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Hosenka To Oak [Travel]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Hosenka To Oak [Travel] Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 8:25 am

Venus Rosé

Packing was the least exciting bit of travelling and riding on vehicles whilst waiting for the courier to arrive at its destination came in second. Both were equally boring and one was just as troublesome. The redhead groaned so loud that her companion cat woke up from its relaxing slumber beneath the sunlight with its ears perked up straight. The pile of clothes and accessories sprawled at every piece of furniture in the room greeted her and there was only a wave of regret upon her face for deciding to pack last minute before her travel. To make it worse, the redhead had just gone on a little shopping spree the day before, and she wasn’t sure how she was going to fit all of her belongings into a single piece of luggage.

It took a good couple of hours for her to pack and get food for the journey and by the end of all her tasks, it was already sundown. Then came the most mundane bit: foot travel. Usually she rode the distance or drove herself in the gig, but today she had decided she needed exercise – one that would last a for a couple of days. For someone who had always crawled up in her little hole of solitude, she was introduced to the joy of having a companion to travel with; her little Blair. Ever since she had adopted her pet, her life somehow came to be filled with a radiant of colours and even the most monotonous chores and tasks of the day, it came to be enjoyable to her and the five days of journeying through the rough landscape previously seemed exhausting. Now, however, they held to them an element of enjoyment that she found herself appreciating.

The West Fiore was a foreign region to her. Despite being a wanderer herself, Oak was a town that she found herself rarely visiting, or almost never. She would have been named a fraud to her guild, Eternal Nightmare, for the place was a home to her guildmates and her lord and yet, Venus never really paid much attention to her guild’s hometown. It must’ve almost been due to the fact that their guild was founded at an extremely secretive location; one that wasn’t even pinpointed on the map. Albeit, this was also the sole reason she decided to return to Oak: for her to explore her new home and perhaps, form some attachments.


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