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The Roof is on Fire(Supporting Cassia)

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The Roof is on Fire(Supporting Cassia) Empty Fri Jul 23, 2021 10:28 pm

Smoke trailed through the air alerting the patrol of the resistance’s location. Among them was a fatigued Obasi on the verge of falling into unconsciousness. Before finally finding the rebel’s location they had been running around the countryside for hours. Obasi, was frankly tired of it all and wanted to go to sleep. He would have been able to as well. They were all quite exhausted and the octopus wizard had succeeded in talking them into quitting for the day. Well, he had until they came upon the telltale signs of a FIRE. It seems they not only found their rogue’s but they were already in the process of burning down another village. The burnings were getting worse as well as their frequency. Both were things Obasi was painfully aware of making any notion that he’d be sleeping anytime soon an impossibility. Not that he’d blame any of his temporary companions for feeling that way. After all, if a bunch of barbarians were burning down his home, he’d be angry too. Empathy or not it didn’t stop him from groaning internally at the blaze in the sky. Matters became even worse when the intensity of the fire increasing causing building to erupt.

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With the renewed vigor the platoon and Obasi galloped on horseback towards the fire. It had to have been the group they were looking for earlier. A few of the men cursed themselves earlier for letting the vagabond’s escape. Obasi for his part, didn’t blame any of them. They were all dedicated men and women, but sometimes you miss things. If he were a kinder person, he would have said that. Instead, he remained apathetic. Though part of that could have been his exhaustion. It took a lion’s effort just to keep his eye’s open. The lack of sleep even in such dire times was too much for him to ignore. As they rode, he fell himself dip in and out of unconsciousness. The world around him was perceived in hazy snapshots interspersed with indecipherable chatter. He figured it was the knights speaking to each other, but his mind was so disconnected from reality that he’d lost the ability to tell. All, he could do was solider on through the agony of restlessness and attend to the village. Another explosion in the distance encouraged the men to press their steeds harder. Even still Obasi fought the specter of sleep, barely wining out.



The Roof is on Fire(Supporting Cassia) Empty Fri Jul 23, 2021 10:29 pm

On their way to town, they saw dozens of people escaping for their lives. One of the knights stopped a man who was on his way out to explain what was going on. The man was panicked but confirmed that they were being attacked by the rebels. He also stated that while he tried to get most of them out, he wasn’t sure if some people were still inside. Another of the knights assured the man that they would get everyone out alive and safe. Obasi had to admire the way they handled the situation even if he was barely conscious. Before they disembarked to quell the rebels one of the knights asked him for empowerment. Out of it but still able too comply he empowered each of the knights. The scene within the village was to be expected with wizards setting things on fire and brigands pillaging. The knights tended to the thugs while he distracted the wizards. Using his tentacles magic spell Obasi ensnared one wizard. Tired and uninterested in playing games he threatened to burn the wizard unless he gave up the location of his friend. Not wanting to die the wizard did as he was told and Obasi dealt with other quite quickly. After their harrowing trial Obasi left. His destination was sleep.

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