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Trick or Steel.[closed]

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Trick or Steel.[closed] Empty Thu Nov 19, 2020 7:25 am


Steel was walking down the streets of Samhain. Wearing a suit, a pair of shoes fitting his outfit, white velvet gloves, a bow tie and a long tailcoat that reached all the way down to his ankles. On top of all of that he had secured a new pumpkin to wear in combination with a burlap sack mask. He had washed the sack and made sure to freshen everything up from before. He wasn’t looking yucky or feeling yucky for that matter. The pumpkin was carved in such a manner that it looked like both a smiling and a crying face both at once. And of course the mouth was carved so that it had the very usual edgy type of halloween jack o lantern pattern.

He didn’t have his weapon with him or his armor and other equipment but he had jolly spirits and a bucket to fill with candies in abundance. Finding himself on the steps leading to a great big house Steel stopped for a second. Collected himself and then walked up to the door. Hoping that whatever was on the other side of the door would not be something far too crazy. Rather he hoped that whatever was on the other side of the door was something normal. Like a woman or man. However this was samhain.

Knocking on the door Steel exclaimed the words “Trick or Treat!”

He could hear the creaking on the floorboards from the otherside of the door. Whatever was there was moving towards the door and it made it clear by kindly shouting back from the inside “Coming!” A female voice. The age on the voice detailed the person as a mature woman. Steel guessed it was a housewife or single lady.

What opened the door was something else entirely. As Steel stood there with his bucket out. The door opened revealing the form of a monster. Tentacles everywhere with only a blob of almost jellyfish like flesh holding it all together. That was however by far not the most disturbed part of it all. Even though the creature had a gigantic mouth with at least a hundred rows of teeth that were sharp and long as knives. And eyes like a gorgon. It was wearing makeup. And lots of it. And to Steel’s surprise. The makeup was very very welldone. The form put some candies in Steel’s bucket and then closed the door.

Steel simply stood there in shock. He then left the area.

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