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Travel to Hosenka from Magnolia

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Travel to Hosenka from Magnolia Empty Wed Dec 09, 2020 6:27 pm

Jolyne Atreides

Traveling was always a thing of interest for the women, even when she still had flesh, now it was a delight to have any novelty enter the experience of her bones. A thrilling treat to be experienced even if one was returning to whence they came, because this time she got to take a different route. Much akin to when she was a small girl, Jolyne Atreides grew jubilant with the prospect of exploring nature. It brought her back to just how delighted she was when she first found out her magic was of the nature subtype, it was always a fascination of hers and something she strove to protect and monitor. That along with other thoughts occupied her time as she made the journey from Magnolia back to Hosenka, after all a lot had happened in a short amount of time thanks to her neurotic tendencies to take quests at an alarming rate. Perhaps that was why the people that were in the makeshift guildhall sighed in relief when she announced she was leaving, the Lich assumed they had just hated her. It would seem that the Mage with the best ability to influence the world was headed to Hosenka, which prompted Jolyne to follow. No other Mage from FT, the little that remained, seemed to have any desire to take the steps necessary to rebuild. Hopefully there would be members in the other settlement that could help her in setting things back on track and starting the gears of shifting change. Working for the nobility and merchant classes had strained the Plant Mage to her limit and now she was on track to taking her guild by the helm and wrenching it away from a system that was far more decadent and useless than she had thought. The government had only stepped in after the guild had burned, they allowed many low level mages and non-magic laborers to be killed in their slow response. It was more than the Lich could stand to work under, so if it came to pass that she would have to eventually part ways with the group then she would. Until then however she would work under the assumption of being able to fix something from the inside and affect change that would help the common folk of the world. Jolyne Atreides just could not abide to see anyone forced to steal and be condemned into a life of crime for not being born with rich parents.


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