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Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ]

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Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 28, 2021 12:03 am

His head swam with smell and colors that most likely did not exist in this plane of existence as he laid there on the floor. He couldn't hear the sounds of chittering, nor could he feel the floor shake with each pulsing step the mass took towards where he now lay. His body ached from being thrown through a pair of heavy double doors before then sailing through a mahogany desk and slamming into the floor. Groaning at this, the man gripped the floor in agony as his aching head screamed at him to keep moving, even when his body had seized up on him due to the shoddy firing of his nervous system. His life was spared however as his commander Shichiro appeared around the corner from the stairwell that lead down to the basement. The young man spotted Seika laying there as the mass of flesh and fang blasted the twin doors off their hinges as it surged into the main lobby.

Seika never felt his body be grabbed, nor did he feel the signs of being dragged, no it was the unfortunate sight of a wave of rats reaching for him that startled the man the most even as his brain barely registered the fact that what he was seeing was even real. A low groan of shock escaped his lips just as he was drug back towards the basement, his body slumped against the wall as Shichiro secured the door leaving them protected from the horde for just a few more precious moments.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 28, 2021 12:10 am

The six creatures seemed out of sorts, as these six that Keita was looking towards at the moment were a bit more strange, and seemed to have some sort of energy leaking off of them, and Keita could barely see it even though they were in the room to the side of the stair well. Keita had peered from below the stairs to look into the floor beyond, and saw that there were six of them, and there were more seeming to meet up with that group, and started sniffing around. He knew that rats had a decent sense of smell, and it seemed like any second now they would catch his scent, and so he wanted to get a pre-emptive attack on them, quickly forming a magic circle on the ground, which slowly churned, turning into a ball of compacted mud that was rapidly filling up with bristles, as if the mud was quickly being shaped into a mass of needles, like a full pincushion. 

Suddenly, with a small shout, it seemed that this alerted the six of them, and they started to rush him as more and more started showing up, but Keita launched the mass of spikes in their direction, hardening the mud in mid air as they flew, making whistling sounds at the speed that they flew. The rat population was reduced to zero on the floor, and Keita heaved a sigh of relief, before realizing that he had celebrated too early. A mass of rats was suddenly pouring out of the side rooms, and Keita knew it was time to leave.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 28, 2021 12:26 am

Things seem to have gotten out of hand for the trio in the basement as the rats hadn't let up at all recently. Panther Lily had still been holding onto the door to block the rats from the basement from coming in and eating them all alive. Now their known exit of the building had been blocked off by some horror movie creature up on the lobby floor. Shichiro began to frantically look around the area in search of a way out of the building. In the end, the only real choice he had was to fight whatever thing was upstairs on the first floor. Shichiro then told Lily they had much more pressing matters which made him give a look of shock as he was already dealing with more than he can chew right now.

Shichiro had told Panther Lily to let go of the door and to begin to carry Seika. it was going to be risky but he had to do it. Shichiro began to grow scales across his body, developing an aura around his body. He had called upon the power known as dragon force which increased his physical and magical capabilities greatly. With that, he told Panther Lily to follow closely behind him, whilst he carried Seika in his battle form. They both walked all the way up the stairs to where that thing had last been spotted. Shichiro unleashed a devastating arcane breath attack towards it, disintegrating the flesh creature as well as some rats that had been in the area before running out of the building with Panther Lily. He wasn't sure where Keita was but he had hoped he was currently alright. 



Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 28, 2021 12:33 am

Seika coughed as his body lay limply against the wall of the hallway leading to the basement. He had never actually felt this weak before in his life as he could feel some blood drip down the back of his head from where he had smashed straight through the doors of the lobby. His vision swam as he tried to keep it all together, the nearby sounds growing clearer as he could somewhat hear Shichiro's heated voice as the man spoke to something else about the situation. His body ached as he could almost feel the eldritch hunger that was the rat swarm nearby, the walls and floor crawling with the sensation as a small cat like creature seemed to approach from downstairs. In his mental and visual haze, he missed the sight of Shichiro transforming, his body limp as the man would lean down to pick him up, his frame being carried in a sort of fireman's sling as he grumbled out incoherently, "Sorry about this Ser... they're just so much different than last time... I don't know... what happened..."

His voice was weak as the man seemed to not hear him. His eyes fluttered close as the last thing that he could see or hear before it all went black was the sight of Shichiro kicking the door open and carrying him out into the swarm. If he were cognizant he likely would've felt fear at that exact moment, but as the sweet embrace of unconsciousness took him, there was nothing more he could do about it.



Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 28, 2021 3:32 am

Keita was around six floors up from the ground level, and this was a nightmare for him, as he was running for his life down the stair well as fast as he could. There were simply too many enemies, and Keita was not one that was skilled in very wide angle attack methods, and even if he was, he did not have the confidence to take out that many creatures at once with his earth magic. The only thing he could hope for was to thin the herd, so to speak, and this would still lead to his death. The only thing he could think of was something that would hurt his chances of climbing up here in the future, but he put the large elemental he had summoned to fight the huge rat monster earlier in front of the stair well when he rushed past, giving him the perfect barrier. The elemental was very heavy, and could not really use the stairs because the weight would probably collapse the stairs, and this was something that Keita was going to use as an advantage to himself. 

If he had to, it would be easy to command the elemental to fall forward into the pile of rats that were flooding through and this would collaps the stairwell, and Keita would only have to use a bit of magic to make a bridge down from another floor, but it would be really annoying explaining that much property damage to the person that hired them to do the mission, and he could still escape. After a bit though, he realized he had to do it, and collapsed the stairwell, and chose to leave from a window on the third floor, before meeting up with his partners and explaining what happened.


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