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9-5 Wizard and the Vampire Queen (Private)

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The sun was well past its nexus point in the sky, having begun its descent for the day and signaling the imminent dusk. It was half past four in the afternoon, and though night was still a few hours away, shops were beginning to wrap up for the day. The average person in Fiore had a relatively set work schedule, though this was not usually the case for Rune Knights. Jove was a unique case, in that he believed in a firmly expressed work-life balance. For that reason, he attempted to enforce his schedule as strictly as he could. He would begin his day at nine in the morning, get off at five in the evening, and without any sort of breaks during the day that would equate to a full eight hour shift daily. He would occasionally work some overtime, as needed, but otherwise would enjoy his time off. There was no reason to work hard when medium effort would do, after all.

Eastern Fiore was home to dark and shady regions that might hint towards the need for extra work, such as Dahlia, but it also contained gems. Hargeon was home to Blue Pegasus, a light guild that had traditionally made the work of the Rune Knights much easier. There was also the guild he knew next to nothing about, Empyrean Divine, situated in this city. Whether or not they would add to his workload was something he had absolutely no idea about, and wouldn't bother focusing on.

Instead, he'd just focus on finishing out his day. He was dressed in his usual work attire. Sunglasses on his eyes, his hair slicked back in a sort of messy controlled look. His undershirt was a royal blue that matched the Rune Knight colors, and over top of that was a white button up. His pants were also a creamy white, a black belt keeping them in place. His right wrist had a simple watch, and his shoes were brown dress shoes that looked as though they wouldn't be practical for movement, though they were.

His face was deadpan, as usual, and he found himself simply walking the streets. He was an unknown in the world of Wizards, though that was a good thing. An A rank mage, but a Page in the Rune Knights and no sort of fame to speak of. Anyone who met him would likely think he wasn't anyone of significance, unless caught off guard by his self assured level of exhaustion that he always carried with him. That was the best way to describe how he looked, and how his voice sounded; Exhausted, but confident.

Stopping into Sultry Heights, home to Hosenka's resorts and hot springs, he decided that this area would likely be as good as any to end his shift, and to do a final sweep of the city for any sort of problems that would need his help being resolved. Slowly making his way through the resort area, he did his best to stay aware of his surroundings, though the chances of him coming across anyone he recognized was slim to none.

#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

It’s been a week since Venus returned from Iceberg – a week since she became a vampire and it’s been torturous every single day. Sure, there were perks about being an undead; one being practically immortal but no one, not even the one who turned her, mentioned about the hunger, the crave for bloodlust she would feel every minute and second of the day. Food that she once used to love came to be a stench that she couldn’t stand and the blood that she would never dream of consuming came to be her elixir of life. She was a newly turned vampire and her hunger was like an intrusive thought: unpleasant, unwelcome and involuntary that kept invading her mind over and over again. Even if she promised not to hurt anyone, but when she sees a human, the only thing she saw was blood.

”For the love of god,” exclaimed the vampire. ”Stop wiggling so much.”

The cool night air seemed to pierce to Venus’ bones and despite the end of grey bitter days and the promise of winter lifting, the night felt unusually cold. In the narrow alleyway hidden between the townhouses was a particular redhead and an average young man she’d seduced at the bar a few blocks away. Luring men seemed to be the norm these days for her whenever she was hungry and it was certainly much easier to deceive men with her charms. Besides, they tasted better than women too. Naïve and blinded by lust, they pursued her without knowing her true intentions but when she bared her fangs in hidden sight, they appeared as though their souls had left their bodies.

”If you keep resisting, it’s going to be painful for you.”

Her target today was quite a pain in the ass, when she showed her true form, he wouldn’t stop putting up a fight. When her tolerance ran out, she slammed his face against the brick wall, her sharp nails digging into his face. A bit of strength was enough to pin him down while her fangs found his flesh and pierced into it, the soft warmth giving way like a ripe melon, filling her mouth with thick, delicious blood. She felt him wither within her grasp as she drew deep, gulping mouthful after mouthful, revelling in the strength and life that filled her veins, jolted her limbs and granted her semblance of life.

The human in her got some small sense of comfort in knowing that he was dying peacefully, happily. The monster in her simply could not care less, not as long as the sweet crimson fluid continued to flow into her, pumping her full of stolen life and vitality. She drank and drank, sucked at his nape until there was nothing left, and then she dropped him to the ground, where he fell in a crumpled heap. Smirking, she blew him a kiss.

And with that, she was satisfied for one more night.


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Sultry Heights was not a single spa or resort, but rather a legitimate section of Hosenka that took advantage of the active geothermal vents built into the mountainous city. Hot springs sprung up all over the place, with restaurants and bars littering the district like sirens in the night. They lured people in, promising them enjoyable nights and fun memories, and acted as traps to drain individuals of as much money as possible. It was fun, it was a guaranteed way to make memories, but it found a way to monetize every single one of those moments. It was genius, but one of the reasons that Jove would never be the one to suggest a vacation here.

It was why he had been brought here on business, not for pleasure. Removing the tint from his eyes, he folded his sunglasses up and put them back into their protective container, sliding them into his pocket. With dusk whittling away and night making itself more and more prominent, Jove had finished his shift. Looking at his watch, seeing it officially hit 5PM, he rolled his sleeves up and sighed. Another day down, and he could finally relax.

Walking through the district, he went to make his way out of it when he heard something. Just barely making it past one of the many insignificant alleyways, something caught his attention and made him freeze. A noise, something potentially benign but still out of place for the area. He heard something, it sounded almost like a dulled thump, coming from the alley. He looked back at the dark hallway, face expressionless and body frozen but poised for sudden movement. He waited for a few seconds, and for a moment one would have to ponder as to what was going on inside his head. The truth?

Whether or not this was worth overtime.

Finally sighing and running his left hand through his hair, he stepped back towards the alleyway. Looking into it, an impenetrable blackness staring back, he immediately decided that going down this way was not the move. Instead, he'd call out.

"Hello? Is everything alright down there?"

#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Breathless, her lips deep red with the blood of her victim, Venus turned to the person who called into the shadows of the alley. Even through the darkness, she could still see the man loitering at the end of the path, a mop of blonde styled neatly to suit his handsomely features. As she felt the warmth of the blood she’d drank slithering through her body like lightning, she walked forward several steps to bring herself farther towards him, but also farther into the glistening moonlight.

She knew she could have run, could have taken shelter and melted within the shadows, but the chances of him hearing her and recognizing who she was wasn’t worth getting herself into trouble and perhaps even being sent into jail. There was no longer any point in hiding herself, in case the man decides to walk into the alley, he would’ve seen the dead body and he would’ve discovered that it was her handiwork.

”Tch.” She finally made a sound, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth in frustration and the stranger would eventually register her presence, her ruby red hair and bloodshot eyes with blood cascading down her lips. She licked them clean, wiping the residue with the back of her hand. ”You should’ve minded your own business.”

And that was where it all began.

Venus threw herself at the stranger, in an attempt to knock him over onto his back and lunged on top of him. She would snarl like an animal she was and bare her vampire fangs at the blonde. In the back of her head, she promised herself that she wouldn’t harm another soul for tonight. She had limited herself from having a pile of dead bodies all over the town by only feeding on a single person every night. Still, people talked and rumours of random dead bodies mysteriously showing up flew around the town like flies; some of them from her excess feeding and the others, by other creatures perhaps.

So, she wouldn’t kill him, not tonight. She would try to instill fear into the bones of his bodies that he wouldn’t show up his face in front of her again. Venus simply hoped that he would buy the little trick show that she’d just pulled and ran from her, although judging from his stern appearance, he didn’t quite seem to be one who would flee from a situation, at least not from this.


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Jove stared into the shadows for only a few moments, yet that time seemed to stretch out much longer. His breathing was normal, his body was not yet pumping him full of adrenaline. He was an unknown in the wizarding world, but that didn't mean that he was an amateur. False alerts happened all the time, and he'd yet to be given anything that really signified danger. There was a random noise that didn't seem to fit the area around him, and it had caught his attention enough to make him hesitate. That was it, yet as he was ready to turn away from the alley, he heard a noise.

It was subtle, only distinguishable due to the fact that the walls amplified the sound and pushed it outwards toward him. He pivoted his back foot, using his leading leg to turn his body to face the alley, but hadn't been able to so much as speak before he heard actual words.

”You should’ve minded your own business.”

His eyes began to widen as his legs pushed his body to the side. He had barely even moved from his place when a crimson blur shot from the shadows. Her body barely came into contact with his own, knocking him further back and ruining his sense of balance. He felt his center of gravity change, and suddenly he was falling to the ground. His eyes sharpened as he realized his mistake. He hadn't assumed, not even for a second, that whatever that noise had been was something that far outclassed him.

Before he had even hit the ground he felt weight on top of him, one that was far too light for the strength it possessed. His vision was half clouded, preventing him from seeing the surrounding buildings, due to the red curtain of hair that had fallen around his face. Her face was intense, a rage behind her eyes and a fury behind her animalistic like expression. Yet there was something else about it, a humanity, that outweighed the beast.

Her breath carried a distinct smell of iron, and he found himself wrinkling his nose and turning away, his arm immediately going up and putting itself in a coiled state around his neck and chin, protecting some of his vitals. It was most likely a useless endeavor, especially if the brief contact they had made was any sort of indication to her real strength or speed, but humans were fickle like that. Ready to fight for their lives, even in the face of the impossible.

"It's fine. You're safe now."

Jove hadn't seen into the alleyway. He was a human, and his eyes were not well adept to these dark alleys and corners as black as pitch. He hadn't seen the body, hadn't seen the death that this woman left behind in her wake. As oriented towards business as he was, and as devoid of emotion as he often came across, he was not a heartless man. He didn't see a predator, threatening a meek lamb beneath its grasp. He saw a woman, terrified of whatever was behind her and unable to yet trust the thing that laid beneath her. Despite her immense power, his first instinct was to help her, not assume malicious intent or harm.

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

It’s fine. You’re safe now.

The fangs that protruded from her lips and her tensed facial features relaxed upon hearing his words. The cloud of fury and aggression that obscured her mind cleared up almost instantaneously and the only thing she saw before her was the calm and collected disposition that the stranger had donned on their face. It was not a response she was expecting, nor the words that she was anticipating to hear. It was the first time someone had reacted so unbothered to her attack that she tilted her head slightly in confusion.

From the way the man protected his vitals around his neck, he didn’t seem to trust her either, which she couldn’t blame him. Venus was on top of him after all, with all of his important organs and vitals just within a hand’s reach, she could have killed him with a flick of her nail against his veins especially with him pinned beneath her. She was a vampire whose first instinct was to kill and feed on humans, but she wouldn’t do that to him. He was different.

Venus finally snapped out of her vampire state, her bloodshot eyes eventually fading and her fangs retreating back inside her mouth, she almost looked as human as anyone else, except from her lipstick mixed with blood smeared around her lips. At a closer look, his face was worn with indistinct, fine wrinkles around the corner of his eyes and hallowed cheekbones, nonetheless, still striking for his age. ”Who are you?” She found herself asking, pondering on how a person can be this unflustered when faced with sudden danger. ”You saw what I am, didn’t it scare you?”

The man was much level-headed than any other human that she’d encountered, of those she fed on before. Most of them screamed or cried, some even pissed in their pants so to meet someone who was as poised as him, it would’ve been a waste to feed on him. Instead, she’d get to know him, savour him until the last moment. They say, wine improves with age – the older they are, the better they taste.

So would he.


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As her state of heightened vamprism seemed to die down, he watched the changes happening on her face and made mental note of it. He had pieced together the race she likely belonged to, and it'd be good to know how they changed in states of perceived threat. Knowledge was power, after all. As her teeth shrunk back and her eyes retook their ivory glisten, he released the tension from his arm that was protecting his neck. She asked him who he was, but he didn't yet move or respond to her words. Instead his eyes continued to stare at her, arguably through her, for an indication of who she was and whether or not she would be any threat to him from this point forward.

It was what she said next that grabbed his attention. She sounded curious, though not very touched. Enough emotion to convey that she found his actions weird, but not enough that he thought he moved her or swayed her heart to pity him. Even though she asked him questions and seemingly invited him into conversation, he wasn't completely sure as to what was going on here. She was still straddling him, and from his previous experience with her charge he wasn't sure he could throw her off even if he wanted to. Still, knowing how strong and fast she was, it was a statement in itself that he was still alive to be thinking this all through.

Lowering his arm with a painstaking slowness, revealing his mouth, he let his arm drop lazily to his collarbone, revealing his mouth and part of his neck. A subtle sign, but one that signaled he wasn't identifying her as a threat. With that, he spoke.

"It terrified me. You came after me faster than anything I've ever seen, and I'm pretty sure our mild impact fractured my ribs." He spoke matter-of-factly, yet his tone sounded almost as if he were scolding her. "Still, someone as powerful as that could have killed me before I ever knew to raise my guard. It's hard to consider you a major threat when you've intended to spare me from the beginning." A silence fell between them like snow on slated rooves. It seemed to absorb the noises from the nearby bars, the hot springs, the joviality that carried on well into the night in Hosenka. Then, Jove intended to break the silence again.

"Can you get off me now..?"

#8Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

While Venus could’ve chosen to apologize for possibly wounding him, she didn’t because it was technically his fault for walking in on her feeding, which led to her attacking him for her own protection. She merely folded her arms in response to his statement of fracturing his bones as she let out a discreet cough as if to put on a guiltless façade. Still, the red-haired woman smirked to herself, when being complimented that she was the fastest he’d ever seen though it wasn’t necessarily the time or the place to be proud of herself.

Venus had entirely forgotten the fact that she had been straddling him throughout this time and when he requested her to get off him (not so politely), she scorned at his face and proceeded to let him escape from beneath her grasp without saying another word. Fine.

”Venus.” She spoke finally, introducing herself and breaking another moment of silence between them. Truth be told, he was an awkward man and she found it rather difficult to communicate with him. ”Venus Rosé.” Her name was quite renowned due to the amount of bounty atop her head, but that was before she departed for Iceberg and ever since her impromptu travel occasion, rumours about her have died down. It seemed that her efforts of trying to stay hidden worked for the time being, though she wondered how long that’d last before the Rune Knights began hunting for her head once again.

The vampire still hadn’t adjusted to the sunlight yet, so she would only travel within the streets at night, finding a lonesome target to hunt and only willed herself into the shadows that it was unnatural for someone to find her doing her nightly activities. Venus was still unsure whether or not the man caught on her feeding on a human and she was also apprehensive at the same time on what he would do if he were to find out that the dead bodies she left in her wake.

Her eyes glided over his appearance once again and examined his features. He seemed to be nothing more than an average businessman. Perhaps he walked in on her by chance, she assumed albeit, from how he took the impact of her lunge, any human would’ve suffered from broken bones yet somehow, he seemed perfectly fine without a single scratch on him. Calculations and assumptions were raised within her mind, though none passed her lips. As a woman who easily mistrusted people, she was suspicious of him and kept her guard since she hadn’t learned who he was.

With hesitation, she raised a question, ”Did you…see what I did in that alley?” A part of her was worried that he might report her to the authorities if he knew what she’d done but there was another part of her also wondering why he was still here with her when he’d already seen the kind of monster she was.


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Her hair was long, crimson, and if it had been neatly done before it certainly was not now. The high speed movements she had made to close the gap, the sudden lunging and tackling she had done, not to mention whatever it was that had taken place in the alley. Her makeup was smeared, as if she had wiped something on her face, and yet the incomplete work suited her features. She was one of those women gifted with an appearance that'd make anything look good, and though he had certainly noticed, that didn't change anything. He went to stand, and as he did so winced slightly. She might have actually fractured his ribs, and they were at the very least bruised enough to notice.

As he stood, and she introduced herself, he also made a mental note of exactly how small she was. She was shorter than him, petite, and looked more fragile than the average person. The energy she emitted, however, was something that certainly did not fit her appearance. She felt like something that he shouldn't stand against, and the rune knight was one who was not willing to risk his life for an impossible fight. As he could get a better look at her and stand, his mind started to piece things together.

Her name made it easier. He was a rune knight, one who intended to eventually make some money hunting bounties of dangerous individuals. The woman who stood before him, he realized, was one of the most dangerous of them all. She had been thought to have disappeared completely, yet now here she was. She had given him something that gave him the advantage in information, and it would be wise of him to not make the mistake as to give her more information about himself.

"Jove Augustus." His voice was the same as it had always been. His face had not changed at her name, no look of sudden realization or shock, and his voice was just as deadpan as before. He brushed off his rear, stood tall, and looked down at the girl in a way that would allow his gaze to rest upon her own. Yet as he did so, it felt suddenly like she attempted to avoid his eyes. She hesitated, and she asked him a question.

There was a part of Jove that wondered whether or not she was calculating what to do here. Whether or not to kill him, here and now, and to be done with it. To protect herself from the hell that would come from a witness to whatever happened, and with that question and the other clues he'd been given, he could assume what it was that made that previous sound.

Another piece of him, however, humanized the girl that stood before him. He hadn't known her for more than a couple of minutes. It was idiotic to assume he knew anything about her, and yet he had made a few assumptions already. She hadn't killed him when she easily could have. She let him stand up, which was likely just as much her understanding of their difference in abilities as it could have been anything else.

"No, but I can guess. The sound of something hitting the ground, the smell of iron on your breath, the fangs and bloodshot eyes." He hesitated, closing his eyes for a moment. It was a demonstration of vulnerability, perhaps a request for trust. Then he sighed and looked at her.

"That doesn't change anything though. My job is to protect people, not avenge them. I obviously am outclassed here. So long as you can assure me you won't kill anyone else tonight, I'd much rather get off work and go back to my hotel, if you don't mind."

#10Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

The man, whom Venus came to know as Jove Augustus, didn’t react to her name whatsoever, which made her awfully suspicious about him and with eyes finely slit and a curve of jaw upwards, she discreetly surveyed him. The stranger either didn’t know who she was, or was putting on a façade, or simply did not care about her history. Either way, it was much better that he did not care who she was instead of throwing a fit in public about it.

Venus hadn’t noticed how tall he was – she, herself, was taller than average but when Jove stood, she was forced to incline her head back to gaze at his solemn features. ”You would attract more girls if you looked less serious,” she was thinking out loud without realisation that the words had already escaped her lips. Venus’ composure festered slightly in embarrassment, a pregnant pause stopping the flow of conversation, with nothing but the silence of nightfall reigning supreme in the backdrop.

It almost seemed to her none of them trusted the other with how calculating they were to each other’s actions and thoughts that she couldn’t resist smiling to her own. The vampire decided to push her worries to the back of her mind; she was now fed and full, and if Jove wanted to force her upon the authorities, he would’ve done so already so instead, she figured she would just enjoy the rest of the day.

Jove was perceptive, even without witnessing the scene himself, he was aware of what actually happened yet, feigned no surprise or shock towards her and it was no doubt he was an interesting man. An amused smile played along the line of her smeared rosy lips as she began to walk along the pathway, in hope that Jove would accompany her. She wouldn’t bother redoing her makeup once again; there was no one to impress at this hour and Jove had already seen the worse side of hers, why would he care?

”I see you’re a knight, huh?” Venus could’ve easily made the assumption that he was a man devoted to the service of the civilians when he proclaimed of protecting people. ”I can assure you I’m done with ’killing’ tonight, and you won’t be required to work overtime.” She chuckled, expressing her emphasis on a certain word with air quotes. ”Well, in fact, I do mind. Since you’re done with work, why don’t you accompany me for a bit before you return to your hotel? You’re free, anyhow.”


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Her words drew his gaze quickly; the closest to catching him off guard that she'd come tonight, which said something. "I'll keep that in mind..." His voice was quiet, though it didn't exactly sound shy. She would likely have noticed the momentary change in his demeanor, though it wouldn't be something easily repeated. For better of for worse, Jove was fairly set in his ways. He was the type to enforce a relatively strict distinction between those he called friends and those he was suppose to fight against. With that in mind, he'd have to go ahead and end their meeting here.

”I see you’re a knight, huh?”

His gaze lazily found itself back to the vampires eyes, seeing her stare at him with a confident curiosity. The woman was expressive, her doe eyes and facial expressions conveying far more emotion than Jove was capable of. He noticed, as her face scrunched in concentration, little wrinkles on the bridge of her nose. When she chuckled, he noticed how delicate she sounded now compared to how she was just a few moments ago. She was one of those people who could wrap people up in her life just by existing, and make them lower their guard. It was a dangerous trait to have, at least for such an already dangerous woman. He'd already made his decision though.

Things wouldn't work out so simply though. Almost reactively, he responded to her request while looking ahead and past her. "That should be fine. It would probably be for the best if I keep my eye on you for a little bit anyways." With that, the two began walking away from the alley. He made a mental note of the location, knowing he'd have to return later to deal with the body or to send other knights in that direction.

Glancing at Venus, however, he knew that now was certainly not the time to get in contact with the knights. Even if she had decided against all odds to trust him right out, contacting the very people she was avoiding would throw up red flags.

Still, he realized this was a chance he wouldn't get often. He was dealing with a girl who was once one of the most wanted women in all Fiore, and one of the most feared. He had experienced first hand how much raw output she could possess, and that was without any sort of magic circles. There was a very real chance that this girl hadn't even tapped into her magic, and at that point she'd be an entirely new monster all together.

Yet here she was now, a goddess among the mortals. She walked along the streets, laughed at the inconsistencies, and kept giving him a look that screamed of normalcy. He wondered, for a moment, whether or not humanizing the woman he may one day need to fight was such a good idea.

"Is it out of necessity?" His words broke the silence, just a few moments after they began walking forward with one another. "Not that it's any of my business at this point, you're just strange." His words may not have been innately kind, but they lacked any sort of sting that would come from backhanded comments. He spoke as if what he was saying was simply a matter of fact, which helped prevent his words from coming across as rude. He was one of those people that made it clear through his tone that he was not intending to insult, or irritate.

"You don't have to answer. However, since we're walking together anyways, maybe you could help me understand."

#12Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

The knight responded rather timidly in regards to her remark about his appearance, and though it was not as obvious, Venus could still perceive a hint of awkwardness within his tone of voice. Perhaps he wasn’t used to comments of such, she pondered. A habit of hers was to observe humans, the satisfaction that the constant flicker and men and women give to the restless eye, and so she found herself eyeing him boldly, not in an inappropriate way but to deduce the kind of person he was from how he acted and the way he talked – Venus was perceptive in strange ways like these.

Jove didn’t necessarily confirm or deny her question, instead just observed her with a blank, empty gaze that left her curious, wondering about what went on inside his head. Venus was an inquisitive person in nature, she found herself asking lots of questions to those she found interesting and most of the information that she’d used and learnt all this time was from the result of her curious wandering.

”Pssht. Admit it, you just want to stalk me,” the woman laughed, a soft sound to couple with her youthful appearance as she joking teased her newly acquainted Rune Knight. Mayhap, it was too early for her to say they were acquainted – the two of them were from the opposite worlds; Venus in her reckless nature to commit crimes and Jove, a knight who protected the people and arrest criminals like her. Would it even be possible for them to be friends?

”Do you mean if it was necessary for me to kill people?” Venus pursed her lips in contemplation, with her arms crossed over her bosom. ”No, and yes.” She began, thinking about where she should begin explaining her side of the story, even if Jove may not really heed her conditions. ”I don’t just kill people because I’m bored – I’m not that heartless. But, as a vampire I do need to feed on humans, and well, I like to have a bit of fun while I do that.” A smirk grew onto her lips as she spoke, conjuring up numerous ways she could have fun with people. That didn’t mean torturing and murdering them in an inhumane way, but rather, she preferred to toy with their feelings and crush their emotions – it’s an indescribable satisfaction to see the despaired looks on their faces.

She let a moment of silence register between the two of them. ”You knew what I did, why didn’t you report me to your ’friends’? Aren't you worried I would lure you into a trap?” As a Rune Knight, Jove was her enemy by nature and they, including some other bounty hunters who wanted a piece of that money on her head, have been hunting for her ever since her face was plastered over a worn-out parchment paper on the town boards. He seemed capable of going against her on the other hand, it wouldn't have been easy to trick him and even if he did decide to call on the Rune Knights, Venus had a few tricks up her sleeve to escape from the situation. ”If I’m strange, then you’re odd.” Unaffected by her presence and the ability to hold a proper conversation with a vampire, he truly was an odd one.  

”Say, am I the first vampire that you’ve met so far?”


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He wasn't sure how it happened, nor when, but it seemed as though the once tangible stress between them was completely gone, evaporated with the tone that Venus had chosen to set. As she made a joke, equating him to a stalker, he simply looked ahead and straightened his lips into a line. It was a literal response to her obvious joke, a tendency that would probably cement itself in their relationship. He hadn't said anything to ruin the mood, nor reacted in a negative way. Just a disagreeable expression that was closer to a frown than anything else, yet seemed to convey a strange sense of comfort.

It was when she began answering his questions that he really tuned in. He glanced at her as she pursed her lips, an obvious sign that she was deep in thought, and crossed her arms. It seemed like she was trying to come up with an answer, but not at all in a way that felt forced or fake. It seemed more like she had never really considered the question before, and given the opportunity, wanted to give a legitimate response. It was a subtle gesture, but one that he noticed and appreciated immediately.

When she finally answered, he let out a deep hum of acknowledgement, and turned his gaze upward.

She was a lion. A huntress in a land where she had reached the epitome of the food chain, and ruled over it with a sort of cold indifference. She expressed wanting to have fun in the act, and he wondered what that meant. Lions toyed with their prey sometimes, not with malicious intent, but because it was normal to them. They were hunters, and they had captured their prey. It was a matter of fact, a simple approach, and one echoed by humans. It was a little bit hypocritical to judge her as evil for such a basic thing. For all he knew, she had never been given reason to believe her actions were wrong. Intent, in Jove's mind, was important.

"I haven't met anyone in the Rune Knights seems to be as strong as I am, and I wouldn't consider myself as a danger to you. Even if I were the type to do that, it would be a suicide mission." Turning his gaze to her and looking at her from the corner of his eye, he continued. "Besides, you asked me to walk with you and I told you that I'm off the clock now. We're just a man and woman walking the city right now."

It was her next question that really made him think. He took out a box from his pocket and held it up for her to see, a small pack of cigarettes. "Do you mind?" Assuming she'd say it was alright, he would take one of the sticks out and place it between his lips. Placing the pack back into his pocket, and retreating back with a pack of matches, Jove took his time lighting his hit of nicotine. Taking a deep drag to help light it, he took the eventual death from his lips and turned his head upwards, exhaling smoke in a slow but thick cloud.

"You are." It was an anticlimactic response, one that was followed with a pause that felt permanent. He let it sit between them, until the point where it was uncomfortable, and then he continued. "I know who you are. Venus Rosé, Vampiress, one of the most wanted wizards in all Fiore. Cold; Heartless; Cruel. A monster not to be trifled with, or confronted. Someone who could destroy cities if she chose, and who has left death in her wake wherever she's been." He spoke deliberately, letting one word fall after the other in a way that made it clear he was going somewhere with all of this.

He stopped, taking another long drag off his cigarette, before exhaling it to the side and looking back at her. "Yet here you are. A woman, standing before me as an equal. You could have killed me, but you chose not to. You could have left without me ever seeing you, but you chose to confront me. I don't think you're the things that people think you are. It's not adding up. So I want to get to know you for myself, to see for myself, and to decide for myself."

He dropped his smoke, using his foot to stomp it out. As he lifted his foot away a scorched mark stained the concrete, but there was no sign of the cigarette he had just dropped to the ground. Walking up to her, and stopping beside her for a moment, he glanced at her once more. "You would attract more men if you just let them get to know you." And then he continued their walk, and admittedly, he hoped she would continue to join him.

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

The knight didn’t respond so positively to the joke that Venus had made, and she’d noticed how he acknowledged her curiosity with nothing but grunts and a grim line drawn across his lips, though that was to be expected from a rather inexpressive man. While Jove was devoid of expressing his emotions, the young female was the opposite – a social butterfly, she was, her demeanor resembling to a fire; bright and blazed with passion about the many things she loved, and to be acquainted with someone whose personality was poles apart from hers, it was strange, yet interesting at the same time.

”I haven’t met any Rune Knights who’re as strong as you either,” she’d say, turning her head to meet his gaze. If they had been half as strong as he was, they would’ve come close to imprisoning her, which was why she hadn’t been so worried about being caught that now that she’d met a knight who could possibly be on par with her, she might have to be extra cautious. ”Well, a man and a woman on a casual date, perhaps.” She smirked mischievously.

Venus had tried her best to get some form of reaction out of the impassive blonde other than a grunt, as though it was a challenge to her and due to Jove being so unresponsive, the huntress enjoyed teasing him through and through, that it might be a feat that he would have to put up often in the future of their relationship.  

It wasn’t surprising to her that Jove was a smoker; she was almost anticipating it to be a habit of his and when he held up a box of cigarettes, Venus would swiftly steal one from him. ”I’ll take one.” She initiated and without even bothering to ask for his permission, she nudged the end of her cigarette against Jove’s to light hers. ”Thanks.” Venus was intrusive like that – people often found her impolite and cheeky, not that she minded much about what others thought of her and certainly wouldn’t if Jove were to judge her harshly due to her impudent nature.

The vampire let the silence settle between them for a good minute after Jove proclaimed to know who she was. Cold; Heartless; Cruel, he called her, and Venus remained unsure how she should respond to him. So, that was what people thought of her. In the end, she inclined her head back and had her eyes on the sky above her; an impulsive habit of hers to commit to the clouds when she had nothing on her mind. Somewhere in that splash of red and orange was an illusion, a reflection, perhaps, of the broken woman she was beginning to become. She’d let him finish and hesitantly, she’d pry her eyes away from the comforting reverie back down to the streets of Hosenka.

”You’re a perceptive man.” She’d begin, locking her ruby eyes with his. ”I don’t think I’m as bad as people put me to be. Most of the time, I do it for the money. Who wouldn’t? I love being rich; I steal things, so I don’t care even if I have to destroy a family for it.” She took a long drag out of her cigarette and set it between her fingers once again. Venus was the type of person who regarded very little about the people that she had no connection to and she was also not one to hesitate doing something if she was going to benefit from it.

It was strange for her to be completely honest and truthful to a stranger. She rarely shared anything about herself with anyone yet here she was, talking about life and the decisions she had to make to a man she’d just met a few minutes ago. ”I don’t think you would understand.” There was a moment of gravity after she spoke, her eyes still fixed onto his as scarlet pools crossed over the gaze of blue.

"Are you observing me to find a reason to throw me into jail?" She questioned as she let out a sarcastic huff out of her mouth.

While Jove quickly finished his cigarette, the vampire preferred taking her time with hers and when he had thrown that little snarky remark at Venus for her comment on his appearance earlier, she raised her eyebrow at him, pretending to be shocked at his riposte before a devious grin grew on her rosy, plump lips, ”I don’t have to, they’re already attracted to me as I am now.”

Two shining arrogant eyes had established dominance over her face, and it was clear to anyone of the confidence she held within herself. ”I could say the same to you – if you dropped that mysterious façade, women would be dropping like flies around you.” At this point, they seemed like they were flattering one another, but Venus was earnest about her remark.


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She had made a joke about them being on a date, and his face did something awfully peculiar. It did not scrunch up or strain itself to make any sort of face or acknowledgment, nor did he let out his normal verbal queue of having heard what she said. Instead his gaze continued forward, his expression unwavering. "Perhaps." It was a simple response, one devoid of the usual hesitation or emotion that would indicate the seriousness of his words, or whether or not he was joking all together. Perhaps it was due to his inexpressive ways that his true intent would be impossible to discern.

She had accepted one of his cigarettes, getting it within close proximity of his own and using his own red hot cherry to light her own. As she did so, he continued on with what he was saying. Her actions had trounced on any semblance of personal space he may have had, but his words were trampling over any distance that had been between them, and so in his mind the two actions evened themselves out. He was essentially voicing not only all of the stories he had heard of her, but also his own interpretations of both those stories and now the reality that stood before him.

"You're a perceptive man." Her words began short and concise, drawing in his attention and arresting his gaze. She explained herself, opening up further as well. There was a moment, in the furthest depths of his mind, that pointed out how odd a relationship this had become. A stranger he knew for no more than half an hour, and here they were opening up about their lives.

Or at least, her life.

As she said that he likely wouldn't understand, his vision finally broke off from hers. While she found the sky, an endless expanse of possibility stretching before her in which to find her thoughts, he found the earth. His eyes had dropped down, locking eyes with whatever patch of ground was a few feet before them, and he found himself contemplating her words. Perhaps he wouldn't understand; perhaps he simply couldn't. Still, when she questioned his motive, he was quick to correct her.

"I'm trying to find reason behind my decision to let you remain free."

His voice was too matter of fact, too deadly serious in its begrudgingly realistic tone, for his words to be taken as anything other than truth. She could still find a way, certainly, to bend what he said into meaning something else. However, what he said was entirely true. He had already made the decision to let her roam free tonight, but now what he was looking for was proof that his decision was the right one. That proof would only come from further getting to know her, to understand the noise that went bump in the night directly from the source.

As was her tendency, she shifted the topic away from the deadly serious. She hinged instead on his final comment, looking at him with a sense of feigned astonishment, responding that she was attractive enough as she was, and returned her words back to him. She emphasized the same thing she said previously, implying heavily that he needed to learn to relax.

"Perhaps," he began, "but it seems to be working just fine already."

The implication of his words were, if one were to dare assume him even capable of such a thing, threatening flirtation. The question then was what he meant by it, and whether that kneejerk assumption was even correct. Jove was known by many things, by many people, but someone who would casually try to flirt with anyone, let alone a stranger, was not one of those things.

Venus wouldn't be given the time to consider it. Instead, a mere moment after he had spoken, he spoke again.

"I might not understand, you're right about that. That doesn't mean that attempting is worthless. Besides, isn't getting to know one another the entire point of a first date?"

No likely it was a strange situation, hearing words like these without inherent shifts in tone or any of the normal indicators of intent behind the words. Whether or not he was saying them to match her tone, or she was someone who genuinely caught his eye, or even if he was just quick witted despite how he spoke and carried himself, knowing for sure was nearly impossible.

Their walk had taken them away from the alley in which they first met, from the evidence that lay in a crumpled mess on the cobbled floor. The noise of the hot springs faded into the distance, and the evidence of activity declined until the two walked a path illuminated only by the moonlight, and deafened by the silence between their steps.

"Why are you still here, Venus Rosé?" He decided once more to be the one to encroach on the silence, and on the distance between them as people. She had said it herself that this might just be an elaborate ambush, or some way he had planned in order to try to arrest her. She knew that, yet her she was, still walking alongside him down the streets of Sultry Heights. He was curious, as she seemed to be, as to why his supposedly natural enemy was choosing to continue her night alongside the knight.

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

”You’re a strange man.”

Anyone else would be hunting for her, but here he was, trying to find a possible reason so that Venus could remain free. Oddly enough, she found herself smiling at the thought. ”You could regret your decision later, if you decide to have me free.” She was honest, silently hinting that even if people threatened to arrest her she wouldn’t stop her ways of living and surviving. If by any chance, she ended up in prison and served her sentence, it was highly likely that she would return to her old ways.

”If I do get caught though, I hope you’ll be the one who arrests me at the very least.”

Jove was a sensible man, and despite knowing the amount of bounty that Venus had, he still hadn’t taken her into custody – at least not for now and because of the maturity that he portrayed to her, she would have preferred if he was the one to have sent her into the cages.

It was difficult to discern whether Jove was fooling her or not, regarding the remark he made about his appearance working its own magic in attracting women. ”Perhaps.” She repeated as an edge of her lip curved upwards into a playful smirk. She’d take one long final drag of her cigarette and tossed it behind her.

Him agreeing that their first encounter as a date was something that she found rather astounding, particularly from someone who was as inexpressive as him that she’d thought he would reject her assumption outright but instead, he had played along with her joke despite having no intention behind his words. "Well, what’d you think of this date so far then?” As he was, there was no meaning behind her words other than a point of curiosity of hers to know if he was actually enjoying her company.

In the backdrop was the orange-gold that stretches far and wide, the colour of fire hearths and tangerines and night came as a reward of sorts, a restfulness above to calm the soul. It was only then that she realised they’d spent quite the time being in one another’s presence. The day had nearly ended and yet, there were still a few vendors in sight ahead, one of them being a shop that sold accessories and passing by, she’d grabbed a keychain that resembled the face of Jove’s and left a few jewels on the bench. She could’ve stolen it in the absence of the shop’s owner but, with the knight around, he was bound to say something to her if she’d proceeded with her actions.

”It looks like you, doesn’t it? Here,” she hand him over the accessory of a red grumpy octopus that was half the size of a palm. ”It’s a token of our friendship. Keep it.” She paused whilst they continued to walk along the path endlessly and continued, ”Throw it if you want, but do it when you get home.” She was blunt, but still honest and precise as she always was.

One thing she had noticed was that Jove was curious about her in many ways. The vampiress had thought it was apparent as to why she still chose to linger within his presence, but it seemed that the point hadn’t gotten across. ”Because you’re weirdly mysterious, but also interesting. It’s fun to read you; the little changes on your face even if they’re hardly discernible.” Venus didn’t opt to think twice when she spoke her reason, boring a small smile that would’ve been barely noticeable. ”I think you’re also quite attractive for your age.” She added, with an expression that portrayed the sincerity that she intended behind her words.

”What made you become a knight?” She had opened up to a stranger and told him a bit about herself, which was – all in all – a choice that she might come to regret later nonetheless, there was nothing she knew about him other than the fact that he was an enigmatic; a knight who was willing to set her free if she proved herself right. ”Don’t you find this entire whole ordeal of being a knight boring to you?”


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"I could just as well regret arresting you, assuming I'd even be able to manage that." His words came out as if they were a matter of fact, without hint of trying to convince neither her nor himself. "I already said you seem like a decent person. I like to hope that when you satisfy your needs, you're not doing so on just anyone you come across. Or at least, that it's a potential solution."

It wasn't as though he was desperately looking for a reason to validate his decision. He wasn't someone so emotional or attached to every intricacy of his decisions. Perhaps when he was younger he was a bit more ambitious, driven by a desire to do well by others so powerfully that he would be filled with ill-gotten emotion should it backfire. Now, however, he understood that the world was a bit more intricate than that. Even should his decisions lead to dire consequences, it would not cause him immense grief or suffering. Regret or reflection, perhaps, but not internal damnation.

They continued to walk, and before long she had finished her cigarette. He glanced as she took her last drag, tossing the still burning filter behind her and letting the smoke cascade from her ruby lips. He knew his gaze was lingering, and yet he did nothing to stop it.

He was quiet, introspective to the point that it may make others uncomfortable. That was no indication that he was socially inept, however. He was not someone who had never felt the tug of the heart or the burning desire to get to know one of the opposite sex. Their introduction had been intense, and despite his calm demeanor, of course his heart had been made to race. He wasn't one immune to emotion.

So as she spoke, and as she continued her question, he had almost seen it coming. She had asked what he thought of their date so far, and he closed his eyes. His footsteps fell in unison with hers, and perhaps it was due to his temporary loss of vision, but his path drifted ever so slightly. Over the course of a few steps the distance between the two dwindled. He was was but a meter away from her now, and his eyes opened again. He didn't rush. The answer mulled in his head, and he finally began to speak in the same self assured drone his voice always seemed to be carried upon.

"I'm glad I'm getting to know you. There was a lot I could have never known about you, about vampires, without meeting you. To hear descriptions is one thing, but to experience someone and their mannerisms and tempo is a completely different experience."

He didn't answer her question, but the way he spoke and ended his sentence with that abrupt sign of being finished hinted he wasn't going to go further on it quite yet.

He had accepted the octopus without so much as a smile. Yet something about the way he took it from her hinted at, perhaps, a crack in his armor. As he took it, his thumb slowly traced on the face of the creature. She said it looked like him, and he looked at its aspirated expression and found it disturbing how he couldn't argue it at all.

It was her final question that made him freeze. He stopped walking, and stared down at the octopus which had been rolled between his fingers during their walk.

Unlike her big doe eyes, his own were smaller and more pointed. They had a type of intensity that was always there, yet for a moment they looked softer. "It's not an interesting story." His tone was no different than ever before. "I had simply worked as a salesman before this, aiding merchants in finding better deals and sometimes dealing in property. It was boring, repetitive, and cloaked in rules for the sake of rules. If one has two options which are both equally terrible, one should take the option in which they are more suited for."

It was a long and elaborate way to say that what he was doing before was also boring and dry. However, there was a shift in his demeanor when he responded. It was so subtle that it wouldn't be noticed if anyone else had done it, but for a man as unaffected as Jove, it would be clear as day to this woman who had just shared part of the night with him, especially since the two had been analyzing one another so closely up until this point.

His eyes drifted up and locked with hers, and what came next was perhaps the biggest shock yet.

"What do you think of the date so far, Venus. Well enough to grant me a second?"

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

”That’s a first.” People usually found her spiteful due to her blunt and reckless nature, so to hear someone call her a decent being: it was very unusual yet somewhat pleasant at the same time. As she took her final drag of the cigarette with plumes of smoke rising from her lips, Venus had caught the knight’s gaze on her within her peripheral vision and she could only wonder what was on his mind.

As if seeking a momentary relief, Jove had closed his eyes and pondered deeply about her question which was initially meant to be a light-hearted discussion. Though if he wanted to give her a genuine answer, she wasn’t going to stop him. It was when he spoke, he had her utmost attention on him, watching him as though she would be able to read his thoughts across his steely expressions. The woman finally returned her gaze back to the empty path before her once he finished, eventually nodding at his response in acknowledgment. She’d concluded that perhaps it was still difficult for him to answer the question which was understandable, especially when they have only known each other for a few hours.

Somehow, Jove seemed rather stunned that she was curious about him; about how he came to be a knight, as if no one had ever asked of his life story before, or mayhap he simply didn’t know how to answer. He began to tell her a very brief story summed up to a few sentences, how he came to be a salesman before a knight. One thing she could tell was that both were extremely boring occupations, worse as a salesman. ”That’s...very mundane,” she spoke without much thought. But, she wasn’t surprised. With Jove being a simple man who seemed to be content with anything that was adequate, she could imagine him working the most ordinary professions.

”At least being a knight seems more interesting. You get to risk your life every day.” A scoff escaped by the end of the sentence, almost sarcastically. ”I was expecting something akin to you wanting to be a hero, thus entering the knights. That seems to be what everyone is into these days.” Her gaze drifted off into a distance before locking with his as he asked her what seemed to be the most important question of the night.

”I like it.” Unlike Jove, Venus didn’t spend her time reflecting on her reason, but that didn’t mean she cared about it any less. It was that spontaneous answers were the most honest since the words escape so quick before a brain could even process. Then, she paused. ”I enjoy your company a lot, I’m glad I met you. But, you’re a tough nut to crack.” She laughed, followed by a satisfied smirk to what she was about to say next. ”I like to take a challenge – so, yes, let me get to know you and eventually I’ll break those walls that you put around yourself so well.”


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Their walk had lasted only a small part of the night, and during that time they had found themselves engaged in conversation for the most of it. Jove was a man of little words, not a man of silence. It wasn't as if he desperately clung to a mute atmosphere. Rather, he didn't care for the idea of small talk in the slightest. Silence, when natural, should be embraced rather than shunned. There was no need to bridge the gaps in conversation simply for the sake of doing so.

While most found it boring, Venus seemed rather enraptured. She had stuck with him this long, inquiring into his life and his choices. She wasn't one to mince words, immediately telling him how boring and mundane his reasoning for being a knight was. Her words struck true. He knew he wasn't some wannabe hero, nor an individual destined for, well, anything. He had the belief that if destiny was real, it were merely a guiding hand. It gently pushed individuals in the direction that all previous actions had led up to, and it was the power of an individual to change that destiny or to embrace it.

However, that also meant that the actions of others could change ones own destiny. This wasn't a belief that drove him to an idea of great responsibility, or a need to dominate his own course. Rather, it was the most sobering realization he'd ever had in his youth, and it was that understanding that made him into who he was. He didn't put too much stock into any one idea or the next, and he wouldn't tiptoe around others inability to cope with the reality before them. Rather than wrapping it all up in an over-the-top desire for change, he simply went through the motions of life. He'd react to each new situation as it arose, even if the reaction meant deviating from any plans he'd set.

For someone who seemed so obstinate, he was surprisingly fluid.

Perhaps that was why he got along so well with the redheaded vampire before him. She was much more extroverted, quicker to voice her thoughts than he was. She was also someone who found a way to bridge silence in a manner which didn't come across as shying away from a comfortable stillness. She was a truly comfortable person to be around. It was this aura about her, this level of genuine curiosity in the world around her and in the people before her, that made him believe she was a better individual than perhaps she knew how to give herself credit for.

That was why, when she agreed to meet with him again, his face changed. His lips curled upwards. The lines in his forehead disappeared. His gaze softened, and what breath had been held in his lungs flowed out in a sigh that seemed content.

They came up to a fork in the road, and Jove stopped. He turned his expression to her, his face still more relaxed now than it had been at any other point of their meeting.

"Be careful. You might find out that there are no walls, and that this is all you'll get." He had this uncanny ability to say things that were difficult to read. Even now, as relaxed as he was, his tone didn't carry with it the weight of truth nor the joviality of a joke. It was statement without impact, and yet that made it so much heavier.

"It makes me happy to know we'll meet again. You're an interesting person. This is where we part ways though." He turned towards the road on the left, when she had continued to veer right. Yet now, had she stopped, they'd both be frozen at the fork.

He spoke once again, his voice softer now. His rich voice sounded soft for a moment, relaxed. "I'll make sure our next date is a bit more than just a walk through the streets. We'll see how you plan to scale my walls then." A joke. A clear joke, and if she paid attention, his voice almost carried the sound of amusement.

"Until next time, Venus Rosé."

With that, he began walking. He didn't glance back, but simply looked ahead and followed the street into the distance and out of her view. His natural tenseness returned, his eyes hardening and his ears once more straining for the sounds of the night which surrounded him. He was off the clock, ready to be finished with work, and honestly was completely exhausted. Yet despite all that, the curl on his lips remained.


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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Venus came to the realization that all good things came to an end when their paths would be halted by a fork at the road. The knight appeared relaxed, more so than at any point of their meeting before and she wasn’t sure if it was because he was glad to part ways with her, or because he was glad to have met her. Hopefully, it was the latter.

The man was mysterious in many ways, and like a riddle, Venus found herself interested enough to solve him – and she’d do so, bit by bit, in their future encounters.

”Likewise.” She’d say, as she stepped the foot towards the opposite direction Jove turned. With their backs turned to each other, a thought crossed her mind. There was a slim chance they’d meet, perhaps this was their first and their last time seeing each other. Despite then, it was a time that was well spent to her and she had hoped she’d learn more about him the next time they met.

The vampire didn’t stop in her tracks as he spoke again, but spun her body around to face him whilst she continued to tread on backward into the path and this time, a smile would slowly grow into a grin at his parting words. ”You’ll be surprised.” She raised her voice a little, in an attempt to cover the growing distance between them and she’d wave while he was still looking before their backs turned against each once again.

Until next time.

She came home to her cat companion – Blair, waiting for her at the doorstep as always, demanding her food the second she stepped foot inside. Despite being a combat pet, a cat will always be a cat, she thought. And while there were many thoughts that occupied her head, she found herself reminiscing the time she had spent with the knight and partially looked forward – without too much hope – to their next rendezvous.  

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