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Death Tarot: Jin Tatsumi

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Death Tarot: Jin Tatsumi  Empty Thu Apr 29, 2021 12:00 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin awoke to the gentle swaying of the ship. Sunlight poured over his face, warming his cheeks. He rolled his arm across his eyes blocking out some of the light the best he could with a light groan.

The hard wooden planks kept his sleep restless. Waves splashed onto the side of the ship. Voices chattered from the starboard side. With a yawn, he rocked himself forward. The radiant spear gleamed on the white upper deck of the ship beside him. The sea was crystal clear. A large mast cast a shadow over parts of the ship. People ran on the lower deck, and children tagged one another and dashed off. A small pool nestled in the center of the lower deck with adults lounging around it.

Jin sat to himself on a hard-to-reach ledge, with a perfect view of the sun. A stowaway's job was to stay as hidden as possible when sleeping but this time he paid for his passage. Old habits die hard though.

"Hargeon ahead beyond the horizon. Two more days," a voice boomed from the megaphone lacrima. "Finally," Jin muttered and rolled his legs over the ledge. A growl rippled through his stomach and the mage held his gut, thinking about where to snag a quick bite.

"Did you hear about another missing person," a woman's words carried up from below.

"Another one," A man's voice replied.

"They say that's the fourth one in a week.No one has seen any sign of them. All people traveling alone."

Jin's brow creased. He waited for the people to walk by and dropped down. "Two days left and four missing," he thought to himself. "Maybe I should..." he stopped. A darkened tunnel led deeper into the ship. If it wasn't for his long time in the military he may have overlooked it. A small smear of blood right beneath a closed door.

#2Jin Tatsumi 

Death Tarot: Jin Tatsumi  Empty Sun May 02, 2021 12:14 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The blood stain leaked into the hall. Small droplets dribbled a gap from the floor to the bottom of the door. He pressed his back against the side of the wall. The spear grazed the smooth floor. No sound resonated back against his ear, gently brushing the door. A cold chill ran up his back. The handle was warm and the door clicked open.

'not locked,' the thought and held it only a few inches. Every centimeter revealed more blood. The small dribble, pattered into the room like spilled coffee from a quickly sloshing cup. But...the room was untouched. The bed was made. The curtains were drawn closed. A pot of flower sat on the table before a small couch. everywhere else was clean. The only thing in question was the small splatter of blood. Jin spun around to take a look at it once more. It was even harder to see now, among the carpeted room.

"What in the,"
he strolled around the room, checking in the bathroom and closet. But everything was clean and oddly devoid of life.

"You shouldn't be here," A man grumbled. Jin whirled around. A man stood in the doorway. Smoke plumed from the red cherry at the end of a cigar. He smashed it into the wall leaving a trail of ash and thumped the door with his heel sending it shut.

"Listen I..." Jin began when the man charged him. He wrapped Jin up in his arms and smashed the mage against a wall. Jin coughed and struggled to take in air. He felt his body peel away from the wall and batter into the next one. His vision steadied in time to see a third impact barreling toward him. His feet shot up and slammed against the wall. With a heave, he knocked the two of them to the ground.

#3Jin Tatsumi 

Death Tarot: Jin Tatsumi  Empty Sun May 02, 2021 12:22 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The man's hands broke apart around Jin. He rolled over top of the man and looked for his spear. A boot thwapped the side of his face, stinging his jaw and staggering him to his but. The assailant was back on his feet and fuming at the face. His cheeks were as red as the cherry of his cigar. The man punched wildly and clocked Jin in the temple.

Jin fumbled backward, into the wall once more. A powerful pressure collapsed around his throat. The man was strangling him with cold indifference in his eyes. Jin glared back and swam his arms around the man's neck. He yanked his head down and drove a knee straight upward into his face. The blow knocked the man back. Jin hunched over and gulped for air. it only took a second before he rammed his shoulder into the attacker, sending them both into another wall. This time with the attacked battered against it.

The man grabbed a vase and shattered it across Jin's back. The mage fell to the floor and rolled to the side. The attacker held a jagged piece and drove it downward. The sharp edge, pierced Jin's leg. He clasped his hand over his mouth to hold back the cry of pain.

He booted the man backward again. With a steady hand, he pulled the shard from his leg. The man rushed forward once more. Jin took the bloody shard and stabbed it into the man's shoulder. A whimper burst out. Jin slammed his hand over the man's mouth and pressed him to the floor. The light mage rained down a barrage of punches. His blood trickled down his leg. Crimson splattered the once clean part of the carpet from the attack. A few more punches and Jin slumped his arms to his side, breathing heavily. The man still tossed and turned as much as the beating allowed him to.

"What's going on?" Jin demanded.

#4Jin Tatsumi 

Death Tarot: Jin Tatsumi  Empty Wed Jun 30, 2021 1:22 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The man didn't muster a response. The pain crept up his body and the man's eyes began to shut as he faded into a deep slumber. Jin stepped up leaving the heap of a person at his feet. He drug the man's limp body to the side of the room and rested him up against a wall. Quickly looking around the area, he yanked a sheet from the bed and a towel from the bathroom. With a few twists, he bound the sheet into a cord of something like a rope and bound the man's hands and feet. At least it would hold for now. He dusted off his hands at the handy work that he had done. But the night was going to be a long one.

Boots skidded on the floor in the hallway. Jin threw himself against the wall and pressed his ear to the door. The boots clopped louder and louder until they were at the door but without pause, they moved onward. He sighed with relief and turned back to the man.

Beams of sunlight were pouring through the window just barely lighting the room, before they slunk back across the floor, leaving the room in near darkness. A scream echoed from the starboard side. Jin pulled himself up to the round window and peered out. A group of sailors had the guests rallied in a small circle on the boat. Knives in hand, the sailors jeered at them until the group was huddled together one atop the other.

"Alright, who's responsible?"

#5Jin Tatsumi 

Death Tarot: Jin Tatsumi  Empty Mon Jan 10, 2022 1:56 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The situation took a turn for the worse. The passengers were all rallied together against a group of mobsters with one of them no doubt the murderer. The bound man sat silently waiting. Jin wasn't going to get any answer from him. He needed to get out there and see what was going on. The light mage bound the man's mouth and booted him in the jaw, sending him to sleep.

The door creaked open and Jin peered down both sides of the hall. It was clear. He tip-toed out of the room and eased the door shut behind him, with a small click from the latch falling shut. He winced from the click, hoping the small sound wasn't picked up by anyone. With a few seconds gone, he sighed with relief and hunched over to sneak down the far end of the hall. He peeked around the corner to see one man patrolling. He snapped back into the hall with his back against the wall.

#6Jin Tatsumi 

Death Tarot: Jin Tatsumi  Empty Tue Jan 11, 2022 8:25 am

Jin Tatsumi
The guard whipped around the hallway. His gun aimed low and rose eye, as he saw Jin. The light mage charged forward, colliding with the man. The two men slammed against the railing of the ship. The gun hung off the side, barely in the man's grasp. With a grunt, the armed man kicked Jin backward and fired off a shot. The bullet ripped into Jin's abs. He winced in pain but fumbled forward into a tackle. His hands clamped down on the barrel of the gun, holding it away from his body. Jin followed up with a headbutt. The assailant was disoriented. His eyes watered as tears welled up within them. Jin hooked one arm around the man's leg and hoisted him over the railing. The man grasped onto the railing. His legs dangled in the open air. Jin bashed him in the face, sending him careening into the lapping waves below. Blood trickled from Jin's wound.

#7Jin Tatsumi 

Death Tarot: Jin Tatsumi  Empty Tue Jan 11, 2022 8:28 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin stumbled backward, holding his injured side. Blood still poured out from his wound. He pressed his hand on it and poured in light. The wound was still burned and as the healing magic began to take effect, he dug his finger in to fetch the bullet. His teeth gritted hard against each other as he felt the warm piece of metal. A quick series of breaths and the bullet flopped into his palm. He pitched it overboard along with the man he had dropped. The wound still bled but at least it was slowed from the healing magic.

He pushed himself up against the wall of the ship and regained his footing. "Alright. One down," he muttered and scooted down the ship. He tore a piece of his shirt and tied it wound the wound to keep pressure on it. As he turned a corner, a burly man stood in his way with brass knuckles instead of a gun.

#8Jin Tatsumi 

Death Tarot: Jin Tatsumi  Empty Tue Jan 11, 2022 8:36 am

Jin Tatsumi
The man unleashed a barrage of blows before Jin knew what was happening. His ribs were pounded in. Blood sprayed from his mouth as he collapsed to the ground. The bullet wound reopened and spilled more blood onto the deck. The ruckus brought over another thug. This time the thug stopped and a magic circle appeared around his feet. He threw his hands forward and a streak of lightning smashed into Jin. His body jolted from the shock and he left his feet. His body smashed through the wall of a room, and he went rolling across the floor of a storage room. His vision faded in and out. He crawled to his feet and held up his hand to cast a light shield.

A bolt of lightning ripped through the hole in the wall and shattered the shield sending Jin bouncing against the far wall. The fist man charged once more with a hail of punches into Jin's ribs that buckled the light mage over.

#9Jin Tatsumi 

Death Tarot: Jin Tatsumi  Empty Sat Feb 05, 2022 2:40 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The thugs rushed him and heaved the paladin over the side of the rail. His body smacked on the metal and his head cracked against the side of the boat, before splashing into the water. The sea surrounded him and swirled around. His arms flailed, trying to catch his breath. Water poured into his lungs as his ribs ached from the repeated blows. Blood filled the water and the burn from the bolt of lightning radiated pain across his body.

He swam against the ebb and flow of the free water to the back of the ship. One hand flung onto the ladder. He heaved himself up with all his might, grunting along the way. The weight of his body threatened to pull him back down to the depths below. One by one he made it up the rungs of the added until he stood drenched and staring at the enemies. He breathed heavily and forced himself to stand upright.

#10Jin Tatsumi 

Death Tarot: Jin Tatsumi  Empty Sat Feb 05, 2022 2:49 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The thugs turned to face him. The lightning mage smiled and looked back and forth at his companions. "You're just not strong enough kid," the dark mage said and rose his hands. Jin charged in, stumbling over the pain that ravaged his muscles. The thugs dashed at him. He dodged some of the blows, but baseball bats smashed into his shoulders and leg. His body flung against the mast but he pressed forward. The sky darkened and thunder clapped up above. The mage swallowed and stood ready. A magic circle appeared around his feet.

"Too late," A massive five-meter-wide bolt of lightning crashed down, engulfing Jin in burning light. The blow lifted the mage into the air and hurled him out into the waters. The mast exploded and chunks of the ship joined Jin in his airbound journey. He crashed back into the water. The dark clouds loomed overhead. his vision began to fade. Blood washed around his face. His body floated in burning torment. Debris bumped his side. The mage crawled his body onto it and collapsed into darkness. Hours later he awoke, floating closer to shore. his body still unable to move. The debris carried him in and dumped him. He awoke a few hours later in a hospital bed.


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