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Underground Associates I [NQ | Solo]

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He woke up and quickly got dressed, he didn't wear something too fancy as he had to keep quite a low profile. His job was to be an informant and an employee at the black market at the same time, he was no stranger to the thugs and crimelords that infested the city, stealing to survive is one thing but stealing and killing for sport and riches quite the opposite, he was hired to offer information from within those groups. He had read quite a few espionage stories, wasn't certain he could pull it off but if worst came to worst he would be able to at least defend himself and then make a run for it, that was not his plan though, he was aiming to keep a low profile and go undetected, simply under the ambiguous employment of a shady person, shady, they chuckled, "The shade of it all!" one of them said in an obnoxious voice and Theo couldn't help but chuckle, his powers had grown during his stay in Fiore and he could now hear them directly in his mind, "You're getting comfortable in there I see!" he said with a smile on his face, "Well you don't exactly bring us out that often, we want some interaction!" one of them replied, Theo smiled and thought about how fortunate he was to have them beside him, or in his mind in this case.

Shaking his head he finished getting ready and left his apartment heading towards the place where he was supposed to work. After a twenty minute walk he saw someone from an alley making a sign towards him, that was his cue, following the man he came to a halt when the alley ended, blocked by a wall, semi-confused and semi expecting for the man to pop up from somewhere and show him a secret entrance, two men jumped on him one holding him down and the other forcing his eyes closed with a piece of fabric. He quietly followed them.

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During the blind walk he made sure not to bring any resistance and to his surprise the men made sure to not thrash him around much, he tried to listen to the sounds around him but to no use as the fabric was also covering most part of his ears, he could only listen to directions from the men. After what seemed to be around five minutes of walking he heard a door open and then close once they entered, the blindfold was taken off and in front of him was one of the area's boss. Looking at him directly in the eyes he talked about how he was made aware that Theo is in search for a job in the business and that he should know that if things didn't turn out well then there wouldn't be a second chance. With Theo in agreement he was introduced to one of his supervisors and the job that he had to do, for now he would start low on the list, just carrying around shipment and if he proved competent he would be able to rise in the ranks. They were fond of hard work and it would definitely pay him well.

After getting blindfolded and having to walk for another ten minutes he was then introduced to his working place, he knew this area and with a little looking around he managed to pinpoint where they were, but he wasn't able to tell where the building he was taken too could be. He was introduced to his coworkers and to the exact actions he had to take to ensure that everything would go well, he listened carefully and then once he was given the green light he got to work, the fact that he had to do all that physical labor though did annoy him somewhat but he was careful not to show it.

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Time passed relatively fast, he picked up the pace the more accustomed he became to the job and his coworkers seemed to be quite fun, exchanging jokes and sometimes info about themselves. Theo took extra care to not make known that he was a mage, even though he never denied it he didn't want to alert the others, not that it was strange for a mage to work there but he wanted to make sure that he wouldn't be suspected of anything. In the meantime, while working he would look around to gather as much information as he could about the items being transported and also the plans of said transport.

With their shift being over, him and the other employees were lined up and entered a heavy car that transported to a central point from where they could make it home faster. Theo left after saying goodbye to the others and went for a hot cup of tea at a cafe about half an hour away from that spot, weaving his magic on the way to make sure he wasn't followed. When he entered he sat down and the waiter took his order, moments later he moved the ash tray, the sign they agreed with his original employers to show that he had info to share. A man approached him and sat opposite of him, Theo had made sure to sit at a table where he couldn't be seen from the outside and the man himself was cutting the view as well, they got into talking and the young man told him every bit of information he managed to gather, with a job well done he got paid discreetly after which the man started making small talk, after all the two knew each other and it would look suspicious for the man to just leave after such a short while.

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