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Fourth Eye Open(Quest)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Fourth Eye Open(Quest) Empty Sat Dec 05, 2020 10:57 am

Jolyne Atreides

Well at least this time it seemed there was some reason to call her in, as a faulty item being returned made sense to send a mage on to ensure lack of funny business during the transaction. Waving hello to the man Jolyne waited as he explained just what was faulty as well as the exact instructions for the return, with a nod she would then go to leave the shop and set about on his business that she was paid to do. Instead she was informed that she was to watch the shop until his return and stone faced the man in response. While quite frustrated, this mission sat much easier with her than the prior one and so she set about along the road rather quickly, eager to get the return finished with and ensure that the other merchant wasn't someone who was going to scam others. While she was still uncertain on how to exactly think of the man who had given her the mission those thoughts did not matter quite as much as figuring out the validity of this other merchant anyways. With a jingle of a door bell, the other man strode in at the time she was informed to expect him and the heralding sound alerted her to refocus on her physical surroundings instead of mental musings. It was the time to see if this person was going to be cooperative or if she would have to force the money out of him and condemn him in her mind as a swindler, the moment of truth as it were. While the ordeal in and of itself took well over an hour to form a resolution about it, Jolyne managed to use diplomacy over force for the man resulting in a much less messy outcome. The Mage hardly wanted to clean up after a physical brawl that would no doubt cause a huge mess alongside it. Thus she was grateful for the outcome this time with the other merchant not being too much of a turd burglar over the whole ordeal. Reflecting upon it, overall this mission was better than the last but she could not help but shake the feeling of not really helping out those truly in need with her deeds thus far. Increasingly becoming disillusioned Jolyne would take the money and count it to confirm it was all there before bidding the other man a bye. After this she placed her bony hand upon the lacrima and was informed to take her cut directly from the money, it truly saved her time to do so and thus she was a bit thankful for that as well. After taking her cut she ended up locking the shop and leaving the physical building behind her and she doubted it would be for the last time. Instead she fully expected to be back here on her next mission though hopefully the level of interest contained within would continue to progress for her and not stagnate.


1 speed
100 Fame
25,000 Jewels
3000 Experience (Returning)

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