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Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ]

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Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Thu Jun 24, 2021 6:06 pm

Shichiro, accompanied by his companion Panther Lily, had been making their way back to the neutral guild hall where they would be meeting up with the other two rune Knights. They all had accepted a big task to clear out a tall skyscraper of eighty floors in total, excluding the basement floors since he wasn't aware. In total they would be doing eighty five floors but he didn't mind as they got paid every time they completed a few floors. Sometimes they'd get a little bit more on the side from selling valuables they found in the building. He knew they were supposed to return them to the new owner of the building but technically they didn't belong to him either. Shichiro figured he'd keep the really valuable stuff for him and his team whilst the owner got the mediocre loot so it looks like they were doing their secondary job.

it was a win -win situation for all of them, or at least that's how Shichiro registered it in his mind. Everybody was profiting in some way, shape or form, even if he was undercutting his client a bit. Well whatever the case may be Shichiro figured if it ever surfaced, he'll deal with it when the time arises. Now arriving at his destination, Shichiro figured it was in his best interest to just to inform the attendant they were going to continue on with previous request of  Pest Control and clear out any more of the buggers that they might find in there.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Thu Jun 24, 2021 8:32 pm

The day began like any other, smoldering eyes slowly opening to greet the radiant light of his patron god. The only thing that made such a sight disheartening were the abhorrent conditions he found himself consistently waking up in. This hovel that was called a barrack just wasn't comfortable, nor was it clean in anyway, in fact he could still smell that little shit Jakob's absolutely filthy old laundry in the stagnant air. That was another thing. Why the flying fuck did these barracks not have even a simple air conditioning unit. Hell even a fan would've made the disgusting smells that crossed his nostrils disappear if only for a bit. Thankfully today was the last day he had to stay in such conditions. With his promotion to being a seated knight, he was elected with a bit more freedom. While he still worked under the Kingsguard Shichiro, he no longer had to report to the local garrison when he arrived in an area. It was... liberating if he were completely honest. No longer having to stay in such squalor nor would he have to interact with the rank and file of his fellow Knights unless he was ordered to by his direct superior.

Smirking at this, he would pull himself out of the bed and go about his morning routine before throwing on his jumper and heading out towards the guild hall. He was to meet with the other two there today, even if they were doing the same extermination mission as before, the meeting place had been decided ahead of time as to make sure they were all there this time.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Thu Jun 24, 2021 9:00 pm

Another day, another trip to the god forsaken building with strange rat type monsters infesting it. Keita had been dreading going back, not just because it was not very interesting to just go around wiping out these monstrous creatures that wanted to eat his face, but also because he did not really want to find out what was on the upper floors. These creatures all seemed to be scavengers, hanging around in the building because the lower floors brought in these like small animals and insects, not to mention a lot of the lower floors had things like kitchens for the staff and some hydroponics basins that were growing food. The rat creatures were low enough to where they could even leave through some tunnels or a back entrance to go out and scavenge for food if they needed to. What worried Keita was that the uipper floors were likely to have none of these, so he was wondering what sort of nightmarish creatures they would start to see should they make it to the upper floors. 

These sorts of thoughts were filling Keita’s mind as he woke up and got dressed, ready to head down to the building once more to start clearing out the rats. He was determined to get a couple of floors done today, not just a single floor like he had been doing previously. He was getting more and more accustomed to his particular earth magic, and it greatly helped that the entire building was made of reinforced concrete, so he could still effectively use his mag wherever he wanted in the building.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Thu Jun 24, 2021 9:33 pm

Arriving at the neutral guild, Shichiro had informed the attendant they were resuming their task from before. the attendant had confirmed this, asking if he would be accompanied by his previous team. Shichiro just nodded, not saying a word while waiting for the person to finish their work. After a few moments, Shichiro was cleared and he was able to leave the neutral guild hall in hopes of heading back to the empty building where they were supposed to clear out the rats. Heading on over, Shichiro placed his hands into his pockets as he looked around the streets of Orchid. Although he still wasn't comfortable in this area, he was gradually getting used to the scenario. Still, he wished he could find a decent inn or hotel around these parts but so far, he's been waking up with aches and pains.

Arriving at the building, Shichiro knew he had one more basement floor to do today before he could join the other two knights, Keita and Seika, at traversing the upper floors, knowing he wouldn't have to crawl around the basements anymore. He was sure that he would have to periodically check down there from time to time as he was sure more rats would move in when the old ones had left. Well, he was being paid to do this until contractors came to fix up the building as best the good for that new business that was going on about. Well, now that he was here, he decided he would just step inside.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Thu Jun 24, 2021 10:02 pm

He'd arrive at the guild hall just as Shichiro was leaving, the Knight clearly having went ahead and got them cleared for the mission today while he was waiting on his two subordinates. It was something that Seika could appreciate about the man when it came to their job. He was always prompt and ready to go despite the less that ideal circumstances the three of them were currently working with. Hailing the man as he approached, he would fall into step beside him as Keita seemingly would appear from yet another direction before all three would head on towards the building that they had been working to clear out for the past week.

Rolling his shoulders, he knew he had a few more rooms to clear before he was done with the first floor, the rather large building had been taking him a bit of time since he had to clear it out room by room instead of just flat out incinerating an entire wing and being done with it. The building still needed to be used later on and if he went with his normal methods of removing nuisances he'd have wrecked the whole thing and brought it down on top of their heads.

It wouldn't take them long to arrive, thankfully avoiding the dreaded back alleys as they all parted ways to deal with their own sections of the building. Seika wondered what annoyances awaited him on the first floor today as he strode forward with a purpose.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Fri Jun 25, 2021 12:29 pm

Keita took a bit walking through the town to finally get to the building, as he was greeting people along the way, but he had to excuse himself a couple of times, saying that he was already on official Rune Knight business, as a couple of people wanted him to help them out with some inconsequential things, and Keita had to try really hard to stop himself from helping them when he was already on a mission sent by the Rune Knights. As he got to the building, he entered and noticed that the other two were most likely already here, and just like last time, they would most likely not have too much interaction between them, barring one of them blowing up part of the floor again. Keita hoped that they could keep incidents like that to a minimum this time, but he did not get a chance to tell anyone anything before they had already split off and started doing their own thing. He assumed Shichiro went into the basement levels again, and so he himself would climb the stairs until he found a room with the rat monsters in it, just like before, and then attempt to clear out that particular floor. Looking around, he did not notice anything strange in the first floor lobby area, as he was wondering if the creatures would continue to migrate and they would have to clear out the floors all over again, but it seemed that they stayed out of each others territory for the time being, so that made it easier on Keita at least.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Fri Jun 25, 2021 2:58 pm

Arriving inside of the building, Shichiro looked around the lobby as well as some of the floors. Shichiro was a bit surprised that the first floor hadn't been completed yet. He happened to see a few rats scurrying around up here but this floor was taken by one of his knights so it wasn't up to him to dispatch them for him, although his companion seemed quite eager to do so on his own accord. Shichiro figured since he didn't want to do it, he'd let Panther Lily do so as he seemed to be bored. Waiting a couple of moments, Shichiro watched as Lily hopped off of his shoulder and chased the rat down. After a couple of seconds of what sounds like hissing, a sword swing and death screech, Panther Lily had returned to Shichiro's right shoulder before the both of them made their way to the stairwell in order to head down to basement floor number five.

It was a bit of a walk going down there but eventually, he made it there. When he attempted to push the door open, he noticed it hadn't budged. Turning the knob and pushing harder he wasn't having much luck. The door must have been stuck or broken or something from within the room. Standing backwards from the door, Shichiro decided to think about what they should do from here. He didn't want to blow it open since it may or may not damage the building even further than it already was.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Fri Jun 25, 2021 10:04 pm

He stalked past the receptionist desk with a yawn as his eyes trailed down the hallway that had been his workshop for the past week. He could see into the first few rooms that he had started off with that his handiwork had evolved ever since that first day. His approach towards the swarms of mutant animals had definitely changed over time. Instead of straight up burning or blasting the rodents, he had taken to innovating new and interesting ways to test his spells and magic. Sometimes he would burn just a few and let them ignite their friends. Other times he would straight up melt the entire room down to slop, including the creatures. It was just so interesting to see how the creatures responded to his various methods of exterminating their kind. He could tell that those who saw him would warn the others to activate avoid his presence, but sooner or later that would no longer be good enough.

Hand brushing against the smooth paint that adorned the hallway next to his door, he'd curl his fingers around the handle before wrenching it open with a loud crack before sliding the door against the frame and peered inside. The clustered rodents all turned to regard the sound instantly, their huddled forms shaking in the shadows. There was no sudden movement, no unnecessary sounds. It was deathly silent as the rodents looked upon the man who had stepped into their presence. They knew who this one was.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sat Jun 26, 2021 12:59 am

Keita would begin with heading over to the stair well as he usually did, and started climbing the stairs cautiously, making sure to check the floors he had already been on in case of any stragglers that decided that theory would migrate from their nests to the lower floors. Keita did not want to continuously take out these rats on every floor, and so he was doing a systematic sweep of the floors going up to the floor he was going to be clearing out, and he had found two stragglers on the five floors that he had checked. The first one was cautiously looking around near the hydroponics area of the floor he was on previously, and this one was easy enough taken out by launching a rock at it when it was not paying attention, striking it in the head and downing it, then simply going over there and making sure that it was dead for good.

Keita wanted to make sure that the injured creatures would not get back up and attack him in the back when he was traveling up the floors, and so there was a pressing concern to check the floors that had already been cleared. The second straggler that he had found was eating one of the bodies that he had killed with some spikes the previous day, and for some reason it had waited until it had rotted to dig in, which made Keita slightly gag. Still, a long range spike to the head finished that one off as well, and Keita headed back to the stairwell.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sat Jun 26, 2021 10:13 pm

As Shichiro thought about how to get into the last basement floor, his companion Panther Lily had once again hopped down from off of his shoulder in order to see if he could identify the cause of the door now working properly. Pacing back and forth in front of the door, Panther Lily had realized there wasn't any air coming from underneath the door. Panther Lily wasn't very big in his normal form so all he had to do was crouch a bit in order to look under the door. Panther Lily couldn't see inside as he could see it was being blocked by some sort of debris. Panther Lily then took his sheathed sword and attempted to slide the sword under the door in order to push the debris far enough away to open the door.

Unfortunately for him, it wasn't that easy. It seems as if the debris was larger than he initially thought so he put his sheathed sword back on his back. "Hey Captain, I think the entire door is blocked off. There's a giant piece of debris just blocking the door. You might not have a choice in blocking this place up or not. We might be able to open it if we both push it together though," suggested Panther. Placing his right hand under his chin, Shichiro decided to take the idea into consideration and give it a try. Afterwards, Shichiro straightened himself and placed both of his hands onto the door, waiting and giving his companion some room.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 6:20 am

Their beady soulless eyes stared back at him with with intensity, their furry frames shaking with toxic combination of anticipation, fear and hunger. This batch of his adversaries was different. There was almost a hint of intelligence behind those dark pits, a sense of unending hunger. There was a deep thought, an eldritch thought that was shared by all of them. His eyes panned over their forms as they continued to vibrate quietly, the only sound permeating the room was the sound of their furry bodies rubbing against each other and bumping up against the furniture and floor. It was during this process that Seika could see a parting in the middle of the room that held one rat that was different from the others. It was a small thing, well small in comparison to its brethren. Curled up and looking directly at him through the furs on its tail, the albino rat with red eyes stared dead at him as if he were the only thing of interest in the room. That hint of intelligence that he had been wary of before slammed into him full force as he finally noticed the thing, a dangerous look crossing the only features of its face that he could see before, as one, the hulking masses of rats in the room stepped forward towards him. This gave Seika some pause, was this single albino rat mentally controlling all of the rats, or just the ones in this room? He had to find out before it got out of hand.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 11:55 am

Keita was just about finished up with cleaning out the rooms that he had previously visited, and so it was time to actually get down to business in a new floor. Keita headed up the stairwell, and started looking for a new floor. The stairwell started to get a bit crowded with broken furniture and other refuse that the rats had seemingly thrown down there for some reason, maybe it was just to get it out of the way of the room once they figured out it was not really food, but Keita had to start stepping over things when he walked up the stairwell and so it was taking him a lot longer to get up to the next floor, which was slightly irritating. He could not think of anything that he could do to remedy this at the moment, other than finding a place that was fairly empty in one of the other rooms and starting to dump everything there, but he did not have the patience for that at the moment, so he simply ignored it and moved on. 

Keita finally managed to find a floor a few flights of stairs up, and so he did his usual thing of being very stealthy and low to the ground when he was checking out the initial room on the floor, and he suddenly had a great idea. Keita summoned a small elemental that looked like some sort of clay humanoid figure, and sent it over into the room, and told it to do a few rounds of walking through the rooms. This way, if anything was there to ambush him, it would most likely ambush the summon first, and so it would only cost him a bit of mana instead of having to constantly tip toe everywhere and potentially get ambushed by a bunch of rat monsters.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 3:46 pm

Lily Panther nodded towards Shichiro before assuming his battle form in order to grow a bit taller than Shihciro. He'd then place both of his paws, or hands, on the door near Shichiro's. Both of them counting down together, they began to push with all of their might against the door. It started to budge before they succeeded in pushing the door open. As they got it partially open, they could hear the sound of rubble and debris falling over on the other side. It seems there was a cave-in on the other side. Seems from last time he was here to now, some of the ceiling collapsed into basement floor number five. Now that the door was opened up enough for Shichiro to fit in, Panther Lily returned to his smaller form and walked in alongside Shichiro. Turns out the entire run-in was a worse mess than the other floors.

Shichiro decided it would be best to wedge a chunk of rubble between the door in order to hold it open just in case more or of the ceiling comes down in order to block the exit. Well, they were here to do a job but he wanted to make sure nothing obscured his exit. Shichiro then decided it was best if Panther Lily went over to scout on ahead while he tries to clear up the doorway in case they needed to leave this floor quickly for some reason or the other in a hurry. Since it already showed signs of collapsing, he didn't want to die from a cave in.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 6:45 pm

The chittering seemed to grow louder, a look of recognition crossing the beasts faces as they grew ever closer. This had been the one to burn their brethren. He had come with two others, the others had also hurt them, had killed many of them. Their presence had meant pain, their presence had meant hunger. They were so hungry now. So little food, so little space.

The chittering mass surged forward again. They had become one now, the true was with them. The true would tell them the right way to go. The true would make sure they were fed. They would no longer have to fight amongst themselves to get scraps. The true knew all. The true said that the intruders must be removed. For the good of the colony. They would make good food. All of them were plump, all of them were FOOD.

With that thought, a wave of chittering bodies rushed forward at Seika causing his eyes to widen in shock. The previous pace that they had been approaching had been dangerous, but now it was downright ridiculous.

Backing up out of the room, the grown man turn and fled from the wave of bodies that crashed through the door like a tsunami. There were far more rats than had actually been in that room, and as he passed rooms that he had previously cleared in the past he could see even more of the furry menaces coming out of the walls. This was going to be a problem. He had to warn Keita and Shichiro.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 7:16 pm

As Keita was walking up the stair well towards the higher floors, his eyes caught something on one of the floors, and yet he could not see any of the rats in his normal view as he looked around the room that led into this floor from the stair well. He was wondering what that thing was, as it was some sort of metal case, and it was shining in the sun. Keita was wondering what could give off that sort of glint, because it sort of just looked like a box or some sort of case that was sitting on a table. Whatever was left here had to be nothing of importance, right? The previous occupants of the building should have taken something like that if it was of actual value, right? These questions were circling in Keita’s head before his curiosity got the better of him and he started to head over there and see what it was. 

As he walked into the room, he was sure to check the corners and such with the golem method he had done previously, so he watched as his little mud golem ran into the room and made a bit of a commotion, before heading to the case. Keita might as well just send his little dude over there so that he could grab the case and just bring it to the master who summoned him, instead of just doing it himself. As the golem grabbed the case, suddenly the room shook slightly, and a large rat creatures appeared from seemingly nowhere, eating the golem in a single bite.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 7:41 pm

Panther Lily had agreed with Shichiro's decision, unsheathing his Musika sword, turning towards the direction that leads further into the floor. Observing his surroundings, Panther Lily realized the entire floor was quite dark aside form the light shining in from the cave in, this made Panther lily a bit cautious as he slowly made his way deeper into the floor. he was a not too far from Shichiro but the light was starting to get dim before he noticed some railings surrounding a lowered platform. Down there he could see almost a hundred or so rats, maybe more pouring out of the walls, cracks and crevices. Something was wrong that even Shichiro could feel it way back over near the doorway. Squinting a bit, Panther Lily began to track the room, searching for any sign of what might be causing these rats to surface so rapidly.

After a few seconds of looking, he couldn't really tell what was going on and so he decided he would try and make his way back to Shichiro. If he could go back and tell him without alerting the rats, they might be able to enlist the help of the other two Knights to come down here and take care of this group of four. As Panther began to walk backwards slowly, he missed a step,  falling backwards. He landed on his butt and the sheathed of his sword landed onto the ground with a loud metal clang. This caused the rats to stop what they were doing and began to look in the direction they heard the noise form.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 8:31 pm

His heart beat sounded like some heavy drums in his ears as he dashed down the hallway away from the furry tsunami that used to be what he considered a bunch of normal rats. Now however, had he chanced a glance behind himself, he would see the wave literally twist and morph into an eldritch abomination that clawed and crawled its way forward, it's 'claws' scratching up and crushing the ground and walls around it as more bodies poured out of the windows and doors and assimilated into its pulsating form. The glowing red of its 'eyes' screamed hunger as it 'roared' in anger at its inability to catch the black man running away from it.

The being reached forward, it's 'arm' stretching forward as it 'grasped' out at the man, wave after wave of bodies reaching toward the man that had escaped so far. Seika grunted in exertion as he 'heard' the sound of the bodies crashing towards him rather than saw them as he jumped forward and turned, his hands already glowing with magic as he thrusted out his hands and unleashed two large balls of plasma towards the grasping forms. His teeth gritted as he watched only the bodies that had reached out towards him be incinerated and them assimilated back into the forms. This was starting to become ridiculous.

His body crashed into the floor hard before rolling into a vault that launched him back into a sprint, his body rushing down the hallway as fast as he could.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 9:08 pm

The large creature seemed to be wandering around, and soon the creature was face to face with the large earth elemental that was summoned in front of Keita. The large earth elemental was half way to the ceiling in terms of height, and was fairly thick, resembling a gorilla, but with less pronounced features and of course no fur. The gorilla was not going to act like an animal either, and Keita was not even sure if the giant rat would even take notice of this gorilla elemental if it postured like one, as the rat monster started to attack it without a second thought as soon as it rushed over to it. The giant gorilla elemental rushed the rat, and they started fighting, sending a large rumbling down through the floor and around the area. 

Keita was fine and was bracing himself on the railing near the stair well, and he was going to stay there for the time being, as he was pretty busy controlling his summon. He did not want to give it a simple command such as: attack, as this would simply lead the gorilla into swinging on the rat monster without any heed paid to his defences, and would most likely end up getting destroyed. The large summon that he had was rapidly draining his mana, and it was quite a bit to summon it in the first place, so he did not want to lose him. As the fight raged on, it seemed like the rat, with actual internal organs, was being worn down.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 9:35 pm

With that Lily panther picked himself up, and began to sprint towards the stairwell where Shichiro was currently removing the debris and rubble to clear their escape. As he began to sprint, the horde of rats that heard the noise, were now fully aware of Lily Panther's presence. Listening to the pitter patter of the sounds of tiny footsteps, Shichiro perked up and turned his attention towards where he heard the sounds of running. Squinting his eyes, he tried to focus vision into the dark area of the floor, realizing he could see his animal companion, Lil Panther tumbling out and sprinting frantically towards him. This scene had alarmed Shichiro as he's never seen Lily Panther frightened before and that caused him to be on guard to prepare for whatever was coming. 

Before he could make a move, Lily Panther had begun to yell at Shichiro, "OPEN THE DOOR AND GET OUT!!! WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE OR WE'RE GONNA BE RAT FOOD!!! THERE'S TOO MANY!!! LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!!!" Shichiro's eyes had widened as he turned back towards the door he had just finished clearing the area of and opened it wide before jumping through. With his left arm outstretched to touch the doorknob, he had waited until his companion passed through in order to slam the door shut, hoping it wouldn't break from the sudden impact. Luckily it was a bit sturdier than it let on. Lily Panther once again transformed into his battle form and began to hold the door shut alongside Shichiro.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 10:11 pm

His feet moved like he was skating, his lumbering form moving from foot to foot in quick succession as he continued to lob boiling balls of plasma behind himself. His eyes quickly darting from left to right quickly as he watched the various beasts fill up the rooms along side him before bursting out into the hallway surrounding him. The surrounding waves were almost suffocating in a way as he could see the rooms ahead of him start to fill to capacity as he tried his hardest to make it to the very end of the hallway and back into the receptionist area where he would likely find the rest of his team and would have more room to work with. The eldritch chittering behind him didn't leave him with any happy feelings as well since it only meant that if he slowed or stopped then he was as good as gone.

He cupped another ball of plasma and threw it into a room ahead of himself, the explosive force behind the ball impacting the wall and essentially incinerating everything inside upon contact blew him into the wall on the opposite side of the hallway mid stride. He didn't let this slow him down however, continuing to run as fast as he could to escape what would likely be an extremely long and painful death at the mercy of thousands or millions of small teeth and claws. That was not an end he wished to have thank you very much.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 10:17 pm

Keita watched as his large elemental construct that looked somewhat like a gorilla battled it out with this monstrous rat that seemed like it drank too many protein shakes, and was excited, but also a bit nervous at first. He was happy to figure out that the rat creature was losing slowly, as it had to contend with things like its muscles cramping up from over use and its organs being battered and bruised from the blunt force damage of the gorilla’s fists. The gorilla elemental, however, did not have to deal with any of these things, as it was simply made of condensed mud, so there was nothing really necessary for it to do other than mindlessly punch. This large rat was rather dim, and did not realize that it had essentially already lost, and should run away. If it was decisive and simply ran away as quickly as possible before, the gorilla was a bit slower, plus did not know the layout of this building as much as the rat itself did, and could have easily escaped to either live another day or to try and ambush Keita to enact some sort of revenge. 

This was going to be impossible, however, because it had made the critical mistake of overstaying its welcome, and soon it fell to the floor, too tired and beaten to continue fighting with the gorilla. As it fell to the floor, Keita was not a soft hearted person and would simply make sure that this thing was dead, and so commanded the gorilla to smash its head in with as much force as it could muster.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 10:47 pm

Now that the both of them had escaped the floor with all the rats, both Shichiro and Lily Panther had placed their hands on the door in order to hold it steady and prevent the rats from breaking through and killing the both of them. The horde had slammed against the door in an attempt to free themselves from the floor, Panther Lily then turned to Shichiro before beginning to speak. "Shichiro, go get the others. I'll be able to hold them off until you can grab the others and bring them down here. Maybe together we can do something about this menace," Panther Lily had said, now forcing his body to take the brunt of the force from the horde of rats.

Shichiro nodded, slowly releasing his grip on the doorknob in order to dash up the stairwell in hopes of finding both Keita and Seika. He needed the help of two of them in order to deal with the rat infestation downstairs. It took only a couple of minutes to reach back to the first floor of the building by running up the steps. Opening the door to the lobby, Shichiro couldn't see anything immediately. He then came out and began to yell for both Keita and Seika. he wasn't sure if they were even still on this floor or not but he would at least have to try and get their attention for Lily Panther's sake. After all, he was still downstairs with the horde of rats, keeping them at bay as best he could.


Pest Control #3[Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Sun Jun 27, 2021 10:59 pm

The double doors that had lead him to the hallway initially were finally in sight as he jumped over a 'claw' of the possessed rats. Some of their bodies slid across the floor after the miss as his body soared through the air for just a moment before his momentum carried him further along down the hallway. He would bring his hands up to his body as his fire began to peak with his palms, another ball of plasma forming as he got closer and closer to the door. Condensing it heavily, he would apply more and more pressure to the ball before jumping and thrusting his hands towards the floor, his body twisting in mid air before pointing towards the wave of death that was fast approaching him. This would be the first good look he got of the eldritch collection in a good while. His eyes panned over the wall to wall collective of bodies as a 'face' pushed itself forward in the wave and 'roared' at him, the chittering mass actually generating enough noise to form a sort of pressure wave of sound that slammed into his body sending him even further backwards.

Eyebrows shooting upwards, he would finally unleash the condensed ball of plasma towards the wall of flesh. Upon impact with the ground the ball would expand and then splash outwards blanketing the mass in flames that attempted to burn them all away. It was not to be however as the flames only seemed to deter the mass for just a second before it burst through just as his body slammed straight through the door into the lobby, his form crashing over the receptionist desk and landing near the stairwell to the basement.


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After the behemoth rat had been defeated thoroughly and had it’s vital organs smashed in, when Keita finally thought that it was dead and could not get back up no matter what, he then commanded another summon that he made to go in there with some sharpened rock hands as knives and find the box that he was looking for. The box that seemed to be in a good condition and that had a particular shine on it should have some good stuff in it, and as his minion went over there to start rummaging through a deceased rat monster, Keita looked away. His summon had his orders already, so it did not really matter if Keita saw the process or not, as it was not going to be delicate work. It proved that his stance on not looking was correct, as soon he saw the small elemental with the knife hand walk over to him with the box, and he was covered in viscera, enough to where Keita was thoroughly grossed out, so he could not even imagine what would happen to him should he have to watch the operation, or even do it himself, which would be way worse.

Keita looked around the floor, giving it a once over before he was absolutely sure there was nothing else here and that there was nothing that was going to jump out at him either, before heading to the next floor, where he saw something more normal, which was simply a gathering of six of these rat monsters.


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Peering around the lobby, Shichiro still didn't see anybody yet as far as he could tell. It seems nobody was around. Shichiro found this a bit odd considering Seika hadn't moved from the floor while he and his companion, Lily Panther had been doing the underground areas of the building. All of a sudden, Shichiro had glanced at a certain direction as he could see his knight Seika barreling down the area over the receptionist desk and being knocked towards the stairwell. Shichiro immediately said, "What the fuck," looking in the direction he had came from. Shichiro immediately saw what looked like a wall of flesh coming after Seika and now Shichiro as he was in its line of sight. For now, Shichiro just grabbed Seika, pulling him through the doorway into the stairwell of the lobby before heading back with him downstairs to where Panther Lily was currently located. 

He was unsure if Seika was currently unconscious or not but he knew he couldn't just leave him there. For now, he'd just bring him back down with the rats and assess the situation. Any minute now, that monstrosity that Seika had faced previously would descend upon them soon. That much was clear but when it did, what would they do? He was currently unaware what Keita was doing at the moment so he couldn't even call him for help with these fiends or the rat infestation behind the door Lily Panther was current;y using all of his might to hold at bay.

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