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The Hermet Tarot: Jolyne Atreides

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

This was gonna need a montage, solo style in the wildness, lumberjill esque dykeitry was afoot on this adventure. Mad bull dom energy would have to be expended in this outdoor odyssey for Jolyne Atreides to possibly sate her thirst. Wandering away from other living beings was a first for this return from the afterlife but it was simply a must to clear her head and allow her to process things. It seemed odd the mixed bags of reactions that she had received, yet poetically fitting at the same time. Still the portents for the future that they brought with them troubled her extensively and she did not enjoy pondering it on, thus the need for the solitude to force herself into reflection. Without the extra layer to it there was no suitable way to properly force herself inwards as she would distract herself with the conversation of others far more easily than delve into her own psyche. Like all things in life and death it would require time and luckily for the Atreides woman, time was not a force that would stop her. It was a tiny stumbling block requiring naught but patience at this point in her undeath. She would not rot, she would not whither, time would not bring it's most foul abilities to bear upon her and instead she could easily avoid it's glancing blows. Instead it would have to learn to deal with her as much, if not more so, than she with it. The inflexible reality of it's march had not power over her, the body she held was something that could be replaced time and time again. Her soul was held to a material that would never be brought low by the plodding steps of temporal shiftings. No, that was a fight she could win.


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Jolyne Atreides

Thus Jolyne figured that there would be much time for self reflection, and isolated training and so she would have to get used to it and bear some fruit from this one. Not being one to dally even now, the woman reasoned in her own mind that the best time to begin something was now rather than later which had brought her out on this day in the first place. She found herself now in a glade after not paying attention to her surroundings for so long, the Lich now refocused upon the environment she occupied. The sun warmed her bones from the clearing above her.

The trees that were there formed a sort of ring around the woman who was now appreciating it for what it was, a small pond was in the middle of a soft field of grass with smooth stones dotting it's forest rug. There was the soft chirping of frogs in the lily pad speckled water that was roughly five times as wide as the woman was tall but looked as though she could wade into the deepest part and soak only up to her knee joints. This was a place that she felt at ease, without anyone else around it became even more serene promoting and even more acute sense of relaxation. This would truly allow her to enjoy herself which was necessary for her to truly dig deeper into her psyche and get at the root of what it was she was to do in the future. It would appear as though things were even more turbulent than she had first feared and it would also seem that only time would allow Jolyne to wrestle control of anything no matter how remote. It was one of her only advantages currently, and she needed to exploit it to the utmost.

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Jolyne Atreides

Regardless of her personal thoughts upon the matter, a lot of death would naturally be occurring in the near future. As it currently stood the Lich was nigh powerless to stop any of it, no matter how little. Jolyne was required to get stronger, the future would not be won through words alone and those words would need might behind them to compel others to put squabbles aside. It would require in roads, connections, others already of like mind and it unfortunately seemed the current guild she had hitched her horse to might not be up for the occasion of it. Without that she would be alone and back to trudging through sludge uphill towards her destination while dragging others along the way. It was perhaps not the best plan and other ideas would be more beneficial to her cause if she could create some in the canvas of her mental scape. Just then a small fish crested the pond to dine upon an insect and broke the stream of concentration that the Nature Mage had going. Instead of getting frustrated or reacting with an emotion, the Lich instead thought to what kind of a lesson she could gleam from this. Perhaps instead of staying above the water where any fish could spy upon her and try to snipe away at her, perhaps instead of staying in the spotlight where it would be a constant battle, she could instead lurk beneath the depths. Much akin to the fish she could grow large and fat before making her moves, biding her time before trying to come to the surface and engage in pushing her ideals forward. It would most certainly be a safer endeavor than that of which she was currently trying, but could it be a moral choice that she was willing to make.

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Jolyne Atreides

It truly depended on quite a few shifting parts there however and perhaps that one in particular would be best to revisit after the flow of time trickled along a bit longer. Who knew after all one may even be able to shift things easier from within than from without and in opposition, while you could catch more flies with vinegar you caught more humans and bears with honey. Jolyne was highly interested in humans and bears, sometimes otters but usually bears, but the Lich was not interested in flies in the slightest they are just gross and annoying. Now was not the time for any sort of fantasies, it was the time for the serious and the resolute! Aside must be cast the follies of the mirthful and the buckling down would simply have to progress regardless, not that progress was not already made as Jolyne felt that one revelation she already had alone was worth the entire trip but she craved ever more. While not exactly selfish it was self centered in that she desired to bring herself to be the best Jolyne Atreides she could possibly be and to soar to heights that would be unattainable to her current state of being. Progress was always required, while her soul seemed to represent stagnation and a lack of change, this Lich endeavored to inquire to herself what flaws or failings she had or even just learning something new. Never would she allow herself to tailspin into stasis, for her it would bring about depravity and the resulting lunacy would delude her from seeing the reality around her. This was not something that the Magician desired in any shape or form, instead thinking of it as one of the worst variable outcomes that could befall one such as herself.

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Jolyne Atreides

Rustling in the bushes would be the next sonic disruption that broke the tether to her thoughts from otherwise continuing into a spiral outward until a subject exhausted itself. A small, short furred rabbit was the culprit this time and the Lich was overtaken with thoughts of how gracious she was that nature had blessed her so oft with animal visitors on this trip. They could not talk but they spoke to her in a way that she enjoyed, and as with the fish, could sometimes help shape her thoughts onto a better path. Always open to outside help Jolyne would reflect upon this as well, perhaps she had been too much of a monolith up until now though she also struggled to think upon whom exactly to look for. Hitching ones wagon to the wrong train even for simple advice could be an extremely dangerous mistake that she was not willing to make. Still at the same time, any ability to have a simple life had fled her in her first death, whatever may have wrought it's occurrence. Forced upon the path of complexity from outside sources bitterness was never an option that she would present herself with either. Positive thinking would bless her on a path upward upon which she could pull herself but thinking upon it and upon how much more of ease it would be to have someone help pull Jolyne knew that she would simply have to become more than just social. Ironic that it seemed she could mentally train herself alone far better than she could in a group, the Lich realized it was a group that she needed. And not just to lead, she didn't have the cognitive capacity to lead, okay fine. She'd lead as two Queens, lead as two queens. But no really not lead, sticky mess that is.

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Jolyne Atreides

It was also then that she realized that she had not done any strength training like she had come out to do. Instead she silently thought to herself on why she had thought of falling back upon her living relaxation method. When it in fact seemed her body was calcified flesh and bone and thus not suitable for such a thing in the slightest. Why was it that she seemed so silly to herself in times like this, probably so she could keep positive. After all she died and nothing too horrific happened to her, so ultimately she she relax about worrying about death she could not prevent currently. She would save that pain for when she could do something about it instead of now, and that thought brought some light to her. It would seem a bit of a shift on the surface but below the same values would be kept, and that way change could be brought about in a less chaotic order and allow some further growth to be made. Instead of choking out the other vegetation of the mind she could grow multiple things in symbiosis. Like all things in life and death, a mix and balance was required to truly bring the best flavors and experiences out of it. Jolyne desired novelty and craved and yearned for more than just the normalcy but yet she desired the path to be open to others. It currently did not seem like it was so in some areas, yet in other it was. While this too was a balance it was a false sense of balance, one side that brings naught but suffering is not outweighed by the other half treated with a baseline level of human decency after all. At least not to her in the slightest.

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Jolyne Atreides

When faced with little else but tp dive in one's self it can sometimes drift towards the goofy along the way, sometimes the cord is tugged lightly for a moment and other times all the blocks fall down upon the ground and are kicked about by an angry toddler. While Jolyne did not enjoy that the later times were the case she often had to acknowledge them, though now she did not find she could consistently spark their creation by depriving herself of sleep. A prior hobby that no doubt lead to some of her less serious aspects of self identity. The Lich often found that those who did take the burden of seriousness upon their mantle at all times would become steel or brittle, and always unapproachable which directly contrasted her current desires. So it was she was gracious to the fact that she melted her brain from time to time when she still had one, which caused her to wonder. If she lacked the organs to talk, yet could do so, could she in fact hit the boof? It required near the same muscles which she currently should have lacked in moving and yet she even know found herself unconsciously heaving her chest as though breathing did anything for her. With this in mind the Lich unfurled a leather pouch which had a glass pipe inside and began to take out a leaf along with some ground up flower. A little break from the serious never really hurt as long as it was in moderation, and as she had not yet smoked since coming back to the living she wondered just how little of a tolerance she would have. Lighting it up Jolyne would make her way towards one of the trees to sit down and place her back upon.

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Jolyne Atreides

It was always nice to be in tune with nature and this was truly one of the most simple of ways for her to do it. The rough bark behind her kept her grounded as she felt into almost a state of meditation as it did seem to have worked. A fat, lazy cloud of smoke began to drift upward into the azure expanse above circling the skull of Jolyne as it did so. Working the opposite, and a slave to gravity, a small leaf fell towards the cloud. With the little kinetic force left from the expulsion it had, it boosted the leaf momentarily and delayed it's descent while the Atreides woman stared upward at it. Watching it fall upon her face, her head would have a glee filled smile slowly come to life upon it. "Oh why thank you ever so much my dear tree, I am most indebted to you for the glorious service thou hadsth provided for me. Forever may your lineage stretch and may the road lift to meet your roots" Jolyne giggled to herself as she spoke upward to nobody other than herself careful not to let the vibrations from her voice disturb the precious balance of the leaf on the bridge of her nose. Sometimes the Lich was nothing but a little girl who was trying to have too much fun at once without any sort of regard, and it was good to indulge in such from time to time. She had thought of many ways to step forward thanks to this isolation after all, was it not fitting to reward herself with dopamine though she lacked the organs to do so? The Lich did not think so, but then again it may be due to the fact she was biased or something.

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Jolyne Atreides

Biases existed everywhere and simply knowing about them did not spare one from their curse nor their corruption, so one had to know how they were bias to get as close to objective as possible. It was always a delicate dance and not one that Jolyne performed exceptionally well, but today was the day for reflection and so she would have to bring that to bear as well. It was a bull that she would also have to wrestle, to strive to beat alongside the other two she had brought with. It was now a trifecta or triad of terror and one that once she put a name to, she could face. The Lich was on this path to better herself after all, and while she was learning that she truly trained better alone most of what she was learning was to not try and do everything by herself. The irony was something especially enjoyed by her in this moment no doubt thanks to the activity she had recently enjoyed, and thus there was a reasoning for everything. It fell into the correct time and place and allowed for more achievement than it rightly should have, which ultimately should be the strive for most things. Still Jolyne knew there would be more to come, and more to go for, new ideas and concepts that were now still foreign to her could only bring about unexpected results in her life. As she noted before, variety was something that drove her forward and this growth would need dedication. She would have to put in a lot of time and effort to achieve the things that she desired, it would ultimately be something to continually work upon and allow herself time to digest. This was a marathon and not a sprint at all.

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Jolyne Atreides

At first it may seem that to move block is fine but in future, is not fine after all. So it would be that Jolyne would have to strive and endeavor to make sure that these revelations that she came to were not future mistakes and so nothing would happen right away. Jumping the gun and firing from the hip was not only against her style and nature, but would be foolish in most endeavors other than some physical game or a close quarters fight in which cutting off thought would bring about easier timing. Instead in this thing of personal shifting and thought towards what to bring herself towards doing, patience and time would be required. Rushing about like some fowl rooster with her head cut off would do naught but create failure upon her and bring most of her endeavors crashing around her. She did not want to become like some others and constantly come up with excuses instead of addressing her actual core issues, that would be the most horrific thing that she could do. She would disappoint anyone who had a crumb of faith in her and bring ruin to all of her dreams. Instead she would have to listen and be reflective, think upon what other's brought to her even if they were wrong. Something could be learned from everything, even if it was not the intended lesson but more important was it to know that something IS learned from everything, so make sure it is YOUR intended lesson. Smiling to herself one last time, Jolyne Atreides would stand up and brush her dress off of any insects and loose foliage that had gotten upon it, as well as fixing any wrinkles that may have tried to form before she set off back to civilization.

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