier in view and waited until it was dark enough to barely recognize a person’s face. That would be when the culprit comes and lay traps, she thought.

Above the rooftops, she could see everything beyond the distance, the pier and the glistening sea beneath the moonlight. There were a few dark figures, silhouettes loitering about the Pier, but they were merely Rune Knights who were on their night shift to watch out for the perpetrator. From the farthest point of the Astera Pier, she caught sight of a shadow slithering through the buildings, faster than she’d expected him to be. Instantly suspicious, the woman leaped off the building and with the advantages that came with being a rogue, not a single sound was produced when she landed.

She caught him red-handed, when he was in middle of installing one of his traps. Venus hadn’t expected him to be a kid, rather a teenager so naturally, she thought he was hired to do so. It turned out that creating traps was his expertise and he was practicing them as pranks on the townsfolk and had no intention of harming them. Whatever his reason was, she didn’t necessarily care. Instead of turning him over to the Rune Knights, which might possibly lead to her being thrown into jail as well, she decided to hand him over to the property owner – that was after she negotiated with him to be a political associate to Eternal Nightmare.

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