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Golden Threads [Ezekiel]

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It was a wonder she was still alive. Honestly, a child her age with no parents, no home, and no grasp of the world around her shouldn't have survived as long as she did. She learned not to question her good luck and to thrive on her instincts which is probably how she got this far to start with. Even now as she huddled into some cave in the vast woods to get away from the heavy rain and wildlife she could only think about her next move. For a while now she had been living in these woods, living off the land and making this cave her home. Her last human interaction was with some shitty man who threw her off of a god damn cliff and into a ravine. She only survived that due to some woman saving her.  

The woman of course didn't stay with Aurelia long and she soon found herself alone again but that was fine she was used to being alone. Huddling up closer to the fire she made the golden hair child sighed to herself as thoughts of reason and longing danced into her head. For all the walls she had put up she really wished she had a family who loved her, a warm bed, and a good meal. Her eyes began to water as her chest tightened, she tried to hold back crying but it was no use. She was tired of living like this in fact she was tired of living.

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Despite the annoying amount of rain falling from the sky, today was still quite a good day for the vampire at least. With his umbrella up, he trailed through Worth Woodsea simply to think. He had already had his fill on human blood, so he wouldn't be hungry for at least another two hours or so. Sometimes Ezekiel couldn't help getting consumed in his thirst for human blood. He was a frequent feeder and really had no remorse about it. Other vampires sometimes kept their hunger in check for different reasons, but Ezekiel didn't believe in showing mercy to humans. When an adult deer galloped past him, however, the thought of tasting animal blood did cross his mind. Perhaps he would try it another time.

With every step, his feet would get sucked in by the mud beneath him. He had just purchased these matte black boots and he would rather die before seeing them ruined by the aggressive weather. So, after walking for about an hour, Ezekiel finally decided that it was time to head back home. Worth Woodsea would be as beautiful tomorrow as it was today. With a whistle he hummed and wagged his finger, jamming to his own made-up melody. Slowly he began walking past a cave which he normally wouldn't have paid attention to until he turned his head to see a small girl sitting next to a fire. "Oh?" His eyebrows rose in curiosity.

Ezekiel wasn't a complete monster. Even a human child was not to blame for humanity's lack of accountability. Slowly he bent over to step into the cave, putting his hand up to wave at the girl as he spoke. "Hey..." he began with a warm yet confused smile. Where the hell were her parents? "Are you lost?" He would ask. Worth Woodsea was dangerous despite its undisputed beauty, especially for a little lady.


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She smelled him before he was close enough for her to see. She could always smell when they got too close and it didn't really matter who it was for the most part. With another presence around she was on high alert but because she didn't hear him she didn't know which way he was coming. It was obvious that whoever he was he would be coming straight ahead as there was no there entrance but still the fact that she didn't even hear a crunching leaf or the thick mud moving about was enough to put her on edge when he appeared. Backing up deeper into the cave she frowned at his presence and for a moment she kept quiet. She had run into far too many disappointments in life to keep trusting people and she really didn't know if she should answer him. Unfortunately, she was tired and thinking it over this man could be a ticket to a slightly better place, and if not she would just have to fight to get to one.

No, I'm not lost.

Getting a good look at her anyone would see that she was small, thin, and dirty. The clothes she had on were basically rags and she had nothing on her feet. She was scratched up and bruised but her eyes were fierce and full of fight even though they were still stained red from all the crying she had done before the man came into her cave.

Are you going to hurt me?

The words came out softly but that was because she didn't have the strength to sound more intimidating. She would rather already know the outcome of this man's intrusion than have to guess what would happen to her if he decided that today was the day to hurt a little girl.

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Ezekiel's eyes widened. He couldn't help but notice how frightened the little critter was. She retreated to the to the darkest part of the cave yet the Vampire could still see this spark in her eyes. He knew then that she was a fighter. It had been a while since Ezekiel last saw a child. Usually children didn't exist in his space. Somehow he managed to always tune them out until recently. When Zeke found out that he had a son, something in him that he couldn't quite explain just...clicked. For some odd reason, he wanted to help this little girl. Not to mention he knew all too well that lonely breeds dark and nasty thoughts. He'd be the very monster people thought him to be if he didn't help her.

Still smiling, he nodded lightly as the little warrior responded. So she wasn't lost. Her parents had just been irresponsible asshats then. Such a shame. Humans were predictable. The former elf glanced over the girls clothes noticing they were nothing short of rags and damaged material. Just when he was about to move forward, the girl said something that struck his imaginary heart as if with a sword. Ezekiel was stuck. "No, no." He shook his head. Slowly he began to take his cloak off. "I would never hurt you." His tone was sincere. "Here...take this." he'd say as he attempted to reach forward and give her his cloak.

If she didn't take it, Ezekiel would simply leave it beside her. Then he'd plop down on the ground across from her with the fire between them. "I did not mean to frighten you. I'm Ezekiel, what's your name?" he waved. The rain danced upon the grassy ground just outside the cave, reminding them just how empty and lonely it would be without them inside.


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Words were not to be trusted. Yes, she asked him hoping for the truth but she still couldn't trust him. He sounded sincere though and as much as she did want to trust him every nerve in her body was on edge, screaming that she had learned her lesson too many times to do something so stupid as to trust, and a stranger no less. When he moved she did backing away when he handed her his cloak. She wouldn't let him get too close to her and only took the cloak when he set it down within her reach. Pulling it around her she found that it covered all of her body. It still had his body heat in it and the smell of his body which she found nice, almost comforting. Tucking herself into the cloak she made sure never to take her eyes off of him. She could really only wonder what he wanted and she figured she find out soon enough.

Aurelia. If you aren't here to hurt me then what do you want?

She at the moment didn't care about this man's name or really anything about him. All she wanted, for the most part, was to make absolutely sure she was going to leave this cave unharmed or stay here unharmed. He hadn't made any moves against her but she knew better.

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It was only natural that the girl wasn't open. Ezekiel could tell that she had endured a lot. He was happy that she took the cloak even if only to protect herself. If only he had some food with him, she looked famished. What could a girl her age have gone through to end up in this position. Innocence was the most sacred thing about a child and once that was taken away...there was no coming back. The vampire could only hope that she hadn't been robbed of her innocence. From the look in her eyes there seemed to be some left. Perhaps she had been holding onto it for dear life. Ezekiel smiled at her tucking herself in and smiled even harder when she revealed her name. Aurelia. "I dunno..." he began after a brief pause with his finger on his chin. Once again Aurelia had caught him by surprise. "I was walking in the rain all alone when I saw you in a cave and decided I didn't wanna be alone anymore." He sighed. "I guess I thought you'd make a good friend." He shrugged. "Isn't that what you do when you're lonely? Make friends?" he asked, curiously awaiting her response. He wasn't bluffing either. Honestly he was pretty lonely these days and had only noticed recently. When he was younger he never had much friends himself.


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Who walks in the rain alone? Come to think of it who walks in the woods in the rain alone? That sounded so very suspicious to her, so many red flags began to raise themselves at that line of thinking alone. Furthermore, why did this whole adult wanna be friends with her? She was just a child. She had nothing to offer as far as friendships go, she had never even had friends before. Imagine thinking some dirty kid in a cave would make a good friend. Was this man actually just a crazy person? She was going to die in this cave. It really was starting to feel like she was going to just die here with the way he was coming off to her. She didn't want to die or at least she wants to die at the hands of some man, if she was gonna die she was gonna be the one to kill herself and no one was gonna take that away from her.

No. I don't go out looking for people to be friends with. I'm lonely all the time. My first thought isn't to " make friends. ". Look at me, do you really think people wanna be around some dirty parentless child?

Her answer came with venom as she spoke. She figured answering his question would keep death at bay for the moment because she was still in the mindset that this man was probably gonna kill her. To her answering, his questions would help give her time before that happened and with that give her time to get away if he did try somehting.

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This was the most she had said so far yet Ezekiel couldn't help but chuckle. She had more sass in her than he ever did as a kid. He was always so sensitive and soft. Aurelia, however, was feisty and bold. The undead elf could tell that she was still uncomfortable. For a moment he remained silent, his smile formed into a more saddened expression as his eyes fell onto the little lady. "I'm sorry for all that you've gone through. I can only imagine what you've had to deal with-especially as a young girl, but parentless or not you deserve to have a full little belly and clean clothes." A smile slowly conjured upon his face as he looked back at her big ocean blue eyes. "And you deserve friends." He chuckled. "I'll tell ya what; You tell me about your life and I'll tell you about how depressing mine is and after that if you want me to leave, I'll leave or I can show you how to hunt. You should never let yourself get to this point." He looked her up and down as if he was hinting her to what he was talking about. Aurelia just needed a little tension release and being pent up in this cave was only going to make it worse. Plus, he was starting to get hungry.


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All she heard from this man was " full belly " and " clean clothes " every other word was almost tuned out completely but still stuck in her head so she could answer his request. No one had ever asked about her life before and she assumed it was because no one cared. For the first time in a long time, she thought about her mother and she was sad, or at least more sad than usual. She didn't want to tell a stranger about her life but she knew even if she told him he couldn't do anything with it. Taking in a deep breath and sighing heavily she scooted closer to the fire and in the same vein closer to him. Since this man had arrived he had been nothing but outwardly nice and she was treating him like he was a danger. The cloak around her was starting to lose some of its warmth and it's the reason she gave to herself for moving any sort of close to the man. She just wanted to get warmer and maybe he would hear her better as well when she spoke.

I'm not going to go into any sort of detail. I've done a great job not having to think about my past for a while now.

She felt her chest tighten as memories flooded back into her mind. She wanted to cry but she was at the moment done with crying and she damn sure wasn't going to do so in front of this man. Taking in another deep breath she bunched her knees up and placed her chin on top of them. Nothing would come of telling him so why even bother? She didn't really wanna go down memory lane and she could have said no but it was too late to turn back now, and besides she was pretty sure food was in it for her.

I don't really remember where I was born but I know my mother and father are or were werewolves, which naturally makes me one. We lived a pretty decent life until some mages killed my father and took me and my mother away. They thought we were human until they found out we were not. Instead of killing us outright, they kept us separated. I was experimented on so I assumed whatever they had done to me they had done to my mother. I'll never really know though because well I'm here and alive and she's not. Something happened, probably some experiment gone wrong. Whatever it was it allowed me to get free. I couldn't find my mother and I couldn't risk being taken back so I ran away from wherever they were holding us and I never looked back.  

As she spoke her eyes moved from the man and into the fire. She needed something else to focus on and she was afraid if she kept looking at him she would breakdown. Life had not handed her a good deal but she was making due as best she could.

I forget how long ago that was honestly. Every day is a fight to live so I can't dwell on the past too much. Some days it seems easier to die but I won't let myself take the easy way out. What would be the point of running away from that place if I did? I tried to get help after running away but no one would believe me. In fact, almost every person I ran into tried to hurt me in one way or another. Eventually, I stopped asking for help and I had forgotten where my mother was. I don't think she is alive anymore though.

Dull blue orbs stared into the fire a little longer after her last word before she looked up and at the man. Her life was pretty miserable so she wasn't sure how he could have been any worse. Though she was curious and being as tired, hungry, and as weak as she was, she wasn't about to tell him she didn't want to hear his shitty life story. With her attention back on him though with less hostility in her eyes, the little werewolf opened the floor for him to speak.

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The fire cracked. For a moment there silence and only the burning wood filled the air, both with noise and the sweet scent of mother earth. A moment later Aurelia scooted forward towards the flames and began her piece. All people really wanted was someone to listen to them, even if they pretended like they didn't. For a child, a confidant was crucial to growth of character. Who else would be there when you made mistakes? Some mistakes were way too hard to deal with alone. Maybe if Zeke had someone to talk to a, countless acts of violence could have been avoided. Now he was being hunted by the first Elven-Vampire in history, Wood-Elves, and a certain group of Shamans. The hundred-year old Vampire smiled and nodded. Aurelia proclaimed that she wasn't going into detail. Despite the fact that she was at least 100 years younger than him, she spoke as if she had already had things figured out. She was only trying to convince herself, he thought. Then he leaned back onto his hands with his legs crossed in pretzel formation in front of him and continued listening.

The first thing Zeke learned surprised him. The little girl was a wolf! His face lit up with joy. He could feel something particularly special about her. Like him, she was automatically assumed to be a monster. Even though she was probably nothing close to evil, she'd have to grow with the burden of being different in human society. It didn't make him happy knowing this, he knew that this meant he was the only person that could help her. He could show her that she was divine before she humanity could convince her otherwise.

His eyes widened. Her life was far more painful than most people could imagine. She was kidnapped, experimented on, and abused. Ezekiel couldn't take looking at her like this the more he listened to her speak. He slowly began to grow restless. All she had been exposed to was nothing but pain. When she was done, Ezekiel looked away, clenching his jaws."You know what?" he began. Hearing her story about what humans had done to her angered him. Slowly he stood up and turned towards her. "You don't deserve this." He said bluntly. "I know all too well how cruel human society can be. Humans have been the cause of pain for people like you and me since this worlds inception. I'd be no better than them if I didn't help you. So I've made my decision."

He quickly made his way to the entrance of the cave before turning back towards Aurelia. "I have food, a place for you to call home, and clothes. Nobody will ever hurt you again as long as you're with me. I will personally tear the limbs off of anyone with my teeth if they should try to cause you pain. From this day forth...I'm your family." He said. "So, do you wanna change your life or are you gonna allow your fears to keep you in this cave?"


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When he moved she did, backing up as he went forward. She was still on edge even though she relaxed a bit when talking to him. He spoke as if he knew what she went through and maybe he did but still she wasn't about to just take his word for it. Those were big promises being made, in fact, everything he said seemed too good to be true. She didn't have much to lose but her life and maybe one other thing but thinking about it the things she had wished for seemed like they were gonna come from this man. A better life was being offered to her but he was right her fears were holding her back from accepting the things she wanted most. Narrowing her eyes she stood up and walked over to him, being extra careful not to trip over the cape that covered her. For now, she would trust him as much as she would allow herself to trust someone. He was the first person in a long time to hear her out, that didn't judge her on how she looked or what she was, she took a risk telling him she was a werewolf and he still accepted her. She didn't know what she was feeling but she allowed it to push past being afraid of the unknown.

I'll come with you then, but you have to carry me. I'm tired of walking.


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