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A Night to Remember [SQ | I]

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#1Ezekiel II 

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A Night to Remember


The words of a soon-to-be dead human male meant nothing to Ezekiel. The Vampire drained the man for all the blood in his body as he gulped. His teeth sank deeper, his fingers tightened on the sides of the mans neck, and he could feel the life fading from him. This was what it meant to be a vampire. This is the life he had chosen. Now that he had acquired the blood of an elder, he could feel more power surging through him and it made him hungrier. The transition was complete. All he needed to do now was hunt and kill another elder then he'd be an elder. It was easier than finding a magician capable of doing the spell-believe it or not. The Desiertan threw his head back with a sigh of relief. The cold winds of the winter season brushed upon his face as they whispered. Then, the vampire dropped the body on the ground.

"Mmm.." He sniffled. Quickly he wiped the blood off of his mouth. Ezekiel bit his wrist, and allowed the blood to spill into the mouth of the dead man. "Seventy-nine..." he whispered. That was how many people Ezekiel had turned into vampires. The goal was to build his own army- something he had been pondering on for quite some time. Now that he was home, there was no better time to put that idea in motion. Esperia seemed to believe that Ezekiel's forming army could help her as well, but the fact that she expected loyalty from him didn't sit to well with the Vampire. He didn't know much about her but she had some strange ability that made her some oracle of some sort. It was better to be on her good side, he presumed.

There, in the grass in the middle of somewhere random in Worth Woodsea, Ezekiel waited for his new minion to awaken. The transition seemed to be taking longer than usual, Usually, it took about 30 seconds for a human body to rise though there are cases of them taking longer. When a transition takes longer, it's probably because the person is fighting it. The Dark One turned quickly as he heard something in the distance "Hm?" Quickly he moved to his feet and looked around. "Show yourself." He said calmly.  

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#2Ezekiel II 

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A Night to Remember

Suddenly, a Shuriken was zooming through the air directly towards the Vampire. Eyes widened, he stretched his hand and caught the weapon before it had a chance to harm him. He just couldn't get a break, it seemed. There was always someone desperate to find him. Who could this be... he thought to himself as his eyes moved around the area. Slowly the perpetrators revealed themselves, masked and covered in what appeared to be leather armor. Surely they didn't plan on attacking him in the middle of the night for some advantage, had they not done their research? This is too aggressive for L and his minions... he thought. Within a second, his frown shifted into a warm and delicate smile. The masked individuals began to surround him with their weapons drawn. Ezekiel was outnumbered, but perhaps not overpowered.

"For who, do you dare approach me in this manner?" Ezekiel asked aloud. The mysterious individuals didn't give him a chance to speak though. It seemed as though they were set on hurting him. For a moment there was a dreadful silence, then, they attacked. Ezekiel tightened his grip around his staff as the first masked man lunged forward swinging diagonally with his sword. The Vampire dodged, then swung his staff like a bat into the masked individual's rib. Suddenly from beneath him, two hands emerged from the ground and clung onto his ankles. A strange pain rushed from the soles of his feet to his brain, crippling him almost immediately. "Rrraagh!" he fell to his knee. This pain was unlike any other. It felt as though every blood vessel in his brain was bursting.

Had he not been so busy feeding he might have been able to pick up on the threats around him. Alas, there was nothing he couldn't get through. Quickly the Desiertan lifted his staff to use his magic...but nothing seemed to be happening. "What the fuck?"

#3Ezekiel II 

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A Night to Remember

Nothing happened. For whatever reason, Ezekiel's magic was inaccessible. Quick to improvise, he looked at the being in the ground clinging on to ankles with dear life before slamming the end of his staff through his eye socket. The eyeball burst, and blood flowed elegantly out of his head. The Vampire blinked. Mana surged through his undead body. He felt a surge of mana course through his veins and only then did he realize his magic was back. Without a moments notice, the Vampire Lord of Worth Woodsea raised his staff. A moment later, dark energy beamed upward from beneath the group of masked assassins. This particular spell was enough to destroy them all with relative ease, but was not even a fraction of what could have been done to them. Satisfied the Desiertan smirked. "Not a peep. Tough little nuggets." He remarked. It was surprising that none of them screamed in agony from that single instance of pain they would have felt. Nevertheless, Ezekiel was at relative ease.

Though that wasn't the end of the nuggets. Unbeknownst to the Vampire, a group of five had been hidden behind him and struck when the moment was right. A throwing knife struck Zeke's spine. Although it wasn't enough to actually do any significant amount of damage, whatever chemicals it held did the trick. Slowly the Vampire turned around. He could feel his veins and hear the beat of his own heart. Growling, he darted towards the five masked men and slammed the palm of his hand into one of their necks. He squeezed tightly, crushing the windpipe of his enemy before he fell to one of his knees. It was becoming hard to remain awake. As the masked person fell, he too fell to his hands. Like a wild beast, Ezekiel continued to fight the poison in his body...but it was no use.

Then...there was darkness.

- EXIT -

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