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Pls No Steppy Pt 2 (Quest)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Pls No Steppy Pt 2 (Quest) Empty Sat Dec 12, 2020 6:16 pm

Jolyne Atreides

‘The plan had gone over well, perhaps a bit too well in the Lich's mind as they only required a single display of loyalty before they wanted to brand her with their mark. It would be rather awkward on a body that was filling up with them etched upon the ivory canvas of bone let alone it being the mark of a crime syndicate. Regardless she was to utilize the magnifying glass given to her to match up more of the fingerprints in order to ensure justice was served to every perpetrator of this crime. While it seemed to the Lich that the crime family would not be so open and brazen about their killings, they had accepted her in rather quickly so Jolyne was uncertain what exactly to think. Tasked today with entering a hot springs her thoughts soon shifted to how she was going to try and justify a skeleton needing such a thing let alone desiring one, but she was good at playing stubborn over silly things anyways. Luckily as she arrived she soon realized there would be no reason to dupe the staff as the protection money was collected as she was escorted to a private spa section. It was quite ornate and allowed the woman to feel rather fancy which she relished every time the opportunity was presented to her, a sense of style and beauty spoke to her softer feminine nature underneath her ghoulish appearance. It was important to indulge in that side now that she was naught but calcified flesh and bone, the undead nature of the Lich gave off an appearance that conflicted a bit with the person inside. It was not a horrific issue to Jolyne but it did mean she had to be careful to not allow herself to fall into sorrow by neglecting those small touches.


#2Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

She lacked physical needs now but the mind had requirements as well, and they were much harder to read. This being the case, the Plant Mage needed to ensure she kept her own mind happy and satiated. Being directed to her own personal spa area Jolyne Atreides was soon able to relax and fall into a bit of a meditative state in which she reflected upon her actions since crawling out of the roots of a tree in this very city. It was odd to her how she got there in the first place, without any indication nor memory of how exactly she became a Lich. Due to this, the girl was extremely puzzled over the whole ordeal and oft, just like now, she would focus on the events she did know about instead. While her adventures in Magnolia did leave her a bit down in the dumps, it also allowed her to encounter the Guild Leader of Saber Tooth as well as discover a bit of the activities in the world. Not all of the news was good as she expected, and it seemed to her that there was plenty that she disagreed with occurring upon the mortal plane of existence. Uncertain of what exactly to do, the skeletal woman endeavored to focus on increasing her strength so that she could affect how the world was shaped around her. On it's current course she was simply not satisfied with the possibilities she saw, so it was that she would need to shape with her own hands a future that would shine instead of stink. Among the first steps to this would be reshaping or leaving the current guild she was in, so far it was filled with the naive of the kind hearted but not many were willing or able to strike out into the world to defend others.


#3Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

Far too many seemed to be eager to lick the boots of the nobility while their brethren were slain and the guild hall burned, that was something Jolyne could not and would not abide. It would be most fortuitous if others shared her opinion within the guild but she doubted convincing those she met thus far into action. While her thoughts on the guild were still forming inside of her skull a sound would ring out, a very distinct sound which drew Jolyne out of her mind and into the physical space around her. It sounded like someone gasping for air, the Lich's first thoughts went to drowning but due to the lack of a splashing sound accompanying it she highly doubted this would be the case. Flinging herself out of the bath without even throwing on a towel, the water displaced by her action would spray off around her as she sprinted out of the room and into the hallway where she saw a man at the end of the corridor laying face down. How in the hell had he died so quickly and where was the killer? Arriving at the body in short order she scanned the two other hallways that met up in a T shape, down one was a figure behind a closing curtain. While the steam was so thick that the person had disappeared, Jolyne had seen the Oroborus tattoo on his chest confirming the gender of the killer as well as telling her once more that there was more to this case. Returning to inspect the body, Jolyne once again found a white star tattoo upon the victim and at this point she was entirely certain someone was trying to spark a war between the White Stars and the Black Dragons. Something was not right with this.


#4Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

It simply made too much sense at this point, there was no way they would kill someone while a drop off was occurring at a business they desired to seem reputable. A business that was well tied to them, no, this was obviously someone setting them up to take the fall for these killings in order to set the two gangs upon each other. While the Lich's subconscious had it's suspicions then and there due to Weirdlock's odd habits and hiding of the note, her consciousness was too concerned with collecting clues from the corpse to complete those thoughts. After finishing up she would walk down the hallway towards the reception area where the Lich was intercepted by the same Hostess from before who gave her the protection money, this solidified that she was not being set up for a fall and that the Black Dragons did not have a single thing to do with this most recent killing at the very least. She would now be tasked to return to the Gambling Den and deliver this money, though it did not stop her thoughts from forming as she walked. The Plant Mage was rather certain she knew whom the culprit was before she arrived at the Den but she would not mouth her suspicions until she could nail the Detective to the wall with undeniable proof. The idiot had really brought upon her of all people to his cover up? The very gall of it riled up an ego inside the Lich who's ire was poked by the assumption she could not put together these children's playing blocks and Jolyne Atreides endeavored to ensure Weirdlock would pay for that crime and then his others. She would make sure that his defeat would be painful and slow while she mocked him the whole time.


#5Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

It would be far from now, but not soon enough for the Lich who grew delighted in a most dark way, the idea of just punishing these people who presumed to use her as a pawn was too palpable to pass from adding onto her plate. The Lich's eyes would almost seem to light up with a foul dark green glow of glee as she stalked through the night back to the Den of Deceit for her employer. Oh yes, the fool who underestimated would get their due, as well as the nobles in Magnolia, and along with those reprobates who burned the guild hall. They would all be taught just what it meant to piss in her cheerios while they went about with their day ignorantly. Pain would be a most effective tool for teaching other's to not mess with her, perhaps she would place their heads upon pikes in front of the rebuilt guild hall as a symbol of defiance against those who would inflict their will upon the weak. Giving the bloated Yomu the money and keeping her portion she kept her visit short, soon she would have to play the fool for a detective in order to later nail him against a wall where the worm would wiggle for mercy that would never be given. Oh Jolyne would ensure that the rest of the man's life was spent in regret, not only for dereliction of duties but for underestimating her so severely. From now on, those that did so would be greeted by gratuitous violence. Perhaps it would be just due to eat raw the culprits of the guild assault, after all their disgusting flesh would simply fall forgotten onto the ground through her rib cage. A fitting end for those that would dare attack the weak while the strong were away.


5 Constitution
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115,000 Jewels (15% rep + guild level)
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