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The Gunslinger

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The Gunslinger Empty on Mon Oct 26, 2020 3:30 pm


The Gunslinger

Most specialists spend their years perfecting the classic arts of swordplay or archery. Whether duelist or infantry, martial weapons were seemingly perfected long ago, and the true challenge is to master them. However, some minds couldn't stop with the innovation of the crossbow. Experimentation with magical components and metals have unlocked the secrets of controlled explosive force. The few who survive these trials of ingenuity may deftly wield the magical firearms.

Gunslingers focus on the ability to utilize powerful and dangerous ranged weapons. Through creative innovation and immaculate aim, they become a distant force of death on the battlefield. However, not being a perfect science, firearms carry an inherent instability that can occasionally leave them without a functional means of attack. This is the danger of new, untested technologies in a world where the magical energies that rule the elements are ever present.

While rangers specialize in the natural world of stalking and hunting, the gunslinger exists to dominate the urban jungles with their pistols and rifles. Utilizing the mechanized weapons of warfare, they are known to exist as bounty hunters and sharpshooters, while still retaining the keen senses of their natural counterpart. Their expertise with regards to these weapons is unparalleled, and many know to use caution around a gunslinger. While it is not uncommon for these people to use long-ranged rifles, their true power lies in the dual-wielding of easily concealable pistols, making them as deadly in close quarters as they are at a distance.

The Types

  • Superior: None
  • Normal: None
  • Inferior: None

The Items

  • Weapon: Guns
  • Armor: Medium

The Feats

Weapon Mastery: Gunslings receive a 30% discount on training Weapon Mastery for Guns.
Starter Equipment: Gunslingers may select two common Guns upon start for their Weapon slot. Furthermore, they may select one common Medium headpiece and armor as well. These items will be given freely to the user.
Equipment Discount: Gunslingers receive a 20% discount on purchasing Guns. In addition, they also receive the discount when purchasing Medium-type equipment or equipment specifically for Gunslingers.
Off-Hand Slot: Gunslingers can equip a second Gun in their off-hand slot.
Quickshot: Gunslingers receive an additional 10 meters range, 10 m/s in spell speed and a 1 post cooldown reduction to all their Gun spells.
Dual Guns: Gunslingers may purchase a duplicate of the gun they are already wielding. It does not matter whether the item is unlimited or not. Gunslingers receive a 25% discount on this purchase.

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