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Huh, what, what, huh? [Traditional Hobbyist/Quest]

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Huh, what, what, huh? [Traditional Hobbyist/Quest] Empty Wed Dec 02, 2020 6:57 pm

Jolyne Atreides

A play, and participating in a play? Why it was simply a delightful idea to the rotten brain that only existed conceptually that propelled Jolyne's thoughts along. The lady had so missed events such as these when she was dead, why things were so much more serious in the after life what with it's constant wars and vying for power. A role in the mundanity of the living world would be just the pick me up she had needed.

Arriving at the place she was instructed to go the previous day after the rehearsal, the Lich would walk in oblivious to the fact that most thought she was wearing her costume the day prior. As such Jolyne Atreides was rather confused by the hair, makeup, and wardrobe people who keep thanking her and praising her diligence. As well as the director, Manager Yua, who admitted it played a part in her gaining the role. Instead this just bloated the woman's ego a bit as though she was a much better actress than she in fact was. Not that she was bad, but now she was rather convinced she was one of the best thanks to the perceived treatment by others that she received.

Although arriving a scant half hour before the play arrived the woman found she had quite some time before she went on stage and thus occupied herself with talking to other members of the cast or production hands. It was delightful to hear about other people's lives especially when they shared their joy with her. And so it was that the girl almost missed her call onto the stage, but luckily her ethereal ears perked up at the utterance of her epitaph. A powerful thing was one's own name after all. Compelling herself to the stage the Lich's skull would split into a sinister smile as she strode into her character of a blood thirsty tyrant whom enjoyed nothing more than crushing a would-be hero in combat.

Arriving on the stage the lighting blinded her momentarily, but as her eyes were not actual organic in nature it did not cause her to flinch in the slightest and instead allowed her to stride onto the stage as she let out her most decadent laugh caked in morose hatred of humanity. The cry echoed out into the Amphitheatre but Jolyne was much too focused on the other actor to see how it was received by the crowd.

"I will tear you limb from limb with my vines you impudent whelp" the Lich growled as deeply as she could sounding like a screaming pig as she approached the hero at center stage, green spell circles casting an eerie glow on her from underneath causing the eye sockets to appear even more menacing. Jolyne waited through the man's delivery of his line back to her before he would lunge with great enough haste to sell his attack at her. Sliding leftward and relying on her back being only her spine the blade passed underneath her ribcage as a vine shot out from her extended hand that she had used to help balance her twirl and grabbed the man by the back of the head pulling his skull towards her claws.

At the last second the man pulled a knife out with his free hand and cut the vine causing the two figures to go their separate ways to the opposite sides of the stage where they were to exchange more dialogue instead of blows.

Something something foul fiend, something something you'll never get away with this. Vengeance for a father yada yada yada, and so forth before the hero darted back at her with a flurry of swings instead of a stab.

Jolyne ducked.

Kicking her leg out, with her left arm helping her balance she swept the hero before walking backwards to the other side of the stage as he fell upon his back and rolled around in over dramatic agony.

"And so you see now that evil always triumphs over good, because good is stupid!" Jolyne thundered as she let out a cackle and turned her head up to the sky with murderous glee. This was the cue after all, the mark that would signal to the other actor that now was the time to strike and 'run her through' with his sword so that he could triumph and the play could end on a happy note. As the blade 'pierced' her(pass by her spine harmlessly) she would let out a bloodcurdling scream that evoked some crying from children in the audience. Unfortunately it seemed as though the Lich may have layed it on too thick and upset many of the small children. Crumpling to the ground Jolyne would fall silent as the hero would deliver his monologue and then she would prepare to leave the scene as the curtains fell. After this was the final scene where all of the other characters reunited with the hero, and Jolyne was most delighted to hear the cheers from behind the stage. It seemed that the play had went extremely well leaving the audience satisfied with everyone's performance. This was a wonderful thing, and Jolyne would go onto the stage one last time for the final bow though this time she went on with a genuine smile.

For now it was time to return to Manager Yua and then from there to arrange her affairs for traveling. Collecting her due reward and embracing the woman in a hug Jolyne Atreides would make sure to say her goodbyes to the other people she had spoken to before in order to not just vanish completely like a ghost in the night. It seemed as though there would be a small celebration afterwards but the Atreides woman felt compelled elsewhere and had to decline the invitation. Instead she would look towards the road and the future, something that was always a fun endeavor to lose oneself in forging, at least in her opinion.

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