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Baska Quest: A New Mine D-Rank [Knux Shi]

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#1Knuckles Shi 

Baska Quest: A New Mine D-Rank [Knux Shi] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 10:47 am

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles had been in Baska for a little while now, his fight at the rock had spread, it was not about who had won or lost.  The skills and strategy had all showed those who had watched the bout learned that the two fighters had some serious skill to them.  One such view needed that sort of skill for his problem.  A few days later the miner found where the red-haired warrior had been staying while in Baska.  He tasked one of his men to leave a note for the man under the door as soon as Knuckles left the tavern he was staying at.

Knuckles would come back sometime later after taking in more of the city.  So far he had been enjoying the wonderful views and history of battles that had been held in the same spot he had fought.  He now shared something with the men and women who had history at that rock.  

Opening the door to his room within the tavern, he fought himself stepping on a sheet of paper. "Hm, just what could this be, a menu for tonight maybe?"   Knuckles removed his foot from the page and bend down at the knees lowering his frame to the paper.  Picking it up and opening it he noticed it was written harshly. Whoever wrote this note had either very basic writing skills or was new to writing. The letters were crude and uneven.  It was almost too disgusting to look at but he managed.


"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"
#2Knuckles Shi 

Baska Quest: A New Mine D-Rank [Knux Shi] Empty Tue Jul 27, 2021 11:26 am

Knuckles Shi

After reading the letter Knuckles grabbed the letter and put it into his pocket. You take a look around looking for things out of place within his room. Nothing was out of order or move it from its position in which he had left it.

Gathering his gear the redheaded male proceeded to the meeting point. You left the tavern and made way down to the mining facilities you read the letter once more trying to pinpoint the exact needing location. Still about 200 meters from the mines you can see that the men were still hard at work. Waiting until night came he would camp out in a tree line waiting. When nightfall had come, Knuckles moved closer into the mining area. Looking around he looked for where the men moved to when they exited the mine shafts. There was a building that looked like where the men and women who worked there would clock in and out of, the building had steady movement from it every few hours or so. It looked like this was the shift changes if he had to make a guess. It was about time that he would meet with the sender of the letter within his pocket.

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#3Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Mattoro awaited Knuckles at the meeting area, Knuckles had been there hours earlier studying the way the miners moved and searched for methods of entry and exit. The letter had only given a small amount of information about what would truly be asked of him, but enough to know that he would be doing something that was viewed poorly by the public.  The two men finally proceeded towards each other, from what Knuckles gathered the man had come alone, as did he himself.  Knuckles gave the man a nod and the huge muscled man offered his hand, Knuckles took the hand shake, gripping it firmly though not as well as the miner had.

"I'm glad to see you have come, I know you're risking a lot by just coming out here but after seeing you fight the other day I knew you had the stones to do what I need, and judging from your attire I'd say you are a man who likes his money.  So let's cut to it.  I'd like for you to go in the mine with these here explosive chargers. Set them up in the mines and blow them up. Now I know what you're thinking but we can not be tied to this in any way.  These men and I have families and people depending on us for money, we can't get caught up in something like this and they would recognize anyone of us, but the miner hires new people every single day.  We already were able to issues you a name as a new hire.  Then you slip in, lay the charges, and blow them when you're clear. Now, it sounds easy but we have one rule. Do not kill or seriously harm anyone who works here. We are not looking to have died on our minds, and if someone is found dead or seriously injured deal is off. "


#4Knuckles Shi 

Baska Quest: A New Mine D-Rank [Knux Shi] Empty Tue Jul 27, 2021 11:45 am

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles nodded his head showing his agreement to the terms and the job.   "Very well, and note that if my money does not come or you out me, it will be your families that suffer and not the men who hired me for this job.  As soon as he had agreed to the job he felt the voice within his mind break into the front of his thoughts. "Good, good my boy! Yes, this is the way, destruction is the path to chaos and chaos is the truth. It is freedom in the purest form, and in your freedom, you can take the path you seek!  Knuckles attempted to ignore the voice, know it was only baiting him into the destruction that leads to him not getting his money. While he had come to enjoy destruction more and more since his contract he did not like the idea of killing innocents, not yet anyway.

The foreman set the bag down as his expression showed he understood and did not like the threat by Knuckles, but what could he expect after threatening not to pay him if someone got hurt.  
The meeting came to a close and Knux fetched the bag, for now, he would not need his gear so he backtracked his way to the camping area he had made dropped his gear off, and hide them in the bushes.  After hiding his gear, he looked around and listen ensuring no one had followed him or was currently watching.  He made his way back to the mines.


#5Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles had understood the plan but did not trust the cover they had set up, it would be too easy for them to use that cover as a way to hold it over him with a witness to who he was and use this as leverage over him to not get paid.  Lowering himself down a hill into the rubble, he scanned the area and waited.   A Man would soon be heard talking with another, they met up about 10 meters away from the pile of rocks he had been hiding behind. one of the men wore a green hard hat and an orange vest that had "SAFETY" written on the back. He would be heard fussing at the other man for not having the proper gloves for the job.  After the scolding, the pair parted ways, Knuckles figure this was perfect. He followed the safety man and snuck up behind him.  Wrapping his arm around the man's neck, Knuckles pulled back as he placed his other hand over the man's mouth and dragged him back into the pile of rocks.   Knuckles held the choke in place until the man passed out. As he did Knuckles lowered him down to the ground and changed clothing with the man, placing his in a nice folded pile near him.  


#6Knuckles Shi 

Baska Quest: A New Mine D-Rank [Knux Shi] Empty Tue Jul 27, 2021 12:11 pm

Knuckles Shi

After changing into the clothing, Knuckles knew his time was short, he moved back to where he had attacked the man and grabbed the clipboard the man had dropped when Knux grabbed him.  From there he moved into the mine shafts.  Lose lanterns hung from the top of the man-made cave system, the sounds of pick axes pounding off the rock face echoed throughout the entire cave.   As he entered he bent down and grabbed a hand full of the black rock and rolled it around in his hands then wiped his face steering it around him, he would get caught fast if he was too clean.   After taking several more steps in he could see a line of men hard at work, swinging hammers and pic axes around while others shoveled into wheel barrels and carts and other men were pushing said carts and wheel barrels to the entrance.  

Knuckles looked around and figured this would be as any good of a time as any, he took the foreman's advice. "Pass it down the line! " The men nearest him halted and looked at him, one sighed and said something Knuckles could not hear.   "There was a report of a possible gas pocket within the shaft, as you were trained, leave all your equipment and  head to the gathering points you were assigned!"  The men just stood there, waiting for something as they stared at Knux.  Knuckles repeated his sentence and clapped his hands on the clipboard as to say chop-chop, soon the message was yelled by each man as it traveled down the line, Knuckles waited as they soon started to pass him. As they exited he moved deeper into the cave system.

He thought it best to lay the first charge at the last support beam he had been told about, just in case there had been an issue with one of the bombs, he would not be trapped.   Knuckles started to move further and further until he reached the support beam he needed. The men slowly pushed past him and then all had gone. With the last of them gone from the mine, he placed the first charge, strung the line, connected it to the bomb, and moved on, he placed the second as he did the first one and moved on once again.  Soon he placed the final line and moved on towards the entrance.   Once at the entrance he set off the fuse and ran towards the exit, he pushed past another man with a yellow helmet like he wore and the man tried to stop him, his words cut off as a series of booms went off, 3 explosions bellowed out from the mine shafts as the entire mining facility shook, panic and chaos-filled those within range to feel the rumbles at their feet.

Dust flew out the mining shafts open move covering the area, as Knuckles moved to where the man he knocked laid. Knuckles quickly change back and carried the man into the front of the pile he had used to hide.  Knuckles climbed up the hill and ran back towards camp.  After gathering his things, he moved towards his next rally point to collect his money and be gone.


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