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To Baska

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#1Ezekiel II 

To Baska Empty Wed May 05, 2021 10:30 am

Ezekiel yawned as he gathered his belongings. Worth Woodsea had been a success for a number of reasons. Although he decided that creating a guild would have to wait just a little longer, he was pleased with how many people he had met. He was pleased to have defeated some of his enemies, and he was pleased to have dominated the region that is worth Woodsea. However, he was bored here now. There was nothing left to do, nothing left to see and if he stayed here any longer he probably would have lost his god forsaken mind. The Vampire placed all of his gold, money, and clothes into his designer carrying bag. Then he zipped it up, turned towards the door and finally left out of the house he had his "henchmen" create. When he stepped outside the moon lit up the empty night. The animals had been asleep, and certainly his vampires were out hunting. With a slight smile he threw his bag over his shoulder and began walking towards the next region of Fiore. Baska was his next destination but not for anything specific. In fact, he was simply interested in exploring all the parts of this country that he hadn't.


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