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Tempris D-Rank: Hosenka - Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes

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Tempris D-Rank: Hosenka - Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes Empty Wed Jul 14, 2021 12:53 pm


Once again the small zealot was in need of money so that she can purchase a very special item that she noticed was on sale. She was not sure if she would be able to win the items but she was positive that if she prayed hard enough Illumin would make a way for her too obtain it. That was a course given she made enough money to place the bid. With this goal in mind she decided to take another job from the mob. Big bro had a very special job for her. She was not going to be hounding down a debtor but instead helping him secure his totally legitimate business for selling drugs. The girl did not believe in doing drugs but she did believe in earning enough money to buy the items she wanted so she decided to look past the shady practice and focus more on the goal.

She left big bro place and left in search of where the competition would purchase their supplies. She ditched her normal religious garbs and Dawn more peasant like attire. With this there was no way anyone would know that she was a spy for the mob then she followed the competition around looking for any signs that would identify who their supplier was. It would not take long before the chain of information eventually you led to a supplier being identified. He was a tall, handsome blonde man with a perfect smile and a go-getter attitude.


Tempris D-Rank: Hosenka - Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes Empty Wed Jul 14, 2021 7:45 pm


His name was Zachary and unfortunately for him he would have to stop selling supplies to the competition. The girl walked up to him with her sword behind a cloak. Karisa would have been so proud of her trying to seek out a more positive and less fiery way of solving her problems but at last the man would not listen to her request. It was a shame really but at least she did not make plans to baptize him just yet. As much as she wanted to she had to try and find a better solution for the man had not wrong her yet unless you count refusing to heed her request.

So with words, wisdom, and common Sense out the way, it was time for doing things her way. Temprid pulled out her weapon setting at ablaze. Then she slammed it into the ground in front of the man as if she was going to leave him into down the middle. However she didn't it was just a saint so that she could kick the man in The shins. This was not any normal kick but a very powerful one one with all her strength and the man was sadly just a poor weakling. He could not handle such trauma and thus his shin snapped into. Tempris pulled her sword out of the ground and whispered to the man. It was a soft threat saying that if she found out he didn't take her request he would get to experience a true baptism. Then she left and reported to Big bro. She was quickly paid and she left knowing that the work was done though she did hope that the man would break his promise so she could keep hers.
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