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Deliqnuent Detour [Quest/Jolyne]

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#1Lorelei L Lakefield 

Deliqnuent Detour [Quest/Jolyne] Empty on Sun Dec 27, 2020 11:58 pm

Lorelei L Lakefield
"I can't thank you enough for agreeing to do this again. With so many more visitors coming in lately, we have a need for more and more folks to keep an eye on everyone." The elderly woman said to Lorelei at the gate of the hotel, it seemed more dignitaries that wanted to explore Hosenka were coming in to visit.

"Yeah, it's no problem at all. Anything to get those yakuza goons off me for a bit. Sorry I'm kind of roundabout using your job for this." She figured that so long as she was with nobles, there was no major issue to her being accosted by those goons like she was on a daily basis lately.

There was someone else that was scheduled to come along and be an escort for the nobles while they toured the various hotels, it was up to Lorelei and whoever her partner was to keep an eye on them while they explored.

While she wasn't too keen on hanging out with nobles for some reason. With the recent flashes of memory she was getting, Lorelei could only think about how something tied to the nobility class was just something to avoid.

She couldn't help but shake it, biting on the edge of her thumb in concentration, she was so engrossed with thinking about it, she wasn't even aware there was a carriage starting to pull up.

"Lorelei, look alive sweetie, they're here."

"R-right, yes ma'am!" She stood at attention, on reflex, her hands went in front of herself like a proper maid, waiting to see who it was that was going to come out of the carriage. Where oh where was her task partner for the day?

Not that she couldn't handle this on her own, being a former professional head maid!

#2Jolyne Atreides 

Deliqnuent Detour [Quest/Jolyne] Empty on Thu Dec 31, 2020 11:51 am

Jolyne Atreides

Oh joy, nobles again, the Lich would no doubt be rather passive aggressive on this run unless she just totally lost focus on the mission and instead entertained herself by figuring out her new partner. It was always exciting to see just what kind of a mage she would be paired with on her missions and Jolyne was looking forward to that much more than she did the escort mission. Nobility were no different than an entitled four year old in her mind so instead she focused on wondering whom from Saber Tooth she would be paired with. Knowing Kurisa as she did, the Plant Mage automatically ruled her out, noting it was explicitly someone new.

Regardless she would have to get a step on as she was running a tad bit late due to her complete indifference towards the actual mission itself. Still the Fairy Tail member endeavored to at least not make her partner look bad and so she arrived in a timely fashion dressed in a rather fine shawl that was not too sparkly as to show up the sensitive nobles but also not have her look like some bum. The skeleton had standards to maintain after all.

Stepping out of the carriage rather extravagantly Jolyne would make a show of looking around before settling upon the only person she saw that could be a mage. She would then cock her head to the side the skeleton would simply ask, "Saber Tooth Mage?" before stepping off of the carriage and shutting the door behind her fluidly. Extending her claw which was coated in sinister black and maroon plate mail the Lich would introduce herself in a cheery tone. "I am Jolyne Atreides, Fairy Tail, it is truly glorious to meet you."


#3Lorelei L Lakefield 

Deliqnuent Detour [Quest/Jolyne] Empty on Sun Jan 03, 2021 1:46 am

Lorelei L Lakefield
Of course, the moment that Jolyne came out, Lorelei was trotting up with sparkles in her eyes. Those slit pupils of hers enamored with the visage she saw in front of her. She had never seen someone like this before, nor did she waste any time showing her attentive eagerness to detail. "Oh wow! You're so exotic! I've never actually met a uh, uh....whatever it is you call yourself! Unless we met before! But judging by what you said, we have met before! It's nice to meet you! I'm Lorelei Laguna Lakefield! People call me Trip-L, I am talking a lot, aren't I? I am! I'll shut up now!"

Just as well, becausse another carriage was starting to roll up, and it was the nobles that they would be escorting and watching over like hawks during this little tour. There were three of them, one rather rotund man and two plain looking others.

With the tour starting almost immediately, they were to remain seven paces behind them, no more or less. But paces was a hard thing to measure, Lorelei wanted to ask the lich some more questions, especially regarding how she can make B and P sounds with no lips.

"How long have you been in Hosenka anyways? Have you run into the Yakuza yet?" She would inquire of the lich while starting to try and find a way to converse and pass the time. This was after all, a glorified babysitting job. All they had to do was look over the nobles, make sure they weren't disturbed.

It was only thanks to their presence that none of the local ruffians would be trying to bother Lorelei for all the trouble she'd given them over the past several weeks she had been here in this fine Joyan city.

#4Jolyne Atreides 

Deliqnuent Detour [Quest/Jolyne] Empty on Wed Jan 06, 2021 11:24 am

Jolyne Atreides

"Totally fine Miss Lakefield, I am in fact a Lich and it is delightful to meet yourself as well." The Lich would incline her head and listen to the next carriage's approach as it came up the drive, the escort mission for a tour would be rather simple like most of these lower missions. It was indeed nice to have the other magic user alongside her for company rather than for extra security.

"Perhaps" Jolyne would reply as she thought about it as her skull twisted into remembrance fueled by the magic which kept her in a facsimile of life. Continuing in short order the skeleton would say, "Well I have been in Hosenka a few times now, this latest time around a month in my duties. Planning on wrapping up all of these missions before moving on towards finishing the other regions of East Fiore. Do you dwell here? How have you found the city?" By the time that Jolyne would receive the responses from Lorelei they would be completely done with the tour and the mission before either had either truly noticed it, the Lich only doing so after having cash shoved into her hand.

"Well, do let me know if you desire to speak again in a more social setting darling. Until then Miss Triple L"


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