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Old Cries [Quest: Atani]

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Hargeon was a beautiful town. Even in the winter, the scent of sea salt carried through the air as a gentle reminder that summer has yet to come. It was a strangely familiar scent, but it was one Atani had not experienced in Athalran. She wondered if he had visited Hargeon years ago while she was part of her old guild. It would make sense. It was, after all, home to Blue Pegasus. The Wood Elf had yet to discover which guild she used to be a member of, but she was certain it was a light guild. Perhaps a neutral one. Nonetheless, she liked to imagine she was on good terms with other light mages. On the other hand, she did not think it was necessarily a bad thing if she wasn't. Or rather, she didn't care. Whoever she used to be left her new self with little to work with, and for that, she was irritated. Atani knew herself to be analytical and cautious. Though she knew she could be impulsive, she couldn't imagine herself being so careless as to do something that would erase her memories. Unless... it wasn't a careless act. Maybe there was something she wanted to forget. But to forget her own identity?

Atani shook her head. It was pointless trying to make sense of something she didn't have any knowledge of. She was determined to figure it out, but for now, she had to know her place. No matter who she was in the past, she was a mage of Blue Pegasus now, and a strong one at that. The Wood Elf knit her brows and stared at her hand. A swirl of vines curled around her fingers. She felt its verdant leaves tickle her skin before withering away. Clenching her fist, she let out a sigh. It was time to go.

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The elf stared curiously at the request board. There was something off about it, but she didn't know what. It was like the wood was supposed to be a different color, or it was missing some chips and scratches, though that didn't make much sense. Blue Pegasus wouldn't let anything get roughed up in their hall. But no matter. That didn't change the fact she still had a request to do.

She wanted to go with an easy one, something to get her feet wet again. The pay didn't matter much to the girl, for she knew that soon enough she'd be working her way up the chain. Emerald eyes fell across one from a man named Mywand Olden. A supposed haunted house was sealed shut, and it was impacting business for merchants. Seemed simple enough. Atani tore the request off the board and started heading towards the haunted mansion.

She had not been in Hargeon long, but it was impossible to miss the grand mansion in its northern parts. Come to think of it, she believed she heard rumors of the place being haunted. But that's what it usually just was: rumors. She didn't expect it to pose a real problem until now. Much to the elf's surprise, when she found the mansion, it was indeed sealed shut with some form of magic. Atani searched for another way in. Around the back, there was something akin to a storm cellar. The magic must have been weaker there, for even though it took a bit of a struggle, she was able to open its doors and sneak into the basement.

The mansion was as creepy as they came. There was an odd chill in the air, almost like it was infested with ghosts. Out of the corner of her eye, Atani swore she saw a shadowy figure, but whenever she turned her head, it would disappear. Eventually, she heard the sounds of shutters clashing against the house. She dashed to see where it was coming from, only to see the shadowy figure with its hands pressed against the window, locking it with magic. Atani had read about creatures like that in a book. If her suspicions were correct, that must have meant this one was tied to an object in the house. The mage searched the house for anything that seemed off, and eventually stumbled across an old oil lamp exuding dark energy. She smashed the glass against the ground and felt a burst of magical energy radiate from the object. The loud noises came to a halt. Atani proceeded to the main entrance and opened the door with ease.

"Well, that was easier than I thought." The elf grinned and returned to collect her reward.

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